Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Is South Korean Computer Science Essay

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Apple Inc use to be called Apple computer Inc, the word computer wanted to expand its products beyond just computer. This Company was established in 1976. Steve wozniak and Steve jobs released the Apple I computer and started Apple Computers, the first computer with Graphical user interface was the Apple Lisa. Apple is one of the American multinational corporation company which is famous for its no stop technology. It introduces only limited models of phones but it gains more profit from that models(iphone). And it launches some tablet models(iPads). Its software includes the OS X and iOS , the iTunes media, the web browser, and the iLife and creativity and production suites.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd is a South Korean Multinational electronics company, Samsung Electronic was founded in 1969. Samsung Electric Industries, originally manufacturing electronic appliances such as TV, calculators, refrigerators ext….And one year after, the Samsung group established in 1970. In 1974 the semiconductor business by Korean semiconductor, one of the first chip makers facilities in the country at the time. It was soon followed by the acquisition of Korea Telecommunication, an electronic switching system producer. And they launched its first mobile phone in 1988 in South Korean market. Later in 2007 Samsung Electronics become the world's second largest mobile phone maker. The company become the highest selling mobile phone company, when it overtook Nokia held in 2012. Samsung also become the largest Smartphone vendor as a result of strong sales of its Galaxy SII, Galaxy SIII and Galaxy tab ext……,These are the two biggest rival companies which compete neck to neck in technology and marketing strategies

Smartphone's are major extensions on normal cell phones. Cell phones can make phone calls and even some have video recording capabilities but they do not have GPS capabilities along with a whole array of other applications. Text messaging is one of the biggest forms of communication today, especially among the younger folks. But Smartphone's capability does not end at the Internet access, or at document editing. It also have the ability to interpret and decipher information. Smartphone users can download code scanners as well as other applications so they have the ability to read the information embedded in the code that may take them to a website, a coupon, or even a social media site (ie.). they are capable of downloading and using application. Now most of the companies step their foot in Smartphone world. Here we are going to discuss about two jacks or kings of Smartphone manufactures namely

The Nature of the Action

Apple revolutionizes the telecommunications industry in 2007, it introduce wildly popular iPhone. The mobile viewers analysts and consumers recognized the iPhone as a game changer. The iPhone was radically different, lightweight handheld device, it offered sophisticated mobile phone function a multi touch screen that allows users to control the phone with their fingers, a mobile computing platform for handheld applications, browsers, GPSR ext…..

The design features were carried over to the iPod touch, The iPod touch has a product configuration and physical appearance identical in iPhone. It is similar as iPod user interface icons and screen layout as the iPhone. And Apple introduce another product, the iPad in 2010, iPad is designed computer table with a color touch screen both mobile computing and media storage and playback. Apple's innovations have been the subject of widespread emulation by its competitors, Apple's innovative technology and distinctive product design. Samsung which introduced the Galaxy line of mobile phone and Galaxy Tab computer tablet, the Samsung OS (Operating system) which used as Google Android, to compete with iPhone and iPad. Pursuing independent product development Samsung copy Apple's patent's , distinctive user interface product and patents of Apple's valuable intellectual property right.

Samsung has made its Smartphone galaxy and galaxy tab look like Apple's products through widespread patent. Apple seeks to put a stop to Samsung's illegal conduct and obtain compensation for something that have occurred thus far. Apple requests that the court issue sanctions granting judgment that Apple assert phone design patent claims are valid and infringe copy right by Samsung.


Apple has protected its innovative design and cutting edge through a broad range of property right. Apple's utility patents cover associated with Apple's mobile devices, the patent include primordial features of the multi touch user interface that enable Apple devices to perceive user nod and to respond by performing a wide verity of functions such as scrolling, pinching, and zooming. Apple has patented many of the individual features that add up to the high quality and user have come to associate with Apple products, alteration ranging from the arrangement of text on the screen, photos and document is too far to scroll, move up and down have been recognized.

When it comes to Smartphone, Samsung may be Apple's biggest competitor. Not far ago, Samsung released the Smartphone the same patent of apple to fight with Samsung isn't over yet. But momentum is becoming besides the south Korean electronics giant. An ideal spring after apple alleged Samsungs world call phones and pills impose its patents. Apple filed a rash of outfit in ten nations and gained premier victories from courts in Germany together with Holland where Samsung was reclining to alter the design of the phone.

Apple won more until Friday within the stop on sales of Samsung tablet, apple also requested a inductive precept imperiling sales of Samsungs world products, the request was thrown out and Samsung motion to the most shopping amount of the year. Apple design patents was issued by the US Trademark office. Those the design patents cover and features of apple's devices such as the flat, slim and metallic bezel and application icons.

The iPhone is different from the devices distinctive shape and flat rectangular shape a metallic edge is present in the rounded corners. The main segment is large display screen bordered at the top and the bottom and a selection of colorful fair and square icons with round corners are presented in the iPhone. At the end result is an elegant product is more susceptible, easier to use, and much less technology that available in smart phone.

The touch trade dress of the product specific the configuration and special physical appearance that is basically identical to the iPhone.

Samsung Vs Apple

The fight began last year between Apple and Samsung in a court, accusing the South Korean company copying the product of Apple. Samsung countersued the spike is high, with Samsung sales bans and billion-dollar payouts. Now Apple and Samsung are waging a warranted war around the world, accusing each other of patent as they vie for supremacy in the mobile market. Last year when Apple and Samsung in a US court, they accusing that South Korean company copying the product of Apple,

And the court judge that Samsung facing the billion dollar payout. The judge regulative over the Apple and Samsung both companies judge their differences, According to the report court can facilitate some body of resolution. Samsung is seeking a