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Smartphone nowadays seem to be electronic assistance with human. The power of technology brings a huge impact of communication and socialization among people. The usage of smartphone today is not limited to communication need only but it also has expanded its capabilities to facilitate people and became the sources to seek for information. Giant mobile phone Company like Samsung focusing on what people can see or view in term of satisfaction in display technology. As we can see previous mobile phone technology may need some space to put keypad rather than today mobile phone that using touch screen as a keypad or a keyboard.

History of display technology

The display screen technology begin in the early year 1990s,the first display is cathode ray tube (CRT) and then replaced to flat panel displays (FPDs) then continue of using liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. For mobile phone it begin of using film transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT LCD) have come to dominate the display industry. New display technology for mobile phone has now in market is organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs).

Figure 1.0.Samsung display evolution from 1991 to 2000 (Sources

Above Figure 1.0 shows the evolution of Samsung display from year 1991 to 2000. Beginning on the year 2001 till present Samsung be more serious and aggressively develop to a new and innovative display technology. In year 2001, Samsung began PMOLED (Passive Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes) business by Samsung NEC Mobile Display Corporation and they started mass-producing 2-inch qCIF (Quarter Common Intermediate Format) TFT-LCD for the cell phone. In year 2003, Samsung developed 4.1-inch QVGA (Quarter Video Graphics Array) AMOLED for the first time in the world. In year 2004, concluded an agreement with Samsung Electronics-Sony as a joint venture of TFT-LCD (S-LCD Corporation). In 2005, Samsung developed 5-inch transmission plastic TFT-LCD. In year 2006, Samsung developed 4.3-inch WQVGA (Wide Quarter Video Graphics Array) AMOLED, 3D AMOLED, thinnest Dual Slim AMOLED and thinnest LCD (0.82mm). Samsung developed real double side TFT-LCD (2007) and then expanded the business scope of AMOLED by established Samsung Mobile Display Corporation (2008).By the year 2009 Samsung has developed 6.5-inch flexible AMOLED and produced one million AMOLED monthly. After that in year 2010 they developed super AMOLED. Samsung smartphone using AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting diodes) display for their product. Samsung now begin using super AMOLED HD plus for their greatest smartphone like Galaxy Note 2. They now will produce new display technology on their smartphone using Flexible AMOLED the brand name will be call "YOUM".

Bendable/ Flexible Display

Samsung has announced that they will start developing the new era of mobile phone display that they call YOUM. The flexible and bendable display soon bring new era of display technology enhancement. From the video that has been around the internet lately showing that Samsung upcoming product that based on smartphone and even tablet pc with the amazing flexible and transparent display using AMOLED. The clip show the demonstrate of the new technology beginning from the screen size of 4 to 5 inches (that similar to smartphone size) transform to 7 inches and even can became 10.1 inches display size that suitable of the size of tablet phone or tablet pc. The short rumor advertise also show that the YOUM screen also transparent AMOLED with touchable screen. That clip also show that the Samsung product can make multiple video call, live e-book reading, live update photo capture for blog, text to 3D Hologram product reader, voice to text translator and advance 3D Augmented-Reality System video. The display concepts of the product consist of the thinner AMOLED displays that are bendable, flexible, foldable and also transparent design. Furthermore, these technologies are able to fulfill people need and satisfaction in term of mobility of big screen, light weight and full of performance. This upcoming Samsung product also change the value of usage function it introduce on how user can share with friend in different way for example sharing 3D Hologram video through the 3D and transparent display technology. Below is the detail about the new technology that attaches together with this new smartphone:

Answer call by rolling screen (from 4" to 7" screen)

Present technology using slide and swipe to answer. For this coming technology because it came with flexible structure the method of answering call also change and using rolling screen to answer. This method in positive view is easy to operate by user and also can prevent from late call answering especially for emergency call. Same as previous technology that had been use on flip mobile phone just flip to answer call.

Viewing news by expanding screen size (from 7" to 10.1")

Small displaying screen may bring difficult to user in reading text in phone. Zooming method like pinch to zoom may interrupt some reading. The best way to view text in newspaper, e-book and website is in bigger size of phone. This technology proves that this problem can be encounter by expanding the screen from small size to big size. This product actually is from the original size is 10.1" and it can be fold to smaller size (4" size).

Updating blog by snap photo and drag to blog (with dual display viewing)

Updating social network by put new photos and videos become an interesting while using smartphone. As well as this new product it will ease user by its own way that using snap and drag photos on the dual display. The demonstrate show the fastest way that can be apply in this technology that can be the special unique of this product.

Convert text through camera to view menu of food that display in 3D hologram

This is a very interesting technology that shows the futuristic display it is call 3D hologram. The clip shows that the demonstrator comes to the restaurant and scans the text menu banner to view the picture of the food offered. And then the smartphone convert it to 3D hologram picture, this technology will help the user as the customer in buying decision.

Live translation voice to text using s-voice

Nowadays people want to know each other and even communicate with them although in different language. Present technology in smartphone application that can help translating language only in text to text converting. Samsung idea for the next technology assist user to understand different language by using voice to text translation. Smartphone user may not waste their time to type and search for the translation this technology acting as an electronic translator to people.

Dual video call answering (both person who calling can view each other)

Bridging digital divide has now offering new technology in communicate people. Today mobile technology limits people to interact each other by using one mobile device. Samsung leads the change in communicate more than one people in video calling. Dual display in this new smartphone can make the video calling more interesting because Samsung use flexible screen display. On the other hand, it means that this smartphone have to front camera to make this technology success.

3D Augmented-reality system video playing

The new era for today view and displaying is using 3D display. In some science fiction movie like The Avenger show the future display technology when they using augmented-reality 3D map. In this upcoming Samsung product it comes with 3d augmented-reality video that not limit in static object but also with moving object.

In my opinion, the idea of the concept for this future product can be reality based on certain part especially in the display technology that using flexible transparent AMOLED. However, for developing this remarkable product there is some part that we have to consider for an example the smartphone's anatomy itself (for example battery and circuit board). AMOLED screen can be flexible if the screen changes to plastic rather than glasses but it will face a problem when applying the flexible structure to its anatomy like circuit board.

Market Prospect

According to Samsung SDI (2007)

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