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Over 8 years of experience in System Analysis, Design and Development in the fields of data Warehousing, Data Integration, Data Migration and developing Client server application using Ascential DataStage MVS (8.1.1/7.x/6.x/5.1), Quality Stage, Cognos 8.3,Information analyzer, Oracle, PL/SQL, Oracle Database tools, clear quest, clear case, DB2 UDB, SAP R/3 connectors, SQLSERVER, SSIS, SSRS, Peoplesoft EPM V9.0,OBIEE,WCC(websphere customer cente), Shell scripts, Awk, Sed, JCL, COBOL.

Having 2.5 years of experience with Data Integration with data integrator tools ODI & WCC.

Extensive experience in Data warehousing tools DataStage v 7.x/6.x/5.1 (Manager, Designer, Director, Parallel Extender PX and Administrator) and Data Modeling Tools (Erwin, VISIO). Demonstrated experience with DB2 UDB, Oracle, MS SQL Server databases).

Worked for clients like Target Corp, Supervalu Implemented in EDW, CR Data Mart, 360 Degree View of Customers, Performance Mgt, Sales & Product Analysis, Financial and Banking Domain applications.

Extensively involved in upgradation of datastage 7.0 to 8.1.1 Involved in customization of Tree flattening and Demoralization of source and EPM tress using Delivered ETL Process. Expertise in people soft financials Chart field structure and Enterprise warehouse Dimension Mapping.

Strong skills in  Datastage Administration in UNIX & LINUX environments.

Experience with Parallel Extender for Parallel Processing to improve job performance while working with bulk data sources.

Strong working experience on Data Warehousing applications, directly responsible for the Extraction, Staging, Transformation, Pre Loading and Loading of data from multiple sources into Data Warehouse.

Worked with Ascential Profile Stage and involved in coding and cleansing in Ascential Quality Stage, Information Analyzer. PX is used for huge loads (Round Robin logic for partitioning Datasets and nodes 4).

In Depth knowledge in Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence concepts with emphasis on ETL and Life Cycle Development including requirement analysis, design, development, testing and implementation.

Expertise in OLTP/OLAP System Study, Analysis and Dimensional Modeling, E-R modeling. Involved in Designing Dimensional Model (Star schema and Snowflake schema), database administration.

Experience in Data Warehouse development, worked with Data Migration, Data Conversion, and (ETL) Extraction/Transformation/Loading using Ascential DataStage with DB2 UDB, Oracle, SQL Server.

Extensively used DataStage tools (Data Stage Designer, Data Stage Manager and Data Stage Director). Experience in Forward/Reverse Engineering using Erwin.

Experience in integration of various data, Data Conversions of sources like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MS Access and Flat files into the Staging Area using the tool DataIntegrator. Extensively worked with materialized views, IDE TOOLS and TOAD.

Worked with Oracle PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Table Partitions, Triggers, SQL queries, SSIS, PL/SQL Packages, IBM SQL Procedural Language and loading data into Data Warehouse/Data Marts.

Strong experience with Star and Snowflake schema, Data conversions, Dimensional Data Modeling, Fact and Dimensional tables, Slowly Changing Dimensions. Worked CDC (CDC Change Data Capture).

Having Knowledge of business intelligence concepts and Business Objects Reporting (6.5 and XI r3).

SQL*LOADER loaded the data from any text file and inserted into the database.

Developed Audit Controls and reports using Shell Scripts, Stored Procedures to audit the data at several different stages that is Auditing the data at Source systems, Staging, Data Warehouse and Datamart.

Experience in Database programming Load Data Warehouses (Star Schemas). Developed Strategies for Extraction Transformation Loading (ETL) mechanism.

Developed Test Scripts, Test Cases, and SQL QA Scripts to perform Unit Testing, System Testing and Load Testing. Seamlessly migrated the Code from Development to Testing, UAT and Production.

Involved in initial and incremental runs, Validation, monitor documents, monitor scripts

Involved in Performance Fine Tuning of ETL programs. Tuned DataStage and Stored procedures Code.

Migrated DataStage from V 6.x to 7.x.

Excellent communication skills, Good organizational skills, outgoing personality, Self-motivated, hardworking, ability to work independently or cooperatively in a team, eager to learn, ability to grasp quickly.


Bachelor of Engineering

Certification in datastage

Technical Expertise

ETL Tools

DataStage enterprise edition 8.1.1/7.5 / 7.1/6.x/5.1, Informatica


Business Objects5i, Cognos 8.3


Oracle 10g/ 9.x/ 8i/ 7.x, SQL Server 6.5/7.0, DB2 UDB 8.x/7.x,SAP R/3 connectors, Peoplesoft EPM V9.0,OBIEE, Teradata, MYSQL,COBOL

Database Modeling

Erwin 3.5.2/4.0, Microsoft VISIO

Software Tools

MS FrontPage Editor, SQL Navigator 4.0/3.1, TOAD, IDE Tools, Auto Sys, Clear QUEST,Dream Weaver


SQL Server 2000 and 2008, PL-SQL, Java, C, C++, C#

Operating System

Windows XP/NT/2000, DOS, UNIX, Linux, SOLARIS

Professional Experience

Client : Target Corp,

Loc : Minneapolis

From : Feb 2006 to Present

Role : ETL (Data Stage) Developer

Team : 8 Members.

Shipment deals with the transportation of goods delivered by Vendors to Target. The Shipment subject area captures information on the shipment details to keep track of the Order Status from varied sources for imports and domestic purchases. The source data for Shipment subject area is extracted from the mainframe system using data integrator. The Extraction Process extracts Shipment records from DB2 source tables to load Shipment Data Warehouse tables with data integrator (ODI). In Incremental Extract process is triggered once the Initial extract is completed on an ongoing basis. This process extracts incremental Shipment records from DB2 source tables based on create date and update date on a daily basis to load Shipment SAP SYSTEM Staging Tables using LSMW and BDC Techniques.


Interacted with the users, Business Analysts for collecting, understating the business requirements.

Designed ETL process as per the requirements and documented ETL process using MS VISIO. Demonstrated the ETL process Design with Business Analyst and Technical Lead. Preparation of design guidelines for ETL process development using DataStage Enterprise edition Parallel Extender, PL/SQL, SQL and Shell scripts. Implemented the logical DataStage connections across the platform.

Used Data Stage MVS capabilities to extract the data from Main frame and non people soft Sources like SAP into PeopleSoft EPM structures and further into PeopleSoft EPM warehouse.

Demonstrated the ETL process Design with Business Analyst and Technical Lead. Prepared design guidelines for ETL process development using DataStage Parallel Extender, PeopleSoft DataStage delivered jobs, SQL, PL/SQL and Shell scripts. Implemented the logical DataStage connections and installations across the platform. Worked with DataStage ETL tool to perform Data extract, migration and data manipulation and loading.

Developed scripts to come up with a generic way to load the data into the table on a particular database. Developed generic way to load data Historical Data.

Performed Source System Analysis. Analyzed the Source and Target Data elements. Analyzed Source Data granularity. Developed Mapping document and Unit & System Test Plan.

Developed Complex ETL programs to implement Type 2 Dimensional tables

Extensively worked with Manager, Designer, Director to define the Source and Target objects. Extracted Source Data using Datastage tools and stored procedures from Source systems using the data integrator tool ODI.

Generated completion messages, status reports using capabilities Business Objects Reporting (6.5 and XI r3) and UNIX.

Responsible for UNIT, System and Integration testing(SIT), CIT,Developed Test scripts, Test plan and Test Data. Participated in UAT (User Acceptance Testing) with Quality stage.

Used DataStage Transformations, Designer, and Containers to Develop ETL programs (Source ƒ  Landing ƒ  Staging ƒ  SAP R/3 System Tables) and to implement business rules.

Developed and Configured Jobs/ Job Control Sequence to run the ETL programs.

Imported Metadata from Oracle database. Imported metadata definitions into the repository. Exported and imported DataStage components using DataStage Manager. Used DataStage Designer to develop DataStage jobs, scheduled the jobs through DataStage director.

SQL*LOADER loaded the data from any text file and inserted into the DB2.

Tuning of DataStage Jobs AND DATA CONVERSIONS for better query performance. Extensively used various stages like ODBC, Sequential file stage, Transformer stage, Aggregator stage, Lookup stage, Hash file stage, Link Collector/Partition stage, FTP Stage, Merge stage.

Designed and developed jobs using Parallel capabilities for splitting bulk data into subsets and to dynamically distribute to all available nodes to achieve best Job performance.

Environment: DataStage Enterprise edition Paralell extender 8.1.1(Designer, Manager, Administrator, Director), Quality Stage 7.5, IBM Information server 8.1.1, Zeke scheduler, cognos 8.3,Erwin 4.1, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, DB2 UDB 8.2,WCC(websphere customer center) IDE Tool, Data Integrator ODI, SAP R/3 connectors, LSMW, BDC, SQL*Loader, COBOL, UNIX, k Shell,Solaris.

Client : Supervalu

Loc : Portland

From : Apr 2004 to Feb 2006

Role : Lead ETL Consultant (Data Stage)

Team : 6 Members.

Six Sigma is a measure of quality that represents the performance goal an organization must achieve to deliver world-class levels of service. It means operating at 99.99966% level of perfection, or creating only 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO). Sigma - IT Support team provides support Six Sigma project charters by doing data extraction and data conversioning activities for the data request given by Black Belts, Master Black Belts, Project Sponsors and Deployment leaders following a formal procedure. The main objective of this engagement is identification of the source system, extraction; compilation and deliver the data requested by the Six Sigma functional experts resources within the scope.


Implemented multi-level Customer Hierarchy for EDW & Data Marts. Implemented Multi level Contract Hierarchy in EDW, Finance, Billing Data marts. Cu stomers, Contract are Conformed Dimensions.

Implemented and wrote ETL programs to load Customer, Contract, line of Business and Product dimension tables. Also contributed efforts to develop ETL process for Time, Location dimension tables. Worked on Complex ETL programs to implement multilevel hierarchy in dimensional tables.

Extensively worked with Manager, Designer, Director to define the Source and Target objects. Extracted Source Data using Datastage enterprise edition tools and stored procedures from Source systems.

Involved in Importing Metadata from Oracle, DB2 Databases. Used CDC Stage and CDA to load Type 2 Dimensional Tables. Used Data Stage Designer to develop DataStage jobs, scheduled the jobs through DataStage director. Tuning of Data Stage Jobs for better query performance.

Extensively used various stages like Aggregator stage, Hash file stage, Link Collector/Partitioner stage, and FTP Stage. Involved in developing Shared Containers for Server Jobs.

Worked Extensively on DataStage Director for scheduling the Job to run, emailing production support for troubleshooting from LOG Files.

Designed and Developed scripts (shell, AWK, SED) to come up with a generic way to load the data into the table on a particular database.

Involved in installations and seamlessly migrated the code from Development ƒ  Testing ƒ  UAT ƒ  Production.

Developed SQL, PL/SQL Stored procedures, triggers and cursors for implementing Complex business rules and transformations and loading into SAP ABAP Intgration.

Developed UNIX scripts using K-Shell, AWK, SED & UNIX commands to perform net change (incremental data). Developed UNIX Scripts to develop Driver programs to run DataStage Job Control Sequence. Used DS commands to run the DataStage Job Control Sequence.

SQL*LOADER loaded the data from any text file and inserted into the database.

Generated completion messages, status reports using capabilities Business Objects Reporting (6.5 and XI r3) and UNIX.

Responsible for UNIT, System and Integration testing. Developed Test scripts, Test plan and Test Data. Participated in UAT (User Acceptance Testing).

Scheduled batch jobs in AutoSys,Zeke scheduler. Coordinated with System Operators to Schedule the batch jobs in Auto Sys. Provided Level 3-production support.

Extensively involved in Data Conversions for Fine tuning the jobs. Mentor development team on Data Stage, PL/SQL, Oracle and DB2 UDB, Shell Scripts, EDW, Finance and Billing data Marts.

Environment: Ascential Datastage enterprise edition Paralell extender 7.5, Information server 8.0, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, , SQL Server 2000,SSAS(sql server analysis services), SSIS,SQL*Loader, DB2 UDB, clear case, TOAD, Business Objects Reporting (6.5 and XI r3), Windows NT 4.0,LINUX.

Wipro Technologies

Client : BIDS, (Business Intelligence Solution)

Loc : Bangalore

From : Sep 2003 to Apr 2004

Role : ETL (Data Stage) Developer (Financial Domain)

Assigned as On site consultant by Wipro technologies to implement Business Intelligence and Decision Support Solution, help users to understand data quickly and communicate their findings for cards on sales, marketing, collections and finance using data feeds from existing Bank database. The data is provided as extracts of data feeds in ASCII text files. ETL process uses the data feed via Data stage along with Oracle database for all dimensional modelling and measure design to build the business Intelligence system. Business Objects along with Micro strategy is used for development of reports. All identified cubes are analyzed and built, as an individual business object universe with required access controls.


Interacted with technical consultants, financial users and business analysts to understand the business and reporting requirements. Interacted with source systems technical team.

Designed ETL process as per the requirements and documented ETL process using MS VISIO.

Developed new Data Stage jobs and customized PeopleSoft Delivered Data Stage jobs to extract Financial data such as General Ledger, Budgets, Account payables, receivables, Sales etc into PeopleSoft ODS, PeopleSoft Enrichment and MDW.

Enhance and developed the existing data-mart with Oracle to scheduled loads from ERP operational data.

Developed / designed various new processes and fixed the existing process with new business requirements, various meetings with users Input.

Business analysis and requirements gathering, analyzed the hierarchy for Dimensions. Used Ascential Data Stage Manager for importing new job categories & creating new data elements. Used the DataStage Designer to develop processes for extracting and loading data into data warehouse database.

Used the PL/SQL, Shell Scripts to develop processes for extracting, cleansing, transforming, integrating and loading data into data warehouse database.

Did Unit Testing and tuned for better performance with updates on data warehouse tables by non-clustered & clustered indexes using Oracle & extensively used Ascential DataStage Director for jobs monitoring and troubles shooting.

Extensively used Sequential File Stage, Aggregator Stage, Hashed File Stage etc

Used Shared Containers for Server Jobs & shell scripts for job sequences, for handling rejected data, handling NULL values and complete email reporting of data changes for production support.

Environment: Ascential DataStage MVS 7x (Designer, Administrator, Manager, Director), Oracle 9i, Teradata, PL/SQL, Windows NT, UNIX, Shell script, Zeke scheduler.

Client : Wipro Technologies

Loc : Bangalore

From : Aug 2000 to Sep 2003

Role : Software Engineer

As team member of EA (Enterprise Application) worked on 2 projects, Order Management application for Caterpillar, Travel and expenses management application for Wipro Technologies. As Oracle developer, developed several PL/SQL programs, forms for GUI and Reports using Oracle Developer 2000.


Analyzed the transactional data model, data elements. Interacted with Business analyst, SME (subject matter experts) on day-to-day basis to create technical spec for data conversion programs. Involved in the Development, Implementation of the backend systems for the Database.

Coded a number of PL/SQL stored procedures and functions to Load from legacy system and to implement business logic at database level.

Converted data in VSAM files and Flat files and loaded into to New Oracle database.

Developed several GUI forms and reports using Oracle developer 2000.

Prepared Unit test scripts, systems test scripts and Test plans.

Responsible for UNIT Testing and System Testing. Documented Test results

Environment: Informatica 5.1, Oracle 7.3, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows 95, UNIX, IBM Mainframes, DB2, and SQL*Plus

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