Research method - some form of data collection and some form of evaluation of results

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Research Method is a set of actions performed to answer a research question and it comprises some form of data collection and some form of evaluation of results. There are five different types of research methods which include Case Study, Action Research, Experimental, Ethnical and Computing Research methods.

Action Research method aims at change and research should lead to this change and this change must be incorporated into research process. Action Research has been extensively used World-Wide for decision making related to policy due to its nature of involving researcher and decision maker in the process. This is not well known or accepted in computing and Information systems. It is very difficult to deal with complex situations when multiple people are involved.

Experimental method involves developing hypothesis on research question and evaluating it by performing an experiment. Experimental method can create artificial situations and are not comparable to real -life situations. It is hard to find real time sample. This method can result in inaccurate results if experiments are not designed correctly

Ethnography is description of people or cultures, this method has been extensively used to study exotic tribes and lives of natives. This method has been proven to be good if topic of interest is embedded in social system.

Case study method helps to understand the complex issue and emphasize on detailed contextual analysis of events. It is an empirical inquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon within its real life context using multiple sources of evidence (Yin 2003).

Previously I have used experimental methodology for project work on newral networks and fuzzy logic which includes sending the data in a securied manner by encryption and decryptin process.this methodology causes failure results, if the experiment is not done properly.

Though each of the above mentioned methods are proven in different fields, I would like to use Case Study method in future for my research on "Distributed computing" because

* This method is well suited for development and implementation in current Information Technology Industries

* This method enables researcher to answer "how", "why" type questions and understand particular problem or situation in great-depth.

* This method can be used to analyze how a given solution can be adopted for an Organization by considering all different variables associated with it.

* This method deals with real- time data which can be used to easily influence the Organization functions.

* This method can be used where the boundaries are not clearly evident between phenomenon and context

* This method results in Real time solutions rather than artificial solutions as it deals with real time data

I would also like to use 'Futures Research'one of the research approaches in computing in addition to Case study research method for my future project.

My future research topic "Distributed computing" is technology for distributing data and it offers access to their data to anyone connected to internet which can create ethical issues.

In IT there are several ethhical issues which are to be considered some of them are

1. Plagiarism is copying the work of others, it is highly unethical work but takes place frequently and with the information available on internet is very simple to do.

2. Piracy, copying the software illegal is one of the major problem. Nearly 50% of the programs which are runig on PCs are pirated. It damages the profit margin perticularly for corporations.

3. Hacking the system for several reasons such as , in order to understand the system functions,inoder to damage the system,so money can get out of it.

4. Creating a virus progarams and spreading to crash the systems which leads to cease the organisation to certain period are unethical acts.s`