Research into office automation systems

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Chapter 2: Project Deliverables:

2.1 Research

This section includes the research into Office Automation systems available in the market. Also, it will express the good and bad points. In addition, it includes explanations about the features of the front end tools and the back end tools available in the market. Front end tools like Visual Basic, Oracle Forms, Java etc. Back end like oracle and oracle database. In the planning phase, I put the events that I will run in this project in the both semesters.

2.2 Analysis & Design

A comprehensive documentation about the requirements, specifications and Office Automation functionalities are mapped on Dataflow Diagrams and Entity Relationship Diagrams through analyzing the existing system. I will use ( Smart Draw ) program to create Entities, Attributes & diagrams.

The main goals of analysis:

  • Determine the scope of the system and establish case for developing.
  • Establish a greed set of requirements.
  • Establish a set of objects.
  • Describe the attributes and observable behaviors of the objects.
  • Determine the relational ships between the objects.

2.3 Implementation & Testing

The proposed system would be implemented, phase-by-phase based on the design by using the software development tools. This would ease the process of on going operation. Once complete implementation carried out, a parallel run would be done for a few months to execute the test plan and solve any functional or technical observations in the system.

A step by step explanation of functionality and features of the Office Automation system. The user manual would explain section by section according to the operation of the system.

On completion of the final testing, a user acceptance study would be done. This would enable comparing the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations prior to the implementation of the Office Automation system.

2.4 Project Management

The project is divided in into two semesters as shown in the Gantt chart:

  • First semester required to submit the planning and research on the project and choose the correct methodology to design the system.
  • Second semester will require to analysis the requirement and design the low level system depend on the methodology which has been chosen. It also requires developing and implanting the entire system. Finally it required evaluating and test the system depend on the methodology methods.

2.5 Project Plan

The project plan date may change depend on the exams and assignments summiting and attends for the first and second semester. Also, the project management section will contain the Gantt chart which describes the time allocation of each process.