Remote Animal Diseases Monitoring System Using Communication Computer Science Essay

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In this paper we describe a model for assessing animal diseases using mobile communication. The system mainly designed to monitor the remote animal diseases using the mobile phone. We described a DSS for knowing the stage of diseases using the fuzzy logic based on the symptoms which will be provided by the user for their animal diseases. We also provided an image diagnosis of the image which is send through mobile or using wed and providing the feedback report back to user after analyzing the image and symptoms and also providing the treatment and precaution of the animal diseases by sending message to the user's mobile phone and by also providing video chatting facility between user and doctor using the mobile camera in case of severe animal diseases. The system contains the IVR facility for better help to user.

Keywords-CAD (computer aided diagnosis), DSS, FL (Fuzzy Logic), J2ME, Image Analysis System (IAS), Ozeki Message Server, GSM Modem.


It has been estimated that 2/3rds of the individuals living on less than $2/day own or keep livestock [1]. However, the difficulties that this population faces in obtaining accurate and relevant information regarding animal health, to support the animal health needs of the poor in India we are making this system. In this project we are mainly dealing with animal diseases in which are most common throughout the India and which are harmful both economically and to human health. So cure of such disease is must as the cattle are speared in remote location in our country is not possible for everyone to reach at doctor in time or proper treatment in time but to revolution in the mobile communication even the remote part of country is connected through GSM network so what we will be taking use of it and providing the remote user solution and treatment of the diseases without going to doctor and also provide a online video conference with user and doctor through mobile [2].

In order to solve the demand for treatment of animal diseases, Web or mobile Service technology will be applied to the major animal epidemic disease control system for the sake of putting information sharing and in practice. The application has shown that it's feasible to develop the Major Animal Epidemic Disease of Prevention and Decision-making System based on Web Service technology. The effective measures of the major animal disease prevention and control almost associated with the geographic information, such as the propagation of migrant, epidemic monitoring and warning, emergency mechanism, immune isolation and so on. [3]

There are a relatively small number of veterinary experts in remote areas, compared with those in the scientific research institutes. Because large-scale livestock breeding farms are usually located in remote areas, it brings that accuracy and timeliness of diseases diagnosis are unsatisfactory. It even causes great economic losses. So people always hope that an intelligent diagnosis method can be found to eliminate human influence and make accurate, objective, timely diagnosis.[4]

Understandingly the ideas and treatment of animal disease is common based on user experience, self-knowledge and other sources (social, family environment, etc).These ideas are based around four aspects: symptoms, causes, impact of the disease on economy and human health lives [5], way and measures for controlling the diseases.

In this project, a remote treatment of animal diseases based on their symptoms and images using latest mobile technology are described [6]. Various algorithms will be developed for measuring and assessing animal diseases which will, in turn, enable the development of clinical treatments much more efficient and faster by than those currently employed.

Mobile diagnostic technologies are a rapidly emerging field in tele-medicine (both human and animal) and are defined by two key characteristics:

Mobility and

Remote diagnosis

The aim of this work is to develop models telemedical online resource models that provides better quality and speed of health services to the remote user for the animal diseases. [7]

Current clinical techniques for monitoring livestock health are insufficient, as they provide only sporadic information and require too much resource investment in terms of time and veterinary expertise. A sophisticated system capable of continuously assessing the health of individual animals, aggregating these data, and reporting the results to owners can provide tremendous benefit to the livestock industry. Such a system would not only improve individual animal health, but it would help to identify and prevent widespread disease, whether it originated from natural causes or from biological attacks. The system developed here will collect information from multiple user mobile phones. Conventionally, various diseases information systems, such as symptoms, is collected and stored on animal information systems .These systems will improve the ability of the livestock industry to react to and predict disease onset and its epidemiological spread. [8]

In proposed system, the animal information is recollected by remote information server, and transported to mobile phones. The server provided works as a gateway between hospital intranet and public networks. The information provided from the server consists of text data regarding treatment and precaution. Doctors can browse animal information on their mobile phones via the server.

The system also contains the Decision Support System (DSS) [9] based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, which will tell the possible animal disease based on the information collected from the user. When user will come to know based on the feedback received from the system, that their disease has significant impact on their animals' lives, they face their disease more actively.


The System was defined in a 3-layer architecture, which contains the mobile client, application and the data layers. The detailed model was shown in the fig [1] below

Mobile user

Send Symptom or Image

DSS Using FUZZY Logic

Image Analysis System

Symptom Checker


Message Server

Sends analyzed report


Figure1. System Model

Mobile Client Layer contains the users of the system; Client can access the system using the mobile. The application was installed in the mobile and he can access the system using that mobile application.

Application Layer contains the DSS for assessing the stage or impact of disease on animal using Fuzzy Logic.

In medicine, physician decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment must be based on the understanding of causal mechanisms in physiology.

Causal mechanism in nature is best measured by FL when compared to traditional probability based statistics because:

FL allows for the lack of constraint on variable value range when considered in the context of other variables.

FL does not require the separation of variables from the object of interest.

The 'fuzzy' hypercube allows for generation of new variables in the context of old and for an easily visualized measure of causality, and

It showed causation cannot be directly observed and there is an irreducible element of uncertainty about what causes what.

Since probability is a measure of certainty, it is less equipped to measure and describe complex causal interactions than is fuzzy logic.[10]

System for image analysis and a message server for sending back report.

Data Layer contains the databases for remote animal, decease details and image database for image diagnosis.

aim and scope of a System

The main aim of the system is to provide the remote animal health care using the mobile.

This system is to monitor information of multiple animal diseases using mobile phones.

In proposed system, the animal information is collected by remote information server, and transported to mobile phones.

Development of algorithms to determine the type and stage of disease.

Advice the user the impact of animal disease both economically and to human health.

Inform the user for the timely treatment and precaution through mobile.

Real time communication with Doctor.


The application contains the following features:

Contains the DSS for animal disease diagnosis and finding stage of diseases.

This project is cost saving and easy to use as it is mobile application.

Online Animal-clinic.

Minimum use of doctor.

Online appointment from doctor.

Provided help in three modules so there is flexibility for user.

SMS will be sending to the user after analyzes of symptoms.

Messaging system for user to about treatment and precaution.

Image Analysis System (IAS) for detection of impact of diseases on animal health.

The application will be developed using JAVA. So, this is platform independent and can be used anywhere.

It's a user friendly application.

Some of the diseases which we will diagnose and which are common throughout the India and are harmful both economically and to human health are mentioned in the table below [11].






Bacillus anthracis

Direct Contact


Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Milk and contact


Leptospira species

Skin abrasion, contact




Animal Bite



Contact and milk



Aspergilius species

Inhalation of spore

Ring worm

Trichophyton species

Direct contact



Sarcocystic species



Toxoplasma species

Ingestion, contact

Table no 1

symptom checker

Symptom checker is one of the features of our DSS. Using this user can find the disease information directly from the mobile by giving the symptoms. If the user selects the symptom checker from the mobile application, it will ask the symptoms of the animal. As shown in the fig. [2] Symptom data will be sent to the Fuzzy system. The Fuzzy system analyzes the data and finds the disease information and the stage of the disease. The output is directly sent to the user mobile and also stored in database.

A Decision Support System (DSS) is a tool to help increasing confidence in tackling such a search problem. DSS is a particular type of information system, generally computer aided, mainly utilized in mid managerial levels of organizations. They aim at helping on semi-structured decision processes and most of their applications are in control and in management.[12]

Symptoms send from Mobile Phone



Fuzzy system for analyzing stage of diseases

Message Server

GSM Modem


Figure2. Symptom Checker

If the user is unable to access the data through the mobile phone, the same application can be accessed from the web. The symptom checker can be made available as both the mobile application and web application.

Symptom Checker

Decision making in dynamic environments is usually a difficult task. Most of the difficulty arises from:

Time variability or

Non-availability of all necessary data for the decision to be made.

It is used for measuring and assessing the animal deceases using the symptoms. The symptom checker was designed using the Fuzzy logic. It takes the symptoms from the mobile and finds the diseases and sends back the output to the mobile.

In the decision domain a fuzzy membership function would very much accommodate the necessary flexibility to the gradual assessment of elements in relation to a given set (i.e. decision instance of a given scenario).In symptom checker the stage and impact of disease is calculated using fuzzy logic [12].

Image analysis system

Image can be sent from mobile to the image analysis server, where it is being analyzed automatically and the resultant image is either sent to the doctor's mobile or the doctor can himself/herself see it on the PC.

Mobile Phone to capture image


Image Analysis System


Analyzed Image Report

Message Server

GSM Modem


Figure3. Image Analysis System

A basic scheme of digital image analysis using Formal system typically is consisted of the following steps: [13]

Simple objects recognition.

Formal language construction.

Formal theory application.

Scene analysis.

The Doctor can also install this application as software in the desktop, and he can use this as a standalone application to analyze the image. [14]

Algorithm for image analysis

Image segmentation is an integral part of image processing applications like medical images analysis and photo editing. A wide range of computational vision algorithms can also benefit from existence of reliable and efficient image segmentation technique.

For instance, intermediate-level vision problems such as shape from silhouette, shape from stereo and object tracking could make use of reliable segmentation of the object of interest from the rest of the scene. Higher-level problems such as recognition and image indexing can also make use of segmentation results in matching [15].

IAS algorithm is simple and fast algorithm for analyzing image. The algorithm has the following steps as mentioned in fig [4].

Resize the image

Convert the image into gray scale

Read the image

Create an image with uniform background

Morphological Analysis

Segmentation the selected regions

Adjust the contrast of an image

Plot the results

Figure4. Algorithm for Image Analysis

messasing system

After completion of treatment diseases the user will neglect to give medicine in time to animals. But the following the medicine given by the doctor is important to the user after the treatment, so the doctor or the hospital staff can't call or intimate the user to take the medicine measure on animal in time to time[17].

Our messaging system helps the user to give medicine in time to avoid the problems after the treatment. The main features of the system are

Initially, when the user registers itself with the symptoms or with image of animal for the treatment, the data of the infected animal will be entered into the user database.

After the completion of the treatment the following information was entered into the user database to send the SMS for taking medicine.

Animal diseases information and treatment details

Detailed information of the medicine, i.e. when and what time which medicine or any other treatment have to apply on animal.

Medicines have to be followed after the treatment for better health of animal.

By using the above details the SMS will be sending to the user to monitor his animal health as an instant feedback.[18]This is the one of the important feature for the Remote animal diseases monitoring.


The main requirements for sending the scheduled messages are

Ozeki Message Server

WAMP server

GSM Modem

Ozeki Message Server

Ozeki Message Server 6 is a powerful, flexible SMS Gateway application that enables you and your applications to send/receive SMS messages to mobile devices with your computer. It has an easy-to-use user interface, and an excellent internal architecture [19]

Figure5. SMS gateway system architecture

WAMP Server

WAMP Server is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache, PHP and the MySQL database. It also comes with PHPMyAdmin to easily manage your databases.[20]

GSM Modem

A GSM modem is a specialized type of modem which accepts a SIM card, and when a GSM modem is connected to a computer, this allows the computer to use the GSM modem to communicate over the mobile network.  While these GSM modems are most frequently used to provide mobile internet connectivity, many of them can also be used for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages [21].