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Augmented reality can give a useful user interface for visualization in a satellite navigation system and mobile technology, the application user can access and augmented with path or location based information at the exact location. This application allows one or more than one peoples roam the city with correct maps to go selected destinations. Behind the augmented reality system they use XML data base to access the path way. The objective is to explore how these technologies might together work and how users in their everyday interactions with the world.

Augmented reality system Defines that real and virtual objects in a real environment, runs interactively, and in real time. Augmented Reality (AR) is a developing area in virtual reality researches. In this paper augmented reality (AR) is an excellent user interface for mobile and satellite navigation system, the navigation system browsing location from saved XML data base through GPS system. GPS is helping to send and receive data between the satellite navigation and source database. A central XML based database stores all data models for all application related to the suitable application. For common XML tools can transform and import from different sources. Some systems (Augmented Reality systems, AR), enhance interaction between the user and users real environment, by providing additional computer capabilities or data. Augmented reality provides navigation and information browsing from the database. Satellite navigation system is working under GPS as both tracking and data transfer.

Augmented reality systems involves in many technologies in these days, 1) military services architecture, entertainment 2) archaeology systems 3) Multimedia Augmented Reality Interface and 3D information. There are two definitions related to augmented reality given by Roland Azuma in 1997.He says the augmented reality systems combines real and virtual, reality system interactive in real time and the last one is augmented reality has registered in 3D (3 dimensional).


Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) is both of ground and space based equipment to augment the standard positioning service of the GPS. The main use of WAAS is navigation for en route, terminal, navigation service.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a new technology that involves the overlay of computer graphics on the real world. Virtual reality is a condition used for computer generated 3D graphics and that allows the user to enter and use to interact with the environment.


Some of examples for the augmented reality systems are three major techniques. They are 1) Head Mounted Displays 2) Handheld Displays 3) and Spatial Displays.

Head Mounted Displays: - Mainly the head mounted display designed for fix to head or helmet & goggles. So the user can view the map in front of the eye display. The engineers have designed the light weight small LCD displays to use easily for this technology. Head mounted display can track the vision through six degree sensors. So the user can able to view the 3D (3 dimensional) graphical information.

Handheld Displays: - This technology is a small computing device, fixed on the head.

Spatial Displays: - Instead of head mounted hand held devices, we can use the digital projector to view the graphical information. SAR scales are collected & collaborated between users.


Navigation system, GPS (global positioning system)

Augmented reality (AR) combines the real world and the virtual, and its showing the information in real time. And also an augmented reality system consists a wearable computer to track the places. Using some applications and the head mounted display (HMD) can able to view 3d graphical objects. They help cars, buses and ambulances to find their way along roads and guide walkers, climbers and golf buggies to find their way.


Mobile phones will be equipped with navigation receivers. Main purpose to use satellite navigator system is to find the particular target address or desired target location of a certain type such as a hotel or plaza etc. After select the place, the system calculates the shortest path in available network of possible routes. In this time database will fully interact with the user to guide. If the user goes to the opposite direction the satellite navigator will give the instructions to find the real path. If the user is not to perceive the next way point, the reason is, the person is looking into the wrong direction. Some Mobile phones have inbuilt GPS navigation system, it indicates the positioning towards the call tower technology. It can easily find out the location of nearest phone network.GPS sometimes took more time to find out the current position. GPS provides a seamless navigation service worldwide (From few sec to minutes).for example Nokia 5800 Xpress Music edition. Other phone application also can use the GPS receiver. Example application can optionally use "geotag" photos with our current location.



Every sat navigation systems have integrated navigation system that Unisys developed for use on geophysical exploration ships. The system can optimally do the process navigation data from a huge set of navigation sensors including satellite navigation satellite receivers (SAT NAV and GPS). The solution presented here would allow users on road network dependent applications (e.g. in-car navigation system or sat Nav) to passively collect characteristics of any "unknown route" (departure from the known roads in the database) on behalf of the provider.


The satellite navigation systems are conveniently grouped in to DOP, signal effects and UERE. Aircraft use many SATNAV systems of navigation to get their accurate destination point by using GPS system. The federal aviation administration (FAA) is using the GPS system to perform aircraft operations effectively and correctly.


Satellite navigation system

Both tracking and data transfer


XML - database

An extensible mark up language (XML) allows and organizes the information in a simple and easy way to understand between the computers and humans. We can share and send the documents by using internet, networks or any other different ways. XML is a Meta language because it's a standard general mark up language (SGML). By using XML and internet the XML data can be exchanged between one places to another place. XML refers GJXDM (global justice XML data model) as the framework for structure which requires information in an xml database. Data centric documents are documents which use XML as a state transport. This is stored in an XML document It's an important think to link Data transfer between XML documents, through XML document and database schema (DTD, XML schema, RELAX NG). The application which is transferring maybe used as an XML query language or transferred the data according to the map. In this time the structure of the document should be matched with the expected one. (Like Select * from table). In here, first the document is transformed to the structure expected by the mapping, after that only the data will be transformed to the database. After transferring the data from the database, the result document will be transformed to the structure which will be needed by the application. XML databases are databases designed mainly to store XML documents. They support the features like transactions, security, programmatic APIs & query languages. The architectures of native XML databases fall into two broad categories: Text-based and Model-based.



Conclusion and future directions

The augmented reality system is analysed fully in this chapter. Specially, how they are working and how mobile technology involved in augmented reality systems are pointed out and also Sat navigation is indicated. Explanations and classifications are presented here is clearly shown about the augmented reality systems as well As collaborative augmented reality systems. These definitions are highlighted two main characteristics of Sat navigation and augmented reality systems. In this modern technology world, the augmented reality system will be standard as well as in the future also. The two main concepts which are sat navigation & the mobile technology explained. One is xml database another one is augmented reality system. Satellite navigation systems are useful to develop small electronic devices to determine the location through the GPS satellite.