Quick Response Code As A Marketing Strategy Computer Science Essay

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QR(Quick Response) code is a type of two dimensional barcode that contain of website link; URL and information include phone number or SMS (Short Message Service) that already encoded in QR code. By using smart phone camera with the decoding software to scan the QR code, after that the decoding software will decode and transform the information .This can be done in a millisecond to decode the QR code to the user. The data capacity of storing information inside QR code was 1,817 characters including alpha numeric characters, symbols, binary code and numbers.

QR code was popular using in Japan for several reasons because:

QR code is allowed storing special characters like Kanji/Chinese characters and having higher data density.

QR code was free of charges since it has released in the public domain.

Most of the smart phones in Japan having the function of camera that allow the user easy to reading a QR code.

The data structure was not prerequisite for the current usage and it can depend the user

With the help of smart phone, QR code has the perfect solution to fast and efficiency to smart phone on the web. QR code can stored different types of information include website link and it was also use in difference kind of advertisement or business, the QR code most commonly use in paper media, business cards, poster and t-shirts. This would help the marketing strategy to promote their product or bring some information to customer.

By using the smart phone, the smart phone must have the decoding software for QR code. Smart phone allow downloading and installing the QR code application and having the camera function. The smart phone always use was iPhones, Android, and Windows Phone.

QR code having a different size and it was depend on the information that stored and the reading method. Basically, most common QR code use in the market was 21 x 21 cells and the maximum size 177 x 177 cells.

QR code are allow to stored different type of data include alpha numeric, symbols, Kanji/Chinese characters.

QR code having different types of conversion mode include numerical, alphanumerical, binary and Kanji/Chinese characters to encode the data. Every type of conversation must consider efficiency of conversion.

QR code was using error correction function for restoring data. There are four level of restoring the data; each level of error correction must match with the usage environment.

A CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) sensor was a type of technology convert the data into digital value that implemented to read matrix symbols. The sensor will stored the scan line captured into memory. Traditional two-dimensional symbols such as bar code will use much more time to detect the symbol and having a problems to read the data and cause of inaccurate of information after decoded compared to QR code having fast, efficiency and accurate of information after decoded process carry out. By detecting the pattern of QR code can accurately and easily implement in the hardware.

To correct the distortion when attached onto curved surface, QR code using alignment pattern to arranged the regular interval with the range of symbol. The shape of the symbol and the alignment pattern of symbol will calculate and has matched corrected and this will make the symbol readable.

The error correction functionality is to recover the damage of the QR code and using Reed-Solomon that using this functionality, the code can be easily to recover back until meet the error correction level (7%, 15%, 25% and 30% per symbol area). If the code is highly usage, it recommends having 30% for the correction.

When using the Kanji and Kana characters will convert into binaries and require 16 bits (2 bytes) for each character. This means the QR code can encoded 20% compared to two-dimensional symbols.

QR code having a linking functionality that using a symbol to represent several symbols. A symbol can divide into maximum 16 symbols. A QR code can divided into four symbols, each symbols having its own specific function to carry out the functionality.

QR code are using black and white cells to process masking that can accurate to read the data after decode and it was necessary to balance the black and white cells. To enable this, EX-OR calculation was implemented inside the QR code area and mask pattern.

QR code was use as a certification as a check-in and it would help the company to save cost for printing a paper ticket. This application was use in Singapore casino cruiser.

QR code was used to identify patient’s name, date of birth, gender and bed number and the QR code was printed on patient wrist band. This ensures the patient to get right treatment at the right time. This application was use in Singapore, Hong Kong and Singapore Hospital.

Microsoft Tag was the other type of recognition technologies that created by Microsoft that having the same function with QR code but Microsoft Tag was use the High Capacity Color Barcode (HCCB) to combine the colored triangles instead of square. The Data density was using 4 or 8 color for the triangle. The Microsoft Tag was using 5 x10 grid and the code was work in monochrome environment. When the Microsoft Tag was read, the Tag application will sends the HCCB data to the Microsoft server and decode and send to the user. User is allowed to create their own Microsoft Tag through website or Microsoft Tag reader application through their phone. Windows Phone having a function to read the Microsoft Tag but the requirement to read Microsoft Tag, the user smart phone must have Microsoft Tag reader application and camera functionality.

Microsoft Tag is much smaller than QR code formats and a size of Microsoft Tag is based on the URL length and message created. Microsoft are allow the user to create their own customize Microsoft Tag to identify their business brand. Microsoft Tag provide a reliable solution for mobile tagging across different smart phone compare to QR code does not provide consistency operating system to major smart phones include Symbian 60, BlackBerry, iPhone and J2ME. Only smart phone that have high resolution of camera functionality to capture QR code but Microsoft tag is use High Capacity Color Barcode that design to deal with limitation of camera resolution and it can accurate to decode the Microsoft Tag . Finally, the user can get the static report of the Microsoft Tag that has been read from where, when the Tag was read by using Microsoft Tag advanced analytics tools. The Microsoft Tag is much smaller in size than traditional QR code. Microsoft Tag use three base colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), while the QR code only use black and white color.

In the project, QR code is using for replacing the traditional paper Air ticket or boarding pass. This QR code will implement inside the payment module. After the user is paying for the Air ticket, the user will get the QR code that contain the information about the travel details. At any time the user need to present his or her boarding pass at security point or at the gate.

The user can use their smart phone that already has the QR code reader application, the user need to hold the smart phone in front of or over the QR code. When the Smartphone camera has the symbol of focus and recognizes QR code, the QR code application will automatically capture the QR code. The QR code reader application will automatically decode the symbol and take action the code instructs.

If the Airline company implement the QR code technology inside the system, that can increase the revenue of the company and green environment for paperless. At the same time, the user will not easily to lose their Air ticket.