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Software testing is an activity or processes that helping to find the errors, faults, defects, bugs in a software system. It provides to customer all the errors, bugs, fault, free reliable software system. Software testing is the process to measure the corrections, completeness, its security, quality and it is fulfil the customer requirements such as it is compatible, reliable, efficient, maintainable, and capable.

Test Plan:

Testing planning is the major field of the software testing it is the general document of the entire project it is define the scope and approach as well as identifies the test items. The ideal plan should be consist of these steps.

Test deliverables

Approach in testing

Features to be testing


Personal allocation

Test unit specification


Better test plans go for a long way and its reducing the risk. Identify area that is risky from others we concentrate on the testing effort. Risky area required more confidence so they work properly; identifying the fail testing efforts result is allocated the tester.

We can ask or identify the risk from the persons whom related to this whole test plan structure. To explore and identify the testing reports which took the bug and older data. Developer must look at the bug report which is mentioned by the customers. In the technical areas there sometime having troubles and problems and the most important thing is that the users and it departments are agreed how to response to the customer. In this field some types are related and most common used for the found the risk in the software testing like show stopper, major, medium, minor, cosmetics these all fields are used for found defect in the software.


Software testers are agreeing on test plan functionality its each feature is tested in a whole unit testing system. But some time the problem is that faced by the tester is that if they test each series of the unit or check alone and then setup these all tests together they not found series like document opening, editing, printing, saving, editing on the page, printing on the page, save by new document. There is most probably used testing is task base testing and it's called by scenario testing its function is that user have the task to find the bugs faults and defects in the application.

To check the application is running on different hardware and operating system perfectly if it's not completed the result is shown failure. Sometime there is compatibility issues faced by the customer because he used the older version or different equipment. There are most expensive computers labs are working in the organization which testing the highly efficient way of testing they put a lot of money on the testing process and highly equipped machines and labs.

Purpose of software testing:

Software testing is the important procedure of the software development. It is require making the software efficient, reliable and to suitable for user. Good software testing techniques providing error free software to the costumer. In software development software testing procedure comes after coding and before maintenance. Software testing is required to check the whole modules and functions of the software. In software development testing is the critical procedure to review the coding designing and all the testing specification. Big and small organization put lots of their efforts on software testing to achieve their goals. Some of our big organizations and companies put heavy cost of on testing the software system. The whole team of software engineering work altogether and take steps to make a perfect software system.

Software verification and validation:

Validation: Are we doing right job?

Verification: Are we doing job right?

Software testing is used in organization with terms of verification and validation. Verification is the testing process to check the items and including the software for confirm the reliability to the organization. Verification is used techniques and reviews analyzing and inspection.

Validation process is that to check the specification which user actually wants.

Who does the testing?

The team of testing is called by software testers. The testing team is based on the manager, test lead, test designer, tester, automation developer, and the test administration. These are the people who put all the efforts to build a perfect running product.

Software testing is not a one person job. Behind the scene the whole team is working on software testing. The team may be big or small depending on the size and complexity of the application being tested. The programmer wrote the application should have a reduced role in the testing. The concern here is that they're already testers must be cautious, curious, critical and good communicators. One of their job is to ask questions that to the team members. A good developer does not make a good tester but testers and developers do share at least they itch their hands on the keyboard. Sometime in the situations might be missed that would otherwise be identified in planning. Like code reviews, test designing reviews are a good check and well worth the time and effort. Testers are the only IT people who will use the system as heavily an expert user on the business side. Many business users are available and the application must be usable by them. The problem is that novices don't have the business experience that the expert users have and might not recognize that something is wrong. Testers of IT must find the defects that only the expert users will find because the experts may not report problems if they have learned that it's not worth their time or trouble.

Key Players of software testing: Business partners and sponsors are provides funds and specifies requirements and deliverable approves changes and test results. Project manager Plans and manages the project. Software developer work is design the code and builds the application. Check the code reviews and testing fixes bugs, defects, and code fault. Testing Coordinator creates test plans and test specifications based on the requirements functional and technical documents and finally Tester executes the tests and documents results. These key players work hard in the software testing.

Software testing methods:

There are typically two methods traditionally divided into black box testing and white box testing. These two methods are describing the how tester takes test cases.

Black box testing: as the name black box represents as black box testing. Black box methods have to check analysis, pairs testing's, model based testing, exploratory testing and specification testing.

Specification based testing work is to test the functionality of software and applicable requirements. In the test case there is or is not input and output behaviours are specified in the test case.

Black box has advantages and disadvantages. Black box testers find the bug's programmer cannot reach there. There is one problem with the black box testers in some cases its check the some test code but some parts of code at the back end not be tested.

White box testing: it is access the internal data including the code and structures, algorithms.

Types of white box testing is API (application programming interface) Application using public and private APIs

Code coverage it's create to satisfy the criteria of code coverage

Fault injection model method is improving the coverage of test and introducing faults to test the code paths.

Mutation testing methods

A static testing method includes all static testing and white box testing.

Testing Types and Levels:

There are several types and levels of software testing lets define some major types and levels.

Usability Testing:

New user can understand this application easily, its user friendliness. It's give you proper help when you stuck somewhere in the code.

Compatibility Testing:

This testing tells how well perform software in a environment of hardware, software, operating systems and on networking.

Configuration Testing:

It is test for compatibility issues. its determine configuration of hardware and software or modifying the resources such as disks drives, memory, CPU.

Unit Testing:

This testing done by the programmer not testers and it require the detailed knowledge of internal design program and code.

Installation and uninstall Testing:

This type of testing full, partial, upgrade install and uninstall processes on different kind of operating systems and different types hardware and software.

Performance Testing:

It is check that the system is performing properly according to user request. It is depend on the load and stress testing and it is internally or externally applied to the system.

Functional Testing:

This type of testing check the functional requirements and to check that the application is behave according to the specification.

Recovery Testing:

How well systems recover from the hardware failures and other problems.

Comparison Testing:

This is the type of testing comparison of product and weakness with previous versions.

6.10 Integration Testing:

This is the type of the software testing to verify the interface against the software design. Integration testing is works to the interface and interaction between the components modules.

6.11 Regression Testing:

This kind of testing the application as modification in any module and functionality. It is difficult to cover all the regression testing so that is why typically automation tools are used for this kind of testing.

6.12 Alpha Testing:

Alpha testing is done at the end of the development. It's actual operational testing by the customer or an independent test team at the developers' site. Still minor design change may be made as a result of such testing procedure.

6.13 Beta Testing:

This type of testing typically done by the user and others. This is final testing procedure before releasing application for the commercially.


Software testing is one of the most challenging and satisfying job in the IT field. Software testing is an important phase in the software development. This is represent the review and specification and designing and coding as well. The main purpose for the software testing is to find out all the bugs, errors, faults, in the software system and maintain the quality of the software system. Software testing also provides an objective and independent view of the software. The scope of the software testing and includes the examination of code as well as execution of that code in different various environments and several conditions and examine the code. Software testing is separate from the development team because there are various roles for software testing team.