Project Proposal Account Registration And Login System Computer Science Essay

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As the interest in leveraging the benefits from Internet and Information Technology has sky - rocketed, so has the desire for businesses to gain it, to exploit it and become a part of the Information Technology.

This project is based on developing a web - application for serving customers registered on the web site. The project also aims at developing long - term relationships with customers and helps to understand their requirements. This project will provide online auction facility to the customer registered on it for its various products. For provide the services to its various customers. Customer has to be registered on the web site. In customer registration process we will get all the information regarding customer like every customer has assigned a unique id that is userId, password, name, address, phone, email,secQues, seqAns etc. Before entering the data into database proper validation check is used to validate the data. To access the services offered by the web site a user has login. When user enter the UserId and password in the login page userId and password is checked from the userId and password registered in the database. If userId and password exist in the database the user is a authorized user. Then we will transfer him to the home page.

Objective: In this proposal we will do an initial design and implementation of an online registration system based on initial use case analysis done by a system.

Tools & Technology:

Programming Language Java, JavaScript

Database MySql

Web Technologies HTML, JSP, SERVLETS, JDBC

Web Server Apache Tomcat

IDE NetBeans 6.5

Operating System Windows 9x/2000/XP


System architecture

The software will operate in the context of Client Server.

Component Architecture

We selected traditional three-layered architecture: a user interface, a model component (which also comprises the functions) and a component under the model component, which serves as an interface to the database system.

User interface

Model with functions


Class diagram show the system's component architecture

Database: A database is a collection of logically related data that can be recorded. I have created the user table to store the details of user registered on the web site. The tables have attribute, type and remarks.






Primary Key























UserId is the primary key field in the table to uniquely identify the records of the table.

Password is for storing the password of the users.

Name is used to store the name of the user.

Address is used to store the address of the user.

City, pin, state, country: is respectively used to store city pin state and country of the user.

Phone is used to store the phone no of the user.

Email is used to store the email information of the user.

seqQues is used to store the security question selected by the individual user.

seqAns is used to store the security question answer of the user.

Sequence Diagram: User entering on the web site should be registered first before use the functionality of the website. This whole sequence of registration has been captured by following sequence diagram.

Sequence Diagram for Registration of User

After registration user have to be authenticate for using the functionality of the web site either he is the authorized person or not. This whole sequence of authorization has been captured by following sequence diagram.

Sequence diagram for Login System

Class Diagram: Class diagram are used to describe the objects in a System and their relationships to other objects in the system. Classes have three things: a name, attributes, and operations. 

Class diagrams also display relationships such as containment, inheritance, associations and others. Below is an example of an generalization relationship:


+ name:String

+ address:String

+ city:String

+ pin:String

+ state:String

+ gender:String

+ email:String

+ phone:String


 username:String

 password:String

 seqQues:String

 seqAns:String

+ getPassword()

+ setPassword()

+ getUsername()

+ setUsername()

+ setSeqques()

+ getSeqans()

+ setSeqans()

+ getSeqans()




Class Diagram for User Registration


JSP Pages: I have designed the JSP pages to represent the GUI of the project.

Servlet Class: Appropriate servlet classes are used to insert the user details in the database and for the purpose of authorization of user also.

MySql database: I have used MySql as a database to store the information in the database.

Performance Requirements

While designing this system it has been kept in mind that various phases of requirement may be fulfilled with case and minimum efforts and that also in shortest possible time. The various enhanced and additional feature of the system are:

User Friendly:- The main emphasis is angled on the most friendly user interface so that person with latest knowledge of computer can work on it. Various help Strategies are provided whenever user moves towards wrong direction. If user forgets the any step he is indicated by a message on the screen.

Validation: -When any updating is to be made using user input various validation checks are made automatically. For example if the input of any phone is to made the system checks for the correct number format and also checks for email format.

Strong Security :-Whenever an attempt is made to access the sensitive data or sensitive modules or sensitive operation, fixing password at such junctures in order to avoid the infiltrates from its malicious desire incorporates a security. So in order to cope with security the all the users have rights to access the site.

Conclusion: The system has fulfilled the requirement of Account Registration and Login system using Conallen's Web Application Extension. The flow of the requirement has been defined by sequence diagram and class diagram are used to show the class definition in the application.