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Copy the folder named magento into the apache live web server folder if you are using xampp, the live server folder is named htdocs inside the xampp folder, then create and empty database in phpmyadmin sql server, and import the database available in cd called "magento.sql", then make sure the apache server and sql service are running, then open the browser and type there localhost/magento/index.php to access the frontend page where you can create a new user and navigate through the page, or type there localhost/magento/admin.php to access the backend page with the username "admin" and password "admin123".

In case you received and error while importing the database in phpmyadmin panel, then you need to increase the upload file size in php.ini configuration file available in the apache server folder and try again.


The objective of this project proposal is to define the project E-Commerce Website and to provide the Estimation.

The advantage would be simple user interface that is easy to understand by all type of users.


The scope document is defined after discussing with the Client

2.1.1 Design Goals

The application consists of following main things:

Visitor Features

View Home Banners or Slide Show Gallery

Browse Products

View Product Details

View FAQs

Become a Member through Registration process

View Static Pages

Registered Member Panel

Login to site

Manage Account

My Profile

My Orders

Buy Product (Checkout)


Admin Panel



Administrator User Management

Site Member(Customer) Management

Blind Type Management

Product Attribute Management

Product Management

Price Chart Management

Banner Manager

Order Manager

Shipping Management

2.1.2 High level Requirements

System Block Diagram

2.1.3 Front-End

Home Page

Views Website Logo, Banners or Slideshow which are integrated with Home Page

View list of Latest Products available with details like

Product Title


View links for Login and Sign Up

Clicking on any link, User will navigate that particular Page

Product Display

Displays products

Click on image will display information of product as well as choice of different sizes if available

View the details of the products, with Image on Product Detail page

View listing of all Related Products

Product Name

Product size


Clicking on Image, User will navigate to "Product Detail" Page

Product detail Page

Views Product details as follow

Product Title

Product Image

Features of the selected Product

Option for "Add to Cart"

View Cart

Displays products added to the shopping cart

With a small product image, subtotal, shipping amount

Link to "Update" and "checkout"

Link to "See entire shopping Cart‟

Can view its shopping cart (if purchased anything will show list of items that are being purchased with the quantity and the total price of those buying)

Remove Product from the Cart

Update Quantity and Recalculate Sub Total

User Login

This section allows User to enter the website by adding login details created during registration

Enter authenticated Email Address and Password to login

Forgot Password Link

Recover password through mail

New User? Sign up link available


This section allows New Users to create new registration account on the Site

Fill the registration form with all required fields

Enter Profile details like name, email id, password

Enter address details like Country, State and Zip Code

Submit Form

After creating login, the Customer enters the account with authenticated username and password and can perform the following tasks:

My Account

Personal Information

Change Name, Login, E-mail Address, or Password

Manage Address Information

My Orders

View all Orders

View order no/ order date/ amount/ quantity

View Status (In Process, Shipped, Open, Rejected)


View Details of all the orders made

View order id, status, date ordered

Link to re-Order

Last Order

Displays the last order made

Link to reorder and reset quantity

View Order Tracking

Enter Order Number

View Shopping Cart

Delete Account

Sign out


Proceed to Shipping Details

View/ Edit Shipping Details

Select Shipping Method

Proceed to Billing Details

View/ Edit Billing Details

Review Order

View Total Order Summary, with Shipping and Billing Details

Proceed to Payment Details

PayPal Payment Gateway Integration

Order Confirmation

Show confirmation of order with order details on the screen


Displays a list of frequently asked Questions

Shipping Information

Details regarding Shipping information and collaboration with any partners which will be confirmed with client for more details

Static Pages

Contact Us

About Us

Privacy Policy


Terms & Conditions

2.3 Back-End

Admin panel is the back end of the application from where the admin can manage the whole site and its contents as well.


Administrator may login into the admin panel with the authorized username and password to get access to this panel.

Site Map

View Summary of the whole Admin panel

Administrators Users Management

The administrator user section shows the list of admin users accessing the panel. The admin can search and sort the list. The admin can even edit and delete the existing record.

View Admin

Search / Sort Admin users

Change the Status of admin user (Active / Inactive)

Add / Edit / Delete Admin Users

Customer Management

The Customer Management section shows the list of customers who have registered themselves on the site.

View All Customers of the site

Search / Sort Customers

Change the Status of Customer (Active / Inactive)

Add/ Edit / Delete Customers

Send mail to the Customers

Product Management

The Admin can view all the products that are being displayed on the site.

Admin has full rights to add/ edit the particular product once placed on the site.

View all products

Search / Sort Products

Alphabetical Search

Change the Status (Active / Inactive)

Add Product

Add General Information about the product like Name, Features

Upload Image and Video

Edit / Delete Product

Product categories (Category management)

Shipping Management

View all methods of Shipping with the amount

Search / Sort Shipping Methods

Change the Status (Active / Inactive)

Add / Edit / Delete Shipping Methods

Order Management

View all Order Detail

View Order Information

View Billing/ Shipping/ Payment

View/ Change Order Status (In Process, Shipped, Open, Rejected)

Search / Sort Orders

Alphabetical Search

Edit / Delete Orders

Print Order Confirmation

Print Invoice

FAQ Management

View all FAQs

Search / Sort FAQs

Alphabetical Search

Change the Status (Active / Inactive)

Add/ Edit / Delete FAQs

Email Template

There will be different templates available for different occasion like Welcome Mail, Forgot Password

System Settings (General Site Settings)

View / Edit all Setting of Website

General Settings

Name of Site

Main Site Title


Meta Tags Information Settings

Site Copyright Text

Site Control Panel Title

Administrator Email ID

SEO Management

The SEO Management section helps the Site Administrator to manage the traffic & activity per-formed on Site by Users/ Buyers View all Meta tags & Keywords Search/ Sort Meta tags & keywords Change the Status (Active/ Inactive) Edit/ Delete Meta Tags View all login IPs Search/ Sort IP Change the Status (Active/ Inactive) Block IP

Log out

The Administrator can log out of the admin panel from the log out link given in the panel.

2.4 Design Goals

The application consists of following main sections:

Visitor Features

View Home Banners or Slide Show Gallery

Browse Products

View Product Details

View FAQs

Become a Member through Registration process

View Static Pages

Registered Member Panel

Login to site

Manage Account

My Profile

My Orders

Buy Product (Checkout)


Admin Panel



Administrator User Management

Site Member (Customer) Management

Blind Type Management

Product Attribute Management

Product Management Price Chart Management

Banner Manager

Order Manager

Shipping Management

FAQ Management

Email Templates

Static Page content Management

Tax Management

Location Management (Country/State/City)

System Settings



We have developed our estimate based on the following assumptions.

Multi Lingual

Website interface will be in English languages only. But please note that the user input will be in single language only. Whatever user enters will be stored in the database and will be displayed on the website.

3rd Party Tool

Client will pay for 3rd party tools, if required

Client will provide Sample Data to test the entire web site.

Based on data based on organizational assets, we believe that sample set of values for data base elements having impact on business rules and business work flows, are critical from development as well as testing stand point.

User Acceptance Testing

Client will prepare business scenario and test entire website once we deliver the website.

Signoff and Acceptance of Deliverables

During the course of the project, we will make relevant deliverables available to Client. we expect these deliverables to be reviewed, accepted and signed-off by in the timeframe mentioned against each deliverable. If Client finds defects in the deliverables, we will rework the defects and re-present the deliverables for acceptance.


The responsibility of creating / updating any other documents / technical documents such as user manuals, online help etc shall be with client and in case if any documentation required, it will be charged extra and will not be part of this contract.


The estimated total cost of the project is 2,000,000 Dhs including Delivery (Development + QA) and User Acceptance Test Support - Beta Release.

Milestone of payment schedule

Milestone 1 Award of Project 50% of price

Milestone 2 After First Demo on Development Server 30% of price

Milestone 3 After Final Demo on Development Server 20% of price


Schedule and Time line

The project schedule is based on the project start date. Any change in start date would amount to changes in all subsequent delivery dates. The actual project schedule and detailed planning inclusive of Client reviews and feedback will be made based on inputs from Client once require-ments analysis is completed.

Delivery (Design + Development + QA + Beta Release): 6-7 Weeks

User Acceptance Testing: 4 weeks

Total duration including Delivery and UAT: 10 - 11 Weeks

4 Technical Overview

4.1 Production Environment

The final tested version of the application will be deployed in the production environment and will be available to the end users. This will also serve as the staging/QA environment before the first release/Beta of the application.

4.2 Development Environment

The development environment will be used for developing and testing future releases of the application. The version of the application deployed in the development environment will not be available to the end users and will be accessible only to the developers.

The development environment will also serve as the staging/QA environment for subsequent releases of the application but will not be used for any performance related testing since the server configurations in the development environment are not intended to replicate the production environment and thus will not give an accurate measure of how the application would perform in the production environment.

Technology Stack Software


Database Server My SQL 5.x

Operating system Windows

Web Server Apache

Development Environment PHP 5.2.x, AJAX

Web Solution Magento


Supported Browser

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome

Safari (windows)


The efforts estimation and planning is based on high level Business. Any reduction/addition to this will be considered during requirement analysis and knowledge transition phase and re-estimation will be carried out.

Any change in scope during the project execution of the project will be handled through the Change Management process

We assume that Client would provide one project manager and functional expert(s) during Requirement analysis and Knowledge Acquisition phase.

Cost of infrastructure, hardware, software and network required at Client's office is not included in this proposal

Cost (in both the option) will not include cost of domain registration, hosting, payment gateway charges, data migration from old/existing site to new site and server management charges etc.

Cost Estimation is valid for 30 days from the date of proposal has been sent. Then after the cost is subject to be varied as per the change of the company policy & other terms.

We expect that Client will provide timely input/feedback for all reviews and queries raised during the project execution. It is expected that Client will resolve queries in reasonable time frame. Any delay can result in slippage of the schedule.

We assume that all sign-offs from Client will be provided within agreed and specified timeframe. Such time frame can be decided at the beginning of each key mile-stone/activity

All the documentation will be provided in English

It is requested to the clients provide confirmation/approval as & when required within 2 business days.

Estimation does not include any data entry or templates work as a part of this contract.

We are not responsible for any faulty software provided by any of the vendors supplying software for the development of application and consequences arising out of such us-age.

This proposal is valid for 30 days unless extended by Us.

In case Client requires any extension of the proposed acceptance schedule, the associated effort and cost of such extension can be mutually reviewed.

We will require a lead-time of 1-2 week to start the project after the project is awarded.

We may display the project on its portfolio after completion of successful project and may get a credit of the work as developed and designed for the site as a part of this contract unless it has been provided in written.

In case if there are delay from client with regards to response of queries or feedback longer than a week additional 10% cost of entire project will be imposed on the final payment or delivery of the project.

For any circumstances if project needs to be put on Hold / Stop it requires minimum request no-tice period of 1- 2 weeks along with duration for which request will be addressed by management and final decision on the request will be based on that.

Source code will only be delivered or uploaded on the live server once the due payment is made.


The table below lists the in-

puts, deliverables and the re- sponsibilities for the various

phases of RUP and data migra- tion activities to be carried out. Inputs




Client's Responsibility

Inception (Phase I)

Accepted Work Order

Study and Analyze require- ments

Refine scope document Design Layouts Prototypes in UI

Analyze requirements and HTML UI

Provide queries and feedback on require- ments.

Work with Client to baseline scope docu- ment and prototype.

Knowledge transfer on business logic Approve and base- line delivered arti- facts

Resolution for que- ries

Elaboration (Phase II)

Approved artifacts

Approved prototypes (GUI)

Intermediate web- site progress and demo which in- cludes basic fea- tures

Develop basic features based on priority if any.

Demo to Client

Review and provide feedback

Resolution of inter- mediate queries


Approved artifacts

Approved prototypes GUI

Finalize Code base source

Design changes, if any.

Code construction

QA(Unit and integra- tion testing )

Fixing of defects de- tected in Acceptance testing

Resolution of inter- mediate queries Carry out review based on intermedi- ate delivery.

Transition, User Acceptance Testing

All Source and binaries

Reviewed and tested source code

Provide support to Client for fixing de- fects during accep- tance

Carry out final ac- ceptance testing Provide accep- tance on final de- liverable


The Client will perform acceptance testing of the deliverables on their systems. Our team will assist the acceptance-testing phase. Any issues reported during the Acceptance Testing will be analyzed and categorized as "Defects" or "Change Requests (CRs)". Problems arising due to the defects in the realization from the starting points will be categorized as Problem Reports and rectified by Us. We will attempt to solve the problems reported at the earliest. In case the estimated time for solving the problems is going to be significant, it will be communicated to Client.

Formal Acceptance Testing will start after We send the final delivery. We will make out a formal Delivery Note to the Client. Client will acknowledge, review the work and approve the delivery as complete and acceptable or incomplete and unacceptable, within the number of days of delivery being made as mentioned below. If rejected, We will rework the software to requirements.

The scheduled acceptance period, for the completed delivery, would depend upon the release. We anticipate the acceptance period to be a total of 4 weeks for the UAT.