Problems Of Security In This Internet Age Computer Science Essay

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The internet is the new trend worldwide. Everyday everybody uses the internet because it provides free communication by using programs like MSN messenger and Skype, banking transactions, work and entertainment. For example watching films and listening to music. Access to the internet can be done nowadays by using PCs or mobiles. All users are concerned about the safety of their systems. Some of them avoid dealing with this, because they believe that it is not important or that it needs special knowledge of information technology, specifically for networks. The problem of safety is very important and the need for protection is immense. Usually we understand the size of importance when our data is destroyed or stolen by damaging our system programs or when the performance of PCs are decreased vitally and connection to the internet becomes very slow (this appears with dial up modems). However, this took place mainly in the past. The loss of data was the classic effect of older viruses. Today, there are devastating viruses as well, whose objective is the personal data and the vulnerable information that is stored on the PC. The consequences of modern malicious programs are not so "obvious" but are however much more dangerous.

Knowing our own system plays a very important role. Most of the users that fall prey to electronic fraud know only the basics of PCs, Explorer and accordingly the internet. It is very easy for someone to buy a computer and enter the internet, but a lot of them do not know enough about the potential of PCs and Internet. In this essay all the important types of attacks and the solutions to confront these in order to have security in the internet and protect the systems which we are connected to will be reported.

The viruses of personal computers are small programs of software and are extended from personal computer to personal computer. They intervene in the operation of a computer. Viruses can degrade or erase data from personal computers, use the program of email accounts in order to spread to other personal computers or even erase everything from hard disks. Viruses are disguised in attached with funny photographs, greeting cards or files of sound and video. Viruses are expanded also via receptions by the internet. They can be hidden in legal software or other files or programs of that potentially you accept. Also, worm type viruses are a subclass of viruses. A virus of type worm is propagated without the intervention of user and distributes completed copies of it in the networks. Virus of type worm can consume memory or bandwidth of network connection, forcing computers to function rightly. Viruses of type worm can penetrate in a system and allow somebody to manage computers from a distance. Finally, the modern Trojan Horses are computer programs which appear useful but, sometimes, place at risk the safety of internet users and cause enormous damage.

Can I distinguish if I have been offended by virus type worm or by virus of another type? When you open and execute some affected program, you do not know that it has been affected by a virus. Most likely it has slowed down the operation of computers. Sometimes, a virus pollutes the files that the computer needs in order to start. In this case, you can push the button of activation of/de-activation and have empty screen.

All these symptoms are usual clues that a computer has been affected by a virus and could emanate from faults of material or software which do not have relation with whether you have been affected by a virus. It is very difficult to understand if a system has been affected by a virus, unless the protection software is informed.

The detection of viruses by the simple users is from difficult to impossible and for the protection of system a special category of software, known as anti virus has been created. Anti viruses start simultaneously with the operating system of computer, without commands from the user, and they remain as processes in the memory (memory resident), so that it is in a position to detect any viruses in real time. These programs should be upgraded everyday to face the new viruses successfully. Anti viruses can find viruses in real time and clean the personal computer. Some anti virus programs are offered free of charge for personal use and others at a relatively low price. Examples of free of charge anti viruses are the Avast and the AVG anti virus.

Finally, examples of others anti virus are Norton and McAfee anti viruses.

Many people when they speak about protection of computers are very seldom informed about the protection from viruses and sometimes the protection from spyware. Spyware, sometimes, are more dangerous than viruses. The clues that they will make us suspect that our computer has a spyware is late that it starts, it corresponds very late, the programs open with difficulty and abrupt failure of the internet connection often.

Spywares are a category of programs that are installed in the computer, in a sneaky way. Their aim is to watch and to record the habits in websites, to present continuous offers and advertisements and to direct the browser to concrete web sites. Usually the spyware programs are installed in personal computers by users. Presented are some elements in order to make users aware if they have spyware. Spywares begin with the computer and decrease the calculating force. They continuously present windows with adverts and they change the initial web page. They change the results of searches and finally, some of them change the regulations of web browser, so if somebody is connected via telephone cable to the internet (dial-up) calls very expensive numbers and has a huge telephone bill.

The easiest and certain way in order to remove spyware from computers and do not allow the installation again is to buy a protection program for spyware, For example, ANG or Symatec Anti spyware. Spam is a network joke or a fraud. With the term of Spam we can characterize energies that are related with abuse email (spam email), messengers (spim), blogs (sblogs), forum, mobile telephones and search engines on web browsers. This becomes usually in order to advertise web pages, products or services that are illegal for various reasons. Also, the spam emails can contain of bad jokes, dangerous frauds, malicious programs (viruses or worms) and other illegal material.

This annoying correspondence is constituted from emails that are sent to thousands of email addresses around the world. Spammers that send emails, use various ways, mainly based on technology, in order to locate addresses email that exist on the internet. For beginner internet users, it is sometimes difficult to realize that these emails are not addressed to them personally and fall victims to such electronic frauds. Using the internet we should not forget common sense that would accompany us in any other activity.

Today, the phenomenon of undesirable correspondence is bigger. Spam emails are trafficked by various worms that is installed in the systems of beyond suspicion internet users. The SPAM cause big congestion in mail accounts resulting in the delay of delivery of messages and t general dysfunction of electronic post.

Below certain ways in order to avoid spam emails are presented. First of all, do not publish your basic e-mail in chat rooms or forums because spammers can find them. Secondly, be careful in forms that you supplement and do not buy goods from sources that are not trustworthy and distinguished. Do not promote messages of warning for viruses or messages with joke content and finally, use e-mail accounts that face spam because the best confrontation is prevention. If it is already too late, you change address and create a new one where the providers face problem of spam emails.

In conclusion, today the internet is very useful for communication, information, entertainment, shopping and a lot of other works. However, the internet users usually do not make right use of their computer and as a result are complicated to occupy if they have been affected by viruses. In this essay the most important types of viruses were reported for example the viruses of simple type, worms, trojan horses, spyware and spam emails. Many problems that internet users encounter with their computers are speed reduction of computer, loss of data, big increase of telephone bill and attacks to personal data. Finally, possible solutions to confront the different types of attacks are the use of special software programs like antivirus, anti spyware and advice in order not to receive spam emails.

I consider safety on the internet a very important role in order that personal computers function correctly and that all internet users should know the use of the internet and protect their personal data. If the internet is used appropriately and has an antivirus, it is sure you your data will be safe and you will have a healthy personal computer.