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Owing to the 2012 Hong Kong Lama Island ferry collision, Investigate the cause of the ferry collision killed 39 people and left 101 injured In 1 October 2012 to continue authorities boarded the semi-submersible vessels. An Electric Ferry collided with a Hong Kong and Kowloon Ferry (HKKF) boat at 20:15 Monday in 1 October from the central Lamma Island boat. Half of the Hong Kong Electric boats sunk in the water, with the bow pointing at a 90-degree angle. It is a collision human negligence and Skill, and serious violations.

We learned from news reports that the tourist boat's driver recorded attitude problems. It figured out that the drivers' attitude most impact the safety of the passenger directly.

We plans to develop 3D Ship Simulation System based on Unity3D. The main rationale for developing this system is to make sure the safety awareness and driving attitude of the drivers of pleasure boat. As a result, we would like to offer a training system to train the driver of the attitude to avid the accidents of the ocean. The users will act as yachts to berth the pier in a real city. In order to meet the safety professor, this system will have different task to test the users. It such as berthing, buoys identification, and in the suitable waterway to navigation or expressed specifically use the water navigation aids. We anticipated that the system will imitate the reaction in the pleasure boat with different size. It included the movement, turning forces and the reaction in the ocean wave and the boats. It will simulate the ocean and the user can control the wave amplitude, length, speed and the height of ocean waves. In the future, we will probably develop in to a weather system. Currently we would like to find ours project venue to the Hong Kong Sai Kung. It is because there will have different size of the boat in Sai Kung. The people most driving the yacht, fish boat and the motor boat. These mean that this area will be busy marine areas. Different ship will enter the marine areas. This differs from land transport and has a fixed roadmap. The ocean transport only place marked by buoys, it assume that the driver may not know the mean the shape and color of buoys. They are very easy to enter the dangerous marine areas. As a result, this is a good opportunity to test the ability in the ship drivers.

Project Aims and Objectives

Project Aims

We are going to develop a 3D training system to improve the driving attitude. A project is to develop the simulation system. This project will show our ability and knowledge on simulating the energy of the real ships.

Project Objectives

Taking these motives, the purpose of this study the following:

Ensure to increase the user's experience of the ship control.

Create a real-time training sessions with trainees.

Improve the project management by the production study.

Create a real of environment in the 3D World.

The system can create difficult situations for the trainee.

Learn different areas of knowledge through thematic projects

SWOT Analysis


We can provide different selling position such as freeware and all users are free to download it from our website.

We are comparable to the market-leading product.

We have a strong partnership developing group to support the game development.

With the experience of the latest 2D & 3D Platform game software/system, as a result, we can develop any platform software/system.

Wants to create some simple and special game environment that everyone will enjoy.


Failed to establish good working structures.

We have no self-generated finances.

We have lack of the related system knowledge.

Dependence on the new technology, when new technology is introduced, we need to particle in the new technology.

Limited funds to the real issue of the highest quality games / systems.

Awareness is not high, cannot attract the most consumers.


The new Operating System (OS) is the well support platform for the system world.

A improve of the quality of the graphics card, so that quality can be improved.

Lot of customer is finding the new 3D simulation systems/games made an attractive target.

Many people want to play the free pay system/software.

Three dimensions is the latest technology, which can prefer good game effects.


Over oceans' simulation are better quality and a large number of adequate resources.

The market is full of large systems/games. The consumer may not accept the homemade systems/games.

The simulation system market is leading by the customer. When the systems will not be accepted, the sales will be decline.

Not enough creativity, when the type of game is no longer popular will affect the sales.

The Market Oversaturation, in a larger number of productions. Other opponents of the game may take away our customer.


The Pleasure Vessel Driving Simulation production project has carried out three areas of product periods:

Research and project requirements (10 weeks)

Implementation (15 to 18 weeks)

Testing and Evaluation and Promotion (2 weeks)

Period 1: Research and project requirements

In this period, we would like to take note of the requirements of the Head of department (HOD), Mr. Wong and our stakeholders, which included the focus target project area, groups and requirements. This work was undertaken jointly by the Hong Kong Marine Department. The research period also included a site visit, and we have to interview the Captain Mr. Tony Yeung - Principal of Maritime Services Training Institute (MSTI). He was given different opinion and basic knowledge, including the floating situation, water flowing application, oceans buoys, tidal steam, wheel telegraph and different line on a boat. As part of the interview or meeting, we need to particle on different type of supplementary on the Knowledge of ship or offshore. Therefore, we will have a well study on the books or journal to supplement our own deficiencies in this area. We try to start from the basis of knowledge and the law, legend, chart, to grip the basis of the study.

Period 2: Implementation

The implementation period was focus on how to output the major product. During this period, we will divide the development into three - Modeling and Testing, Programming, Lighting and effects. Delivery is a small phase be easily implemented, which be applied to the next stages. We will learn valuable skills and experience. The early stages of the purpose are being completed quickly, to allow iterative testing and improvement and to support to the situation on the project. In different week of the development, we will make progress review, it such as minutes and drafts.

As for the game engine, we will choose to use Unity3D Pro version for the project. It is because the Pro version has other features, like render-to-texture and post-processing effects. Unity3D also have a free for all opening users. On the other hand, displays a splash screen in standalone games and a watermark in web games. Although we decided to use the Unity3D game engine, it requires a pro license for the project team to develop the product. We suggest that we can use the free version at home. When come to the laboratory, we can use the Unity3D Pro version to build the application files. On the other hands, we need some other equipment to support the production plan:

Table 1 -The physical equipment in the production process

Android Platform : Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.7 (GT-P6800)

Resolution: 1280 X 800 pixels

CPU: 1.4GHz Dual Processor

OS : Android v3.2 (Honeycomb) OS

IOS Platform: I Pad 4

Resolution: 2048 X 1536 pixels

CPU: 1.3 GHz Dual Core Processor


Ship Console

USB pluggable ship simulation equipment. It requires a knot display meter and direction controller.

Marine/Ocean Chart

A physical map to display the full view of the Hong Kong Sai

Computer Sets

CPU -Intel Core i5-3470

OS - Windows 7 Home Premium

Ram - 4GB

Hard disk - 1000GB

Display NVidia GeForce GT630-2G

Table 2 - The digital software in the production process

Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS6 - It helps to draft the 2D & texture assets referring to the 3D models and the System User Interface.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 - To produce the Poster, texture assets and helps for the system blue-print.

Autodesk Maya 2010, 2012, 2013 - To make the 3D building, landing, controllable ship, Dummy ship. All the members of the production team should be used as the same version.

Autodesk Mud Box 2012 - To make the draft of the texture, and the carving of the 3D models.

Unity3D 4.0.1.F - The main software to link all the 3D, 2D assets and the scripting of the program.

Google Earth - Important software for the scene designers to make and sort the scene objects.

Period 3: Testing and Evaluation and Promotion

AS for the last project period, we have assumed that all development has been basically completed. We can under existing conditions to quality monitoring, bugs repairing, user experiences improving. After every success, we will be able to promote our products, including the product promotion and presentation.


Market Research

Research Sources

About the system analysis, we have to study the boat and ocean knowledge. In order to make this purpose, we have to visit the Hong Kong Maritime Services Training Institute. The captain Mr. Tony Yeung - Principal of Maritime Services Training Institute (MSTI) to show us the real vessel simulation system:\Users\Sam Wu\Desktop\未命名-1.jpg

Also, Mr. Yeung figured out the basic knowledge on the ocean travel, such as Knot, Air Draft, and tidal stream. He also show the need on the buoys and the red and green lanes and the two types of anchors.

Product Research

In this chapter, we would like to find out what existing product in the boat simulation system or software in the world. It is important to find out the advantage of this type of product to light out our works in the simulation system.

The first type of the ship simulation system is just like Ship Simulator. Ship Simulator developed by the VSTEP development team. It is a PC ship simulation video game. The main purpose of this software is providing a pleasure environment. It has the three versions Ship Simulator 2006, 2008 and Extremes. It is a powerful vehicle simulation computer game who available to create different environments and situation. In each mission, the player can act as different various boats, such as water taxi, container ship. As a result, the system has a lot of special content from the one system who may look less susceptible to attract. But it succeeded in making playable increased.

The second type of the ship simulation system is a console trainer. A console trainer will have e navigation panels and touch screen. It will give a trackballs and keyboards in the main of the console. We can see the 3D graphics on the large LCD TVs of three to five stands.

Figure 1, 2 - The vessel simulation Maritime Services Training Institute

(Source: Site Visit of Maritime Services Training Institute)

C:\Users\Sam Wu\Desktop\184447_4071115661414_195714553_n.jpg C:\Users\Sam Wu\Desktop\63214_4071115101400_1741414448_n.jpg

But this is a fixed analog system, which shows the home only in the established space and equipment, such as desktop computers and ship controller on other people interested in smaller vessels, they do not want fixed place to training and training systems are relatively expensive, the average person cannot afford, the development on mobile and are cheaper system and controller relative to attract this of person.

Literature Review

This chapter divided into four areas, the first area included the basic vessel driving mode, exploring some basic driving skills. And in the second section we would like to introduce some basic ocean and the vessel's terms. After that, the third sections introduced as some visual need on a vessel simulation. In the last section, it is important to find out some rules on the ocean navigation.

1 Basic vessel driving mode

Most have the best processing run about on-line, that is, they are parallel to the waterline at rest. Slight bow trim planning hull will improve efficiency, but excessive bow slamming ocean impedes the front trim increase visibility. A small bow down to fine tuning can offer a more comfortable riding comfort and steering slow or ocean, but also may increase the spray, and may lead to bow steering or even bury the bow in the following waters cruising speed (Nigel. C, John. R, Bill. G, Robert. S, Peter. N, Charlie. W, Richard. C 2007).

A port side of the landing is the most suitable, mainly if we have right-handed properties. If the wind and current be unconsidered, at generally 20 degrees, the bare boat speed is very slow, on touching the touch and in turn. It wills the base parallel and inverse power use. The properties go to push in our port quarter dock. Our crew and dock line (the inner end of the early non-slip) will be the dock. When there is a momentous wind or current collateral to the pier, wind or current. First, it through the arcade line spring wire or forwarded to the pier to assistant to the practice of the board with the broken line. Second, if the crew of the boat ashore, he/she renewed by jump and bounds be the dock. Toward the boat when pushed back or the current guild commend and will be in dry dock (Nigel. C, John. R, Bill. G, Robert. S, Peter. N, Charlie. W, Richard. C, 2007).

Nigel. C, John. R, Bill. G, Robert. S, Peter. N, Charlie. W, Richard. C (2007, P.7) claimed that the docking technique relies on the current and wind. Current the same effect on all vessels, but the wind had a greater influence in the barefoot free board and high cabin structure and shallow with resistance small room, which describes a typical planning cruiser. Watch the national flag or the ripples on the water to decide the strength and direction of the wind. It is note that in this way moored vessels point to respond to current and wind especially boats like ours. Or simply stop ours boat in one convenient place, the observed drift which way and plan so for docking maneuvers…… Angle of your approach will depend on the direction on the wind, a wind blowing in the dock and we will need to increase the angle.

Nigel. C, John. R, Bill. G, Robert. S, Peter. N, Charlie. W, Richard. C (2007, P.6) claimed that the single engine outboard and dry steering drive the rotation on the propeller to write that the discharge current. These boats are easy to reverse steering, sharp turn and we are not from the inside of a single engine. But there is not rudder, not the steerage the outside or I / O, if not engaged in the propeller. This means that it is more difficult to close the terminal engine neutral ...... twin outboard or stern drive some of the same benefits of double inside engine processing, but not to the same extent, because the propeller often closer together, the tail farther than the center of the inside of props ship rotation.

A single engine or screw ski depends on its rudder, when the engine is in a pass equip, boat rudder deflection of the props will discharge or often called flushing and the movement on the boat. The steering control in a slower rate depends largely on the boat prop wash......The propeller generates a small side thrust, pushing the stern port or starboard. Most props boat right-handed, and the clockwise rotation of forward gears, push from the stern, starboard aft. Ours clues from the so-called pillars of the direction on travel. Props walk will give us a more stringent port, rather than the other way round starboard forward gears (Nigel. C, John. R, Bill. G, Robert. S, Peter. N, Charlie. W, Richard. C, 2007).

When open a center of rotation, it is usually about one-third of the way from bow to stern a powerboat. Affect ours boat's force system, stern and open the rotary bow, stern swing and wide bow swing. In addition, due to its development force, ours boat slides into a turn, instead of sculpture like a car on a curve. We need to know these effects, or you're on board or dock, you put your bow away from the dock strike is different from our stern. As time goes on, we will know what ours boat needs gap at different speeds and under various conditions of wind and currents. In contrast, the fulcrum of the motorboat usually move about two-thirds of the way from bow to stern, so the bow now more widely swing (Nigel. C, John. R, Bill. G, Robert. S, Peter. N, Charlie. W, Richard. C, 2007).

2 Nautical terms

Air Draft: With refer to C. B. Barrass and D. R. DerrettIt C. B. Barrass and D. R. DerrettIt (2012, P.3), air draft quoted on the vertical distance from the highest point on the waterline ship forward speed is zero. This indicates that under the bridge across the waterway ship components of predetermined routes through capacity.

Displacement: To base on C. B. Barrass and D. R. DerrettIt (2012, P.3), displacement is the weight of the volume of water that the ship displaces. In a formula: Displacement = lightweight + Deadweight, as a result, W = LWT + DWT.

Lightweight: C. B. Barrass and D. R. DerrettIt (2012, P.3) told that it is the weight of the ship itself is empty when the boiler stops working level. It composed of steel weight, wood and outfit weight, and the weight of the machinery. The evaluation on this lightweight tilt test is usually just before the new ships on delivery. Over the years, this value will change.

Deadweight: C. B. Barrass and D. R. DerrettIt (2012, P.3) also mentioned that this is the weight of the boat carrying. It can consist of oil fuel, fresh water, stores, lubricating oil, ballast water tanks, crew, cargo and passengers. This unnecessary will provide different situation depending on the ship loaded in how much light ballast and full load starting conditions.

In view of David A. Blank, Arthur E. Bock, David J. Richardson (2005, P.22), the strength of the forces of gravity and buoyancy acted as a floating body. If the static balance is there, the algebraic sum of these forces was zero. Any remaining objects existing static equilibrium of the three states: a stable, neutral or unstable. These three states were three cones placed on the desktop. Therefore, when the cone, A is a stable organization - i.e., trying to reach its original position through, such as, the inclination angle within the specified range. The cone B is an example of a stable neutral. When it will rotate the cone is at any time to ocean inclination angle in some equilibrium.

Owing to the opinion on David A. Blank, Arthur E. Bock, David J. Richardson (2005, P.22), Although the ship's surface, which is generally in the air on the surface of the water - water interface completely submerged object, such as a submarine or a balloon, similar to the experience in all its buoyancy, there are some very significant differences. Dynamic or static pressure elevator.....Long-term displacement means the buoyancy on the boat, in this context does not exist, such as, you will see a high-speed racing boat or hovercraft support. World - displacement directs to the displacement volume of water that pushed, sitting by the ship floating in the water.

By order of the above, the water displacement is the ship's hull and the vessels of watertight. Or the ship's hull partly submerged in the water, this is the water life. It measured the distance from the bow to stern, the ship's length. In practice the length of the hull, the bow is the front of the boat, the stern section of the stern. Shipments when you are facing the bow, port side to your left, starboard is right for you. The overall height of the hull depth called its width is beam. When the ship is floating on the water, the distance on the surface of the bottom of the hull is known as draft (David A. Blank, Arthur E. Bock, David J. Richardson, 2005).  

3 Visual System of vessel simulation system

Depend on the sign on M. Dengzhe, J. Gausemeier, and Xiumin. F (2007, P. 138), the manipulative environment of the simulation system is to become the one part of virtual environment that allows handler to concentrate one's attention. It mainly consists of the visual system, sound operation and a sense of movement. Virtual environment for the development on progress in recent years, navigation simulator is the most speedily……the navigation and compulsory training simulator provides a realistic day or night scenery, including a variety of visibility or observation unabashed, it can offer the trainee minimum horizontal field angle viewing area to meet the tasks and goals navigation and duty. They also figured out that a realistic simulation seen induces in the need:

Table 2 - A realistic scene from the vessel simulation system

(M. Dengzhe, J. Gausemeier, F. Xiumin, 2007, P. 138)

Sky Dooms

Sunshine, cloudy and foggy.

Weather conditions

Sunshine, raining and snowing, lightning.


Real 3D movement ocean surface with texture, wave height and period is correlative with wind force and wind direction. The parameters of wave are calculated according to wave spectrum. Ship's 3D model moves with wave.


Real 3D terrain models based on real terrain of harbor and real textures, more realistic.


Including building, cranes, bollards, vehicles, etc.

Navigation Aids and lights

Visible distance and flashing periods of navigation aids are compliant with IMO rules.

Typical buildings in harbor

All building is mapped with real day and night textures.

Bow wake and ship's trails

All of them are correlative with ship's speed and course, move with wave and fade with time.

Navigation lights of target ship

IOS can control the status of all lights of target ship. At night, the visible distance and scope of each light are compliant strictly with IMO rules.

Simulation time

Changes continuously from dawn, day and dusk to night.

View point switch

The view point can change to different position such as bow, stern, deck or in the sky for displaying birds'-eye view.

Special effect display

It such as oil diffuse, fire, explosion, etc. Obviously, the key technologies of visual system mainly focus on the realism architecture to generate image……we need to develop some software to generate visual effect of database such as:


Real time wave simulation software based on wave spectrum for navigation simulator.

Rain and snow simulation software based on particle system.

Simulation algorithm of navigation aids such as buoys, lighthouse and ship's navigation lights.


M. Dengzhe, J. Gausemeier, Xiumin. F (2007, P. 134) said that we can develop multi-channel projection system geometry with some correction and edge blending software development. The software becomes a real-time dynamic texture mapping graphics pipeline to generate the image projection surface. Graphics card after this work completed before the direct image transfer to the projector. Using this technique, we can use the ordinary projector in a multi-projection system with cylindrical screen. The hardware calibration geometry correction and edge blending effect are better, because it almost did not fail at a lower cost…..We have developed a stereo system to restore the seen through the eyes of parallax between the depth of information, to significantly improve the visual system of the virtual environment impregnation.

In accordance with M. Dengzhe, J. Gausemeier, F. Xiumin (2007, P. 136), the vessel simulation system consists of the Instructor Operating Station (IOS). It is a master of the ship of the 270-degree visual system, and consist several secondary the regiment navigation simulation system architecture design concept of the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA)......we can offer as a 180 degrees visual system and CCTV system as for monitoring the operation on trainee……IOS and the use of high-performance computer for each own boat. And the computer can over a network connection. There is a mimic ship cab, control devices and visual systems, with a 270 degree field of view in the main boat. The cylindrical sieve ocean less visual system of the projected image is to become the fusion technology and wide-field edge in the use of software.

Judging by M. Dengzhe, J. Gausemeier, and F. Xiumin (2007, P. 135), it is the technology and configuration for a secondary own ships is the primary of the ship in the same as that used above. If considering the cost of the entire system be reduced secondary own ships configuration, because of how the ship with the different levels of the system configuration, the system can meet the requirements of multi-ship anti-collision, and can increase the number of participants, so that it can adapt to the situation in our country and to offer many ocean fare as for the waiting training.

Also, the regiment navigation simulation system uses some advanced technologies, such as computer-generated image technology, virtual reality and curve Screen Ocean less projection edge blending software technology with wide field of view ... it can offer operators with a realistic virtual environment with the Cyber port in the port machinery. The ship hydrokinetic numerical model separation method can meet the requirements of training and the size of certification be used for marine engineering and the marine hazard analysis model (M. Dengzhe, J. Gausemeier, and F. Xiumin, 2007).

4 Hong Kong Ocean Navigation Law

It noted that the works - ship used to describe water craft, including the non-displacement vessels and ocean planes, used or be used to waterway transport. It also figured out the word. Power-driven ship means any vessel propelled by equipment. Vessels strained by the draft means a power-driven vessel, because of her draft to the available depth and width of navigable water is in her ability. This is the second from the strictly limited. In addition, the length and width of a ship mean her length overall and greatest breadth. Finally, the works of restricted visibility means any condition in which visibility restricted by any bad providence of similar situation (Merchant Shipping (Safety) (Signals Of Distress and Prevention Of collisions) Regulations, Cap 369N (Hong Kong Law)).

Safe Speeds: It was found that all the vessels should keep safe speed in any time. In order to take suitable and productive action to avoid the boat collision and be stopped within a distance suitable to the general situation and/or conditions. Also we should consider the following factors for the safe speed: national visibility and traffic density. It will include a concentration in the fishing vessel or any other vessel, the vessel portability concretely mentioned as for the stopping distance and turning ability to describe as the existing for the prevailing conditions at night background light. It such as from shore lights or back scatter of her own lights, wind, waves and current, sailing dangerously close to the draft to the available the depths of water (Merchant Shipping (Safety) (Signals Of Distress and Prevention Of collisions) Regulations, Cap 369N (Hong Kong Law)).

Hazards of Collision: The rule of seven of Merchant Shipping (Safety) (Signals of Distress and Prevention of Collisions) Regulations told that each vessel shall use all available means to applicable to the circumstances and decide to the conditions of existing of hazards of collision. If there any questions, the drivers be regarded as the existing of hazards. He/ She were the proper use radar equipment installed and any working. It including long-range of scanning collision situation and some radar of plotting or equipment systematic observation of detected objects hazards s of warning. It shall not make the assumptions on the basis of enough information and especially scanty radar information. It will decide who treated as such existing hazards s be. If the compass bearing and close to the container and did not change much, it be closed to the container did not change much. When sometimes there will be hazards s, even when a many bearing change is clear and particularly when approaching a very large vessels or drag or when approaching a vessel at closed range (Merchant Shipping (Safety) (Signals Of Distress and Prevention Of collisions) Regulations, Cap 369N (Hong Kong Law)).

Avoid Action: To base of the Rule of Eight of Merchant Shipping (Safety) (Signals of Distress and Prevention of Collisions) Regulations, it point out that any real-time action be taken to avoid collision and take any change of course and/or speed avoid the collision. The speed of large is enough is most obvious to another vessel observing visually or by radar. If there have any maritime space, the changes in course to avoid the dangerous be the most effective action to avoid the accident. Any changes shall be made in a timely. It is real and does not result in another close-quarters situation. To avoid the ship collision any effect is able to result to pass through the safe distance. The drivers shall keep the behavioral validity and until the other vessel be passed and leaved finally. When required by the circumstances of the case, we should take the early action to allow the maritime space for the safe, the vessel of the passage which obligation to conform to the rules. Finally, two vessels are approaching one another to involve hazards of collision (Merchant Shipping (Safety) (Signals Of Distress and Prevention Of collisions) Regulations, Cap 369N (Hong Kong Law)).

Ocean Lane: The rule of ten of Merchant Shipping (Safety) (Signals of Distress and Prevention of Collisions) Regulations said that the vessel using a traffic separation scheme shall in the suitable lane along the total traffic direction of traffic flow on the lane. The drivers should keep clear of a traffic separation line or separation zone. Usually entering the lane or leaving the navigational lanes, the vessels from the lane at the side of entering or leaving the traffic flow should have the angle of smallest practical. On the other hand, the vessels should avoid sailing through the lane. If the drivers must to do so, he/she must avoid passing through the lane at the right angles (Merchant Shipping (Safety) (Signals Of Distress and Prevention Of collisions) Regulations, Cap 369N (Hong Kong Law)).

The meat of situation: According to the rule of 14, 15 and 16 of Merchant Shipping (Safety) (Signals of Distress and Prevention of Collisions) Regulations, It pointed out that when two vessels meet on a relative or close relative heading involved the hazards of collision. Each vessel should keep turning of the right side and to let the other vessel past though from the left side. It also mentioned that when a vessel saw his boat ahead or nearly ahead, the drivers can see his/her boat before and after masthead light right in a straight line or nearly, and seems be the two sidelights, or if it is in the daytime, he/she can see the corresponding aspect of the situation on the vessels. The drivers should take any action to handle the situation. The important thing is when two vessels will cross as to involve the hazards of collision, The other side of the vessels on his right side should keep out the way, if not environment allows, the other side of the vessels should avoid two across from the front of his boat. Each direction will to make the way of his boat which each vessel practical measures be taken to take early and real action to across his ship (Merchant Shipping (Safety) (Signals Of Distress and Prevention Of collisions) Regulations, Cap 369N (Hong Kong Law)).

Meet in Straight: Referencing to Rule of 17 of Merchant Shipping (Safety) (Signals of Distress and Prevention of Collisions) Regulations, when two boats meet in a straight line, one of the boats should keep out-of-the-way and the other must keep its direction and speeds. And the given way boat is not taking right action, the other side of boat can hand the situation by their own manipulation to take action to avoid collision (Merchant Shipping (Safety) (Signals Of Distress And Prevention Of collisions) Regulations, Cap 369N (Hong Kong Law)).

Manpower Management


Lam Chau Man

Lau Hiu Tak

Tang Hung Kin

Wong Ming Tat

Wu Sing Ho

Table 2 - The man power table from the project team (2012 - 2013)

Sound Designer:

Lam Chau Man

Wu Sing Ho



Lau Hiu Tak

Lam Chau Man

Tang Hung Kin

Wong Ming Tat

Wu Sing Ho

Lighting & Effects

Lau Hiu Tak


Tang Hung Kin


Tang Hung Kin

Game Planner

Lam Chau Man

Wong Ming Tat


Wong Ming Tat

Lam Chau Man


Sound Designer

Lam Chau Man

Wu Sing Ho

Further Development

In the further, we will open to public to show our systems. It is because until now we carry out very basic situation on the vessel simulation systems. A large number of amendments and changes be conducted. As now we describe our future vision of what the system be improved when the following successor. As an example, we assume a need to decide the highlight of the future system's need. The focus of the production be a large ship such as battleship or cruises that this type of relatively slower response vessel. To fulfill the following need/suggestion:

Vessel interaction Simulation

Vessel Show Rooms

Rescue Situation

Fuel Transfer Situation

Exchange Docking

An introduction of the real-license system

Weather Systems (Bad or Good Situation)

Lead Ship Control

Wind & Air Effects

Landing Ship

GPS location system


In conclusion, our project outcomes are to increase the people of the driving attitudes. It helps to safety awareness of the pleasure vessel. We plan to develop the 3D ship simulation system. It helps to train the people to control the ship correctly and cut the accident at Hong Kong possibly. There will be a different environment and condition behind the ocean. We want to test the people in each training section. And every people should comply with the ocean navigation rules or navigation tips - International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Ocean (IRFPCATS) 1972. In order to fulfill the project requirements, we need to study the boat and ocean knowledge. To do this, we have to visit the Hong Kong Maritime Services Training Institute and the site inspections. It found that there will be a navigation lane in the ocean (Red & Green). When all knowledge will grip, they are applied to our program. As a result, we can collect the user's opinion to improve our products.

Appendix A

Project Schedule

Project Start Day: 30 January 2013

Project End Day: 23 April 2013


















Modeling & Graphical interface Plan


Dummy Ship

Sai Kung New Pier

Marine East Police Station

Sai Kung Village Houses

Sai Kung waterfront villas

Garden Malls

Ocean food Restaurants

Training Centre

Village House(With Water Poon)

Golf course Piers


Programming Plan

Ship Control & Buoyancy

Three Person Camera

Ship Status

Ship Manager

Ship Floating

Screen Status

Hit Box

Ship Anchor

Water Shader

Main Menu & Ship Selection

Day/Night Environment Conversation

Light mapping Conversation

Sound Scripting

Program Optimization

Program Analysis & Testing

Final Testing

Research Plan

Ship Information

Ship Berthing

Boat Mechanics

Buoy Information

Licensing system

Unity Weather System

Unity Shader

Unity Programming

Environment & Lighting

Day/Night Environment Generation

Buoy & Scene Pre-lighting

Scene Composition

Promotion Production

Promotion Materials

Documents Writing

Project Specification

Final Report

Meeting & Site Visits


Site Visit