Plan For Implementing A New It System Computer Science Essay


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The purpose of this course work is to develop and manage a major IT project and install a new IT system. Microsoft Project 2007 will be used to assign suitable names to various tasks and assign suitable time and cost based on knowledge without changing the predecessor of the tasks. And it is also used to create the work breakdown structure (WBS) and define critical path of the project. Microsoft Excel spread sheet will be used to display the crash time and cost calculation of the project.

According to the coursework, IT project has to be developed and managed by the project manager. So, this project which is developed is based on developing the website for the hospital. According to the coursework, suitable task names and task schedules will be assigned for this project. So there will be main tasks and sub tasks in this project.

We assume that after project initiation, project planning, requirement defining and specification will be done in parallel. The database design task will be carried out after planning the project and defining the requirements and we assume that database design can start their tasks while in the middle of determining the specification task. We assume that both develop website prototype task and build website design task can be run in parallel. These two tasks will not be run earlier than Database design task because we assume that those two tasks cannot be start without knowing the design of the database. Website Implementation task will be started after developing the database design, website prototype and building website design. Testing will be operated after website implementation. Each task has their sub tasks.

In the initiation task, the sub tasks such as Assign project manager, define project team, make project charter and charter signed will be involved.

In the project planning phase, the sub tasks such as make team contract, determine project scope, review project scope and project scope approved and determine cost tasks will be involved.

In the define requirement phase, the sub tasks such as define user requirements will be involved.

In the specification phase, the sub tasks such as define system requirements, define hardware requirement, define technical requirements tasks will be involved.

In the Database design phase, the sub tasks such as define normalization, define entity relationship, cross check, define field and field size, produce documentation and database implementation tasks will be involved.

In the develop website prototype phase, the sub tasks such as choose template and tool, draw throw-away prototype tasks will be involved.

In the build website design phase, the sub tasks such as website layout design, define site hierarchy and build website user interface for Hospital task will be involved.

In the build website implementation phase, the sub tasks such as construct hospital front end web page coding, construct hospital back end web page coding and produce report and unit testing tasks will be involved.

In the Testing phase, the sub task such as Integration testing, system testing, system testing, acceptance testing and testing sign-off will be involved. Mile stone will be occurred at the sub task of testing sign-off. The following is the screen shot of the project Gantt chart.

Fig (1.0)

2.2 Critical path of the project

After assigning the suitable task a name and task schedule in the project, a critical path appears in the Gantt chart of the project. The critical path is A, D, G, H, I.

Fig (1.1)

2.3 Crashing the tasks of the project

According to the coursework, we have been asked to crash the project duration by 4 weeks. So, we have to investigate the options available in crashing the tasks. We also need to calculate the cost for the crashed project. So, we made three different options in crashing the tasks of the project.

While crashing the tasks, we do not reduce the duration of first four tasks such as initiation, project planning, and define requirement and specification because we assume that we need enough duration to gather the right information from the clients.

So, in the crash option one, we reduce the database design task, develop website prototype task, build website design task by one week.

In the crash option two, we reduce the Database Design task by two weeks. We also reduce the tasks such as develop website prototype and build website design by one week each.

We reduce the two tasks such as database design and website implementation by two weeks each in the crash option three. And we also calculate the cost of the three crash options and compare the cost of those three options. Then we choose the crash potion two because the total cost of the crash option two is less than the other crash options. The following is the cost of crash option one, crash option two and crash option three.

Fig (1.2)

Appendix A

Section 3. Description of cost calculation in excel spread sheet

According to the coursework, a robust spreadsheet model is required to make the calculation of crash costs. We choose the crash option two to calculate the cost in excel spread sheet. We need to check the cell validation and cell protection of the excel spread sheet. Moreover, we need to perform the cell calculation for the excel spread sheet so that we use some formulae in cell calculation. The formulae we use are as follow:

Crash cost per week= (Max Crash Cost-Normal Cost)/(Normal Time-Crash Time)

Max Crash week= Normal Time-Crash Time

Actual crash cost= Crash Cost per Week * Actual Week Crashed

Grand Total Cost= Normal Cost + Actual crash cost

Total Normal Cost= SUM

We check the cell validation of the excel spread sheet with comprehensive test plan and test log. The following figure is the excel spreadsheet sheet model of the crash option two.

Fig (1.3)

3.1 Test Plan


Test Name


Test cell protection


Test password login to access excel spread sheet


Test cell validation


Test cell calculation

3.2 Test Log

Test No.

Column Name

Cell No


Test Value



Normal Time(weeks)




Error message will appear because value is less than 0.


Crash Time (weeks)


>Normal Time


Error message will appear because value of crash time is greater than normal time


Normal Cost




Error message will appear because normal cost is less than zero


Max Crash Cost


<Normal Cost


Error message will appear because max crash cost is less than normal cost.


Actual week crashed


>Max crash weeks


Error message will appear because Actual week crash is greater than max crash weeks

Appendix B

Section 4. Screen shot of presentation

This is the cover page of the presentation.

Fig (2.1)

This page explains the detail subjects which will be included in the presentation.

Fig (2.2)

This page shows the main task of the project

Fig (2.3)

This page shows the Gantt chart of the project.

Fig (2.4)

This page shows the network diagram of the project and critical path of the project.

Fig (2.5)

This page explains the formula which will be used in calculation of crash cost of the project in excel spread sheet.

Fig (2.6)

This page explains how we crash the tasks of the project.

Fig (2.7)

Fig (2.8)

This page shows the comparison of the costs of the crash options.

Fig (2.9)

This page explains how we choose the crash options.

Fig (2.10)

This page shows how we calculate the crash cost of the crash option two.

Fig (2.11)

This page shows the network diagram of the crashed option two.

Fig (2.12)

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