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The current system for the centre is just paper work and spare information through facebook account. There are some problem is exist. For example, centre use traditional way "paper work" to record down or update about situation of patient. It quite hard or take some time to find all the patient details for updating or record if the patient details was existed and may cause data duplicated. Other than that , centre does not have own web site and just through facebook share the information and cannot ensure that forever use facebook to spare the updated information.

Physio and Rehab Centre Facebook Link:

In Physio and Rehab Centre contain two departments which is Reception(staff and admin) and Physiotherapist Treatment(physiotherapist).

Company Mission

A community-focused rehabilitation centre, Impact Physiotherapy & Performance is committed to providing the highest quality of client- focused care, with an emphasis not only on injury recovery but also on the prevention of injury recurrence.

Company Vision

To be recognized and respected as the premier physiotherapy practice in the area, that provides the most up-to-date, evidence-based treatment to our clients, and places the rehabilitation needs of our clients as our first priority.

For our project is to create the web site for Physio and Rehab Centre and Physio System to make sure the system is change the traditional way to come out with the more easy way to recording ,backup , update the patient details and make jobs done.

Project Objective

This project is mainly to provide the Physiotherapist can more easily to record case history detail of patient, easy to make appointment by patient and easy to let Physiotherapist to arrange their timetable and schedule. It also help the Physiotherapist to save a lot of cost such as use paper to record patient detail and appointment, not only that this system can help staff and Physiotherapist more convenient to work and save a lot of time about to find the case history detail from paper because all the case history detail of patient will save in the system and backup the information and detail every month. The following are the aims and objective for this project:

Reduce the cost expenses.

The system can help the physiotherapist and staff save a lot of cost about the paper because when the physiotherapist record the case history detail of patient, they need to draw the injury position in an image of simulation of human and write a note in the paper to record the level of injury, information and situation of patient. Another reduces the cost expenses is make appointment. When the patient makes the appointment, the Staff must write down their detail in the paper. So the system can help the physiotherapist and staff to save this case of cost because all the detail and appointment will store and save in the system.

Improve the efficiency of the staffs and physiotherapist work

The feature of system is providing to storing and sharing the information through the internet. When the patients make the appointment through the internet, the appointment will direct save in the system and sync the appointment to the physiotherapist Gmail account .The physiotherapist can view their timetable and schedule through Gmail even after working hours at home. The physiotherapist can more clearly to record the case history detail of patient in this system because this system have provide the simulation of human let the physiotherapist can more easy to record all the injury position of the human and type in the note in the system.

Provide a friendly UI for users

The system should provide the friendly User Interface for users that let the user can more easily to use the system and would not cause the problem of user stunned when using the system. Good and friendly User Interface will help the user to save a lot of time to work and faster to record the information in the system and access to the information rather sitting whole day in front of the PC to study how the system worked.

Generate the necessary report

The system will generate the important of report according the need of the management example: Report of patient, inventory, appointment, product, and etc. This would help user get overall accurate data and make decision.

Improve the performance and customer services

The system provides the information and feedback for those customer send feedback to us. So that we able to improve better service and know what customer need and want.

Project Scope


Physio& Rehab Centre System

Offline Application

Online Application

Part of Offline Application

Part of Online Application

The Physio and Rehab Centre System will divide two parts are Offline Application and Online Application. Offline Application is let the admin, staff and physiotherapist to use and work that the Online Application is let the customer to make appointment, feedback and registration online. The following section briefing describes the module and their function.

Software Application

Patient Module (Walk in or Appointment)

Allow staff to create, modify, the patient detail

Allow staff to modify the patient detail

Allow staff to remove the patient detail

Allow staff to view the patient detail

Patient Case History Module

Allow physiotherapist to create the patient case history detail

Allow physiotherapist to record their level of injury in the system

Allow physiotherapist to create a note beside the injury position of simulation of human.

Allow physiotherapist to upload photo about situation of patient if the patient level of injury is too serious.

Allow physiotherapist to upload second photo to compare with previous day or week. (Scan medical report, Patient Injured Photo and etc)

Allow physiotherapist to modify the patient case history detail

Allow physiotherapist to remove the patient case history detail

Allow physiotherapist to view the patient case history detail

Appointment Module

Allow staff to make appointment for patient/customer.

Allow staff to modify available appointment

Allow staff to remove not available appointment

Allow staff to view overall appointment

Inventory Maintenance Module

Allow staff to add or insert new product detail through scanning bar code.

Allow staff to modify product detail.

Allow staff to remove product detail.

Allow staff to view/search product detail through scanning bar code.

Payment Module

Allow staff to create payment detail

Allow staff to modify payment detail

Allow staff to remove payment detail

Allow staff printed out the note/bill.

Staff Module

Allow admin to create staff detail

Allow admin to modify staff detail

Allow admin to view staff detail

Report Module

Allowed admin to generate Payment Report.

Allowed admin to generate Appointment Report.

Allowed admin to generate Inventory Report.

Allowed admin to generate Patient Report.

Allowed admin to generate Sale Report.

Online Application

1. Patient Module

- Allow patient register on web site.

- Allow patient update details on web site

- Allow patient view their details on web site

2. Appointment Module

- Allow Patient request appointment on web site.

- Available date will show on website.

- A Notification will automatic send to patient before a day through SMS or Email.

3. Product Module

- Display available product detail on web site.

- Allow customer send email to centre for question product details.

4. Contact us/ Feedback

- Display location of centre with (Google Map)

- Allow admin update, display and add info of centre. (Address, phone, email)

- Let the patient contact us and feedback form will auto send email to centre mail box.

Offline Application Future Enhancement

Payment Module

- May create accept Credit Card Feature for future enhancement purpose.

Online Application Future Enhancement

Product Module

May create online purchase system for future enhancement purpose.

As no much product have to sell so might put it on future enhancement for few year later on.

Development Environment

We are using the Java Netbeans and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 ASP.NET to develop our Physio and Rehab Centre System. In the Physio and Rehab Centre System included website and software application, Java Netbeans is using to develop the Physio and Rehab Centre System software application and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 ASP.NET is using to develop the website of Physio and Rehab Centre System but we will using the same database and use the internet to connect the software application and website to run together. Through the testing, the requirement of the PC is record at the bottom of table:


Computer minimum specification

Intel Core 2 Duo

Hard-disk more than 1 TB

RAM 2GB above




Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Microsoft Visio 2007

Netbeans IDE/ JCreator

Oracle Database

Operating System

Windows XP, 7, 8

Programming Language



Microsoft Server SQL

Oracle Database

Operation Environment

For this project, Physio& Rehab Centre System is a web-based and software application system. Therefore the system is required switch, router to connect the internet and the most important device server. Physiotherapist and staff can use the computer, switch to connect server and access the database to work, so the user also can use the laptop or computer to make appointment through the internet to browser Physio& Rehab Centre web site. The Figure 1.1 below show that user is allow to access Physio& Rehab Centre website to make appointment through the internet and Physiotherapist and staff to access Physio& Rehab Centre system without using the internet.

Figure 1.1: Physio and Rehab Centre System architecture diagram

Project Schedule

Project Team and Organization

System, Module and Sub-modules


Hew Soon Yen

HooAik Long

Software Application

Patient Module

Patient Case History Module

Appointment Module

Inventory Maintenance Module

Payment Module

Staff Module

Report Module

Web Application

Online Register

Appointment Module

Contract us and Feedback Module

Product Module

This table is show the project task allocation and the project are developed by Hew Soon Yen and HooAik Long. This project consist of 2 of the application and a lot of module so Hew Soon Yen is mainly to developed Offline Application and that HooAik Long is assists Hew Soon Yen to do the Patient Case History Module, Appointment Module and Report Module together since those module quite big. HooAik Long is mainly to developed Online so Hew Soon Yen is assists HooAik long to do Appointment Module and Home Page Design together and get more idea on it.

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