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Computing technology is in a state of continuous evolution. The state of the art computing paradigm called pervasive computing envisions a conglomeration of smart devices like sensors,wearable computers, etc seamlessly integrated and scattered in the environment. The ultimate goal is to enable ANY TIME ANY WHERE computing. In this paper we have proposed a new mechanism for the detection of silent heart attacks and providing an alert. The silent heart attack belongs to the high risk category. Since this does not trigger visible. Indications unlike ordinary heart attacks could be fatal. The only fool proof method of detecting this is through the deviation of the ECG (Electro cardiogram) pattern. The proposed scheme envisions a wearable diagnostic unit which will continuously pick up and monitor the ECG.This is done based on a template matching procedure. The detection generates a trigger signal which is picked up by the patient's mobile phone and it causes a predefined message sent to a predefined number such as the doctor's mobile phone automatically without alerting the patient and causing panic. This communication process can enhanced like alerting the nearest or any chosen hospital by an automated call.

I. Introduction

The various computing technologies have been evolving continuously penetrating far and wide and increasingly influencing almost every aspect of our day-to-day life. This was made possible by tremendous growth in the new computation paradigm called PERVASIVE COMPUTING. And with the advent of Internet, and other networking technologies, instant communication and transmission of data were made possible to bring the people across the globe close together.


Pervasive health care focuses on the use of pervasive computing technology for developing tools and procedures for the patient's healthcare. A pictorial overview of the pervasive health care scenario is below,

Have a glance on how much radiations are emitted by a normal mobile phone on brain while speaking. This has opened up exciting possibilities in the health care sector both in terms of diagnostic equipments and communication devices. Now telemedicine systems have sufficiently advanced. Attempts are being made to develop intelligent wearable computers that can perform a primary diagnosis .The heart attack can occur due to lethal nature and such other reasons the instances of heart attacks are on the rise. The risk of heart attack with respect to risk factors are represented below


Brief glances at some wearable cardiac devices are listed below.

Cardiac Holter: It can monitoring the electrical activity of the heart Holter monitor records electrical signals from the heart via a series of electrodes attached to the chest.

Vitaphone Hertz handy: It can measure an ECG signal and transmit the data to a central location called service center for analysis and further processing. A panic button is provided which on being pressed sends an alarm signal to the service center along with the patient's current GPS position

Welch allyn Micropaq: It supports multi parameter monitoring like ECG display, heart rate, patient alarms, etc and also alarm messages from an Acuity Central Station. It extends patient care by providing patient alarms when it is out of range or not connected to the wireless network.

E-san solution: It is for asthma monitoring. It uses a combination of electronic peak flow meter and a PDA handset which transmits the readings to a central server over a GPRS connection.

Amon: It can acquires signals such as heart rate, body temperature etc and transmit these data to a remote tele medicine center. But the vital parameters are not continuously transmitted and inconsistency in the medical data has been reported. The recording done by these devices must always be analyzed only by a qualified technician or a doctor.

However, it has fail to monitor and support provision to communicate an alert. And hence the authors propose a new framework which would solve these drawbacks.


In this paper we propose a new mechanism for the detection of silent heart attacks and providing an alert. This could prove to be slow for silent heart attacks where an immediate diagnosis and care delivery is of paramount importance. Fortunately computation technology has advanced to provide us with small wearable devices with integrated sensors for cardiac monitoring.

The proposed scheme envisions a wearable diagnostic unit which will continuously monitor the heart checking for abnormality. This is done based on a template matching procedure. Instead of storing the entire pattern it stores the data related to the abnormality alone. The detection generates a trigger signal which is picked up by the patient's mobile phone. It causes a predefined message and sent to a predefined number such as the doctor's mobile phone automatically without alerting the patient and causing panic. This communication process can be suitably enhanced like alerting the nearest or any chosen hospital by an automated call.

A simplified diagrammatic representation of the proposed architecture is given below,

The first part is the wearable diagnostic unit and has the following components,

A transducer unit in order to pick up the electrical pulses of the heart.

A conditioner: This will extract the data relevant to heart attack.

Template: The templates will store the reference values with which the output of the conditioner will be matched.Based on patients parameters like age, sex, attacks history and anonymous conditions. This template will be set based on a doctor's consultation and it can be changed or updated regularly.

Trigger generator: In the case of any abnormality this trigger generator will generate a signal which can be picked up by a mobile phone or PDA so that the alert can be relayed to a care provider.The second part is the alert unit. This is configured as software installed on the patient's mobile phone or PDA..

It listens the trigger from the wearable unit and its receipt executes a routine which will forward a predefined message to a predefined number like the doctor's or that of a trusted medical care provider. This system will provide an alert which could be vital in saving valuable time and human life. Currently the authors are trying to design the wearable diagnostic unit. The design and prototyping of the alert unit has been completed and is being tested by using a generated trigger signal.


It consists of a hardware and software which are important to integrate with mobile.

Hardware: This hardware consists of circuit which keeps an eye on the human heart

Software: The hardware is controlled by a software which consists of all the details of the person's heart beat rate and all the phone numbers of the medical centers of the city.

And heart beat rate of the person is assigned initially in that software and which is installed in our mobile phone will monitors all the vibrations of the heart. When once the heart triggers it checks the rate and if the rate is more or equivalent to the value given in the software then the mobile phone will automatically send a pre-text message to the nearest medical via SMS.The software recognizes its position by the GPS system and finds out the very nearest medical center and sends a SMS without any help of the person.This software must be interfaced with the hardware and Apple iphone is compatible to use its existing hardware, it just needs and additional software to detect the rate of heart beat and to send a SMS.


A prototype has been implemented as a micro controller based system. Trials were conducted using cardiac simulator which can be used as an artificial patient. This equipment can be used to generate the various fault conditions.The diagnostic unit was implemented around a micro controller which will hold the template database in a code format; the database would allow customization according to the patient's profile. The logic and comparisons are implemented using assembly language coding. In our experiments we used the Pic18LF452 micro controller. This micro controller has an inbuilt ADC. It also has a UART which can be used for serial communication to the trigger module.

A few abnormalities can trigger the system as AV Block, First Degree Heart Block Pre Excitation Syndrome ,Narrow QRS Complex Tachycardia ,Broad Complex Tachycardia , Ypokaliemia, Long QT Syndrome, Depressed Segment Indicating Coronary Ischemia,Long Qt Or Short Qt Syndrome

Efforts are on to design and fabricate a wearable device which can be called an enhanced version of the cardiac holter monitor. An ordinary holter design could be modified and sufficient computational intelligence added to perform a primary diagnosis. The discomfort in wearing the device could be reduced if an RF transmitter could be integrated with the holter.So that we have an "all in one equipment".The usability could be further enhanced if this could be converted into a "System On Chip" solution.


This device is very easy to manufacture, flexible to use and useful for the heart patients.So we advice you all to enable this hardware feature in your mobile phone.Thus we can examine through this computing technology which will make you to get a desire cardiac technology.Thus we can examine through this computing technology which will make u to get a desire cardiac technology.

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