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In recent years, WIMAX has been signifying to increase the strength of data transmission on all around the world. It has IEEE 802.16 standard to specify the MAC and PHY layer technical supports on the wireless access. We have some power consumption problems which are used to occur while transferring the data and thus no accuracy. Power consumption is very high when the data transfer from Base station to Subscriber stations. Because of this, audio and video quality got affected and also takes long time to processes.

Aim and Specific Objective

In project's aim, the process of data transmission performs with accuracy and low power consumption. Project has taken two types of IEEE standard they are IEEE 802.16e on Wireless MAN and the current status of Multihop relay standard as IEE 802.16j-2009.

The specific objectives are handling power consumption problem with two technical supports such as MAC and PHY Layer. The MAC Layer functions are Power saving mode and Multihop relay and PHY Layer uses the OFDMA on function of time delay and stability.

Proposed Project Methodology

Generally the Projects are dividing into a segment, frequently the lines of Initiation, Planning, Managing, Controlling, and Closing. These type of segments are using the PRINCE2 (PRoject IN Contolled Environment) Methodology. An initiation of project to be analysing is the new ideas and existing methods of WiMax. In the second step of project management is Planning, It has been priority of task and implement the methods, then managing of a project to make a Gantt chart, controlling the project to simulate a WiMax network using applications and shown a results, to make a thesis report for good performance and analyse a result of the project it has been closing part of the Project proposed methodology.

The architecture of Multi-hop based on WiMax network 802.16

In the below diagram, multi-hop based on WiMax network in this diagram three mobile base stations each station has base and subscriber, they are communicate with relay multi-hop network to transmit the audio/video and data files. In the case, I have used to install sleep mode function in each base stations, it works as to reduce the power consumption and time delay. These are three types of signal transmit WiMax, Control and BS to SS Signals. In the WiMax Signal is normal signals for communicate the multi-hop base station, Control signals to communicate with relay network to base station, at last to communicate inside the mobile base station(BS) to SS.

Literature Review

Jianbin Xue et al. 2009 studied IEEE 802.16e support to provide the power saving mechanism to analysis a mobile Base Station. Generally the speed of WIMAX is faster than Broadband wireless access to high data rate mobility system [1]. The high speed multimedia service provides user access with broadband wireless access system. [5] The mobile station implies to power saving mechanism as a design of Medium Access Control. To increase the more power efficiency in broadband wireless access network, in IEEE 802.16e to access the sleep mode operation on mobile Base Station. [1]

The mobile multi-hop relay network access the power saving mechanism as the standard of IEEE 802.16j to consumption of the bandwidth. [2] On mobile broadband access network technology has been run the standard of IEEE 802.16 in the function of OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) to air interference supports the mobility as the standard of IEEE 802.16e-2005. [3]

On Multi-hop network to interconnect with the Base Station as point to point link access. Mobile base station communicates from multi-hop relay station it access the limited hops. [4].

Expected Artefact/Outcomes

Project will overcome the power consumption of WIMAX Base station by implementing Idle and Sleep mode in the Base station server so that it will save the power while transmit and receive the data. This can be possible with use of two functions, MAC Layer for power consumption and PHY layer for reduce the frequency of multi-hop relay network function. There is a design of the Mobile WIMAX Base station which includes the Relay station, Base Station and Subscriber Station.

Data Acquisition

The entire information essential for this project is occupied from the journals of IEEE and ACM of university library. Some addition information's are taken from trusted web sites and from forum by joining as member and others resources like interviews, conferencing and publication data on WIMAX.

Testing and Analysis

A complete report is formed by including how to design the WIMAX station in the OPNET, how to enter the Idle and sleep mode function in the Base station to reduce the power consumption and then frequency of OFDMA to control the time delay and stability. System will check simulation and analysis of the report on multi-hop network transmit and receive the beacons of data graph.

Gantt chart:


Work plan:

The structure of project is based on this work plan which consists of various steps to drive the project to destination. The project's initial planning evaluated for 5 days. Discussions about progress of the project to supervisor approximated for 12 days and then to carry out interim report of progress is estimated for 5 days. The preparation of structure of documentation session is evaluated for 7 days. Final thesis preparation and poster preparation totally estimated for 16 days. In addition research on power consumption in WiMax is roughly calculated for 15 days. In the part of design to make the multihop based WiMax in the OPNET Application and testing also. In between to working on thesis and poster submitted to table of content it means identify the chapters, headings etc, then finally will submit on poster and thesis, after that prepare for VIVA.


In this work, I have presented the specific objectives, problems, and ethical issues. To derive the literature reviews its analysed IEEE papers and journals, to produce a project methodology of the system and to make architecture of WiMax Network.