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I have selected a system that can operate the most recent versions Multimedia application like Adobe Photoshop CS5, Abobe Premier CS4 and what not. What we need for this are a high power processors, high capacity RAM, a hard-disk with a least 50 GB free on its C drive that will have its main operating system, a flash UBS drive at-least 32 GB which can act as a back-up for the that will be saved on the main computer, so in case of any unexpected circumstance we can have a back up to deal the issue.

P1: [01.1.01] select machine components or sub-systems appropriate to given tasks


Processor Type - Intel' Core' i7

Clock ' Speed ' 1.6 GHz to 3.33 GHz

Front Size Bus ' 1333 MHz

Cache ' 6 MB

Mother Board EVGA Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard

Memory Type- DDR3

Amount: - 2

Size- 4 GB

Hard Disk Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1 TB SATA 32 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Hard Drive ST31000333AS

Other Storage Kingston Flash UBS drive at least 32 GB

Monitor Type ' Dell UltraSharp U2711 Screen size- 19'

Resolution-2,560x1,440-pixel resolution


Inter face- USB

Anti- glare-Yes

Energy Saving- No

Video card Type-ATI Radeon HD2100

Key Board Type 'Ergonomic

Mouse Type-optical

Extra Network card

Operating system Microsoft Windows 7

Application Software MS Office, Adobe reader, Flash player

Multimedia Software Adobe Premiere CS4 and Adobe Photoshop CS5

P2: [01.1.02] evaluate the performance of the selected system

The configuration above gives us the best s

With powerful i7 Processor for excellent speed which will be complemented by 8 GB RAM for the best performance, Hard-Disk with maximum space, Flash USB drive to save data, in case of problem with the main system. High resolution monitor (2,560x1,440-pixel resolution) 27 inches diagonal length, Ergonomic Keyboard and Optical mouse to help the user work with most comfortable input devices. The input and output devices that have been recommended shall be utilized with zilch level of compromise so that result can be achieved in a way that are high-quality and are exactly what might achieve the results.

P3: [01.2.01] Features and functions of at least three different types of operating


Windows 7 home edition

' the latest release of Microsoft Windows

' a series of operating systems produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers.

' Provides a quick access to all of their programs and files by pinning them in the task bar.

' fueled up with the windows search which finds the specific file, program, email address in seconds.

' allows one to disable unwanted features,

' share photos, music and videos across home network.

' sleep and resume windows feature allows to restore work

' improved performance on multi-core processors.

' Physical memory limits are 4 GB in 32 bit windows and 8 GB in 64 bit windows

Windows XP professional,

' a reliable easy to use operating system for use on personal computers, including desktops, laptops, and media centers.

' 802.11b wireless LAN connectivity

' The unique System Restore technique

' Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance

' Physical memory limits are 4 GB in 32 bit windows and 128 GB in 64 bit windows

Windows 2000

' capable to protect critical system files called windows file protection

' supports automatic recognition of installed hardware and hardware resource allocation

' first window to release the active window feature

' introduced the accesibility features such as sticky keys,filter keys etc

' multi lingual user interface

' physical memory limits are 4 GB in 32 bit windows

P4: [01.2.02] understand how to customize operating systems

The operating system is different from XP in the way that Windows XP was different from Windows 98, from the view point of system requirement, interface as already mentioned above, less chances of viruses attacking computers, better installation of software's and less chances of windows getting corrupt.

Desktop appearance can be changed in the selected systems by right clicking on the main window and clicking 'personalize'. From that option, desktop appearance can be modified.

Mouse settings can be altered from the control panel. All sorts of alterations can be made from there.

Backup can be shifted to other files by simply either copy pasting the information in different areas, or by saving in a particular place altogether in the first place.

P5: [01.3.01] investigates and identify the key components for a computer system for a particular user

Given below is the list of key components required essentially for a computer system by any user.


Mother Board


Hard Disk

Other Storage


Video card

Sound card

Key Board

Mouse (optical mouse ,standard mouse)

Extra (external speakers ,mic etc)

Operating system such as windows ,PAC,MS DOS

Application Software such as Microsoft word,spreadsheets

Multimedia Software such as adobe CS4,photo shop

P6: [01.3.02] specify a complete computer system to suit a given Task

Using MS paint and Microsoft office user can be able to create stunning letters leaflets and invoices for his/ her catering job venture

MS paint 2010 pictured below for graphics creation and editing

Ms Office contains various applications for various jobs i.e. MS access for creating invoices and or bookkepping, MS publisher for creating leaflets and flyers.

MS access 2010 for invoices

Ms access would be used by the user to create and store invoices for the business.

MS publisher for creating letters leaflets

This is used for creating stunning graphical and textual flyers and leaflets. The application is the best for creating letters and leaflets for the business.

P7: [01.4.01] make a plan to test the main hardware and software of the system designed.

1. Make sure all the devices of the computer like mouse, keyboard, sound card monitor, printer RAM etc are properly connected in order to confirm the if any problems occurs its not from the users end.

2. To check the system requirement by going in the properties of Computer into the hardware section, and confirm all the things that one hand in mind to be there like 2, 4 GB DDR3 RAMs, Intel i7 processor, Capacity of hard-disk. Etc.

3. USB drive shall be utilized at least once to make sure it's working properly like copying a file in it and checking it after a day or two to make sure that the data didn't get corrupt or the USB didn't stop working.

4. Making sure that Mouse by checking all the click buttons and observing if the optical feature of the mouse is working to the best level of comfort as that of the user and Keyboard are working properly by checking all its key on a word document like alphanumeric keypad, function keys, numeric keypad etc.

5. Make sure that operating system have worked for at least a week and didn't experience any problem.

P8: [01.4.02] create user manual for the proposed system

Some points that have been included in the user manual are as follows:

' How to turn on the power

' How to turn off the power

' Shut Down mode

' Stand by mode

' Restarting the computer

' How to use keyboard, mouse and other peripherals

' Loading software


Turning on the power ' Plug the computer, and then press and hold 'power button' of 'CPU' for two or three seconds. After then press power of the monitor, if there is a sound like 'beep' it means that everything is alright inside the computer. After few seconds the computer's initial screen is the Microsoft Windows Start-up Screen Logo, after few seconds of loading the desktop appears on the screen. This indicates that computer is ready to use.

Turning off the power ' power can be tuned off by either of the following mode. Shut down mode, Hibernate mode and Sleep mode.

Shut Down mode-When you turn off the power in Shut Down mode no data is saved and the computer will boot to the operating system main screen.

1) If you have entered data, save it to the hard disk or to an external data source.

2) Make sure all disk activity has stopped, and then remove the CD/DVD-ROM or USB.

3) Click start and click shut down Computer. From the shut down Computer Will turn off

4) Turn off the power of any peripheral devices.

Do not turn the computer or devices back on immediately .Wait a moment to let all capacitors fully discharge

Sleep mode ' In sleep mode the computer keeps the session in memory and shifts it to low power state so that one can quickly resume work,

' Click Start, click the arrow with next to shut down tab and then click Sleep.

When you turn the power back on, you can continue where you left when you leave the computer in to sleep mode.

Hibernate mode- In hibernate mode the computer saves one's session and turns off the computer when one starts the windows back the computer restores the session.

' Click Start ,click the arrow nex to shut down tab and then click hibernate.

Restarting the computer ' There are three ways to reset the computer system:

1) Select Restart form the shut down menu in the start box.

2) If the computer is already on, press Ctrl + Alt +Del from the keyboard.

3) Press the power button and hold it down for five second. Wait 10 to 15 seconds, and then turn the power on gain by pressing the power button.

The keyboard - There are five types of key in the keyboard

1) Types keys -(A-Z), (1-0),Tab key, Caps lock, Shift, BkSp, Space key etc

2) Keypad overlay- (A-Z), (1-0),

3) Function keys-( F1- F12)

4) Soft keys ' Alt, Fn, shift, Enter, tab, Caps Lock,Ctrl etc

5) Cursor control keys ' Four arrows button it the right, down site of key board.

Mouse ' To open a folder or a file,

1) Just drug the mouse pointer to the folder icon or file icon.

2) Double click on it by the mouse Left key or just click on it by Right Key.

3) Select the Open key.

Loading discs ' Load CD/DVDs follow the steps below.

1) Turn on the power.

2) Press the eject button to open the drawer slightly.

3) Lay the CD/DVD, label side up, in the drawer.


In order to Open a software, a Folder or a File 'To open software (like MS Word, MS excel, Multimedia applications and so on)

1) Drag the mouse pointer to the folder icon or file icon.

2) Double click on it by the mouse Left key or just click on it by Right Key.

3) Select the Open option.

Close Software, Folder, and File - To close a particular software

1) Drag the mouse pointer to the Close Key in the site of right top screen

2) Then click it OR Just press the Alt + F4 button together.

Save file

' Drag the mouse pointer to File option, click it and select the Save option or simply press Ctrl + S. Write the file name and select the folder to save it then click Save key.

' If Any further help is needed to use any software just click Help (which is available in any software) button. Then select the option's which is needed.

P9: [01.4.03] produce a security policy for the use of system designed

' Virus is one of the reason in which the computer system can be a pain instead of a it's intended purpose. Antivirus ' Must be active all time so that if computer affected by the any virus, antivirus can protect them.

' Should not put any device like 'pen drive' on the computer without check.

' Design a security coding through online assistance and installation of 'Microsoft Security Essential' so the system intrusion by hackers is not experienced.

' install an effective pop-up-blocker which can block unnecessary pop-ups cause who knows what kind of strange and new viruses these pop-up might intoroduce to the system cache memory,

' Avoid also clicking on unnecessary ads on internet like what will be the end of 2010.etc /

' do not switch off the system at any time

' Delete spam emails, chain messages and other junk email

' Maintain All user-level passwords for windows log in when turning on the

computer in order to ensure privacy.

P10:[01.4.04] Explain how the system designed meets health and safety requirements

Use of glare filter on the monitor to avoid damaging of the eyes of the users, with optical mouse an comfortable mouse pad shall also be utilized in order to avoid pain in the users hand, the chair should have good back support so if the pc is utilized the user for a long time he shall have rest his back on something that is gives him relief and the chair used shall be bought taking into account the users height so that the user's feet can rest on the floor. Cables shall be well organized and shall be fire proof. A stabilizer shall also be procured in an attempt to avoid over heating of the system because it might also lead to a breakout of fire inside the pc.

M1 [01.1]: Effective judgment has been made

The configuration of the machine selected above gives us the best value for our money

With powerful i7 Processor which is the latest in the market and the most powerful processor thus offering the fastest processing speeds and its also power efficient. The 8 GB RAM provides the best performance for multiple tasks thus one can be online process powerful graphics and run multimedia software without a glitch simultaneously, The 1 TB Hard-Disk offers maximum storage space since graphics applications take up several gigabytes of space i.e. Adobe Photoshop cs4 , The Flash USB drive is a backup storage which can be used to save data for backup purposes thus the big size. The High resolution monitor (2,560x1,440-pixel resolution) 27 inches diagonal length is for high end graphics and multimedia processing, Ergonomic Keyboard and Optical mouse to help the user work with most comfortable input devices. The system motherboard is necessary so as to be able to support the i7 processor and also hold the DDR3 Memory since The memory and processor cannot be supported by older motherboards. The system generally is a good value for money since apart from the specific devices the system doesn't require any major upgrades for a period of 3 years. Thus I would say effective judgment has been made.

M2 [01.2]: Demonstrate the use of range of sources of information

To Purchase the machine the user used the following to compare and make a decision on what to purchase

1. http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/home.do

This provides a way of shopping for HP machines online

2. http://www.tigerdirect.com/

This is a general sales shop for electronics which was used to compare prices for various computer parts and or computer systems

3. http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/gen/shopping?c=us&l=en&s=gen&~ck=mn

This provides information on sale of dell computer and provides details of all types of dell machines you can purchase and their price comparisons.

M3 [01.3]: An appropriate structure and approach has been used

Windows XP

This is one of the moststable operating systems ever designed by Microsoft and its among one of the best in terms of hardware and software support, security, ease of use and general system stability. The system current version is windows xp service pack 3 which was released early last year. Its quite user friendly and recommended for basic computer users.

Windows Vista

This was one of the biggest misconceptions by Microsoft and can be easily regarded as one of the technological failures of the decade from Microsoft. This is because of its lack of seamless relation to its predecessor windows xp, Lack of driver support for it since windows xp drivers do not work on windows 7. The operating system is not recommended for novice users.

Windows 7

Windows Seven is the latest operating system to come out of Microsoft and the Redmond company has trully outperformed its predecessor which was a failure windows vista. They have done this by rewriting the operating system from windows xp all the features you loved in windows xp are now much easier to access and added a few more features tomake it much more user friendly and maintain compatibility with xp which was one of the failures of windows vista, all your programs used on windows xp can and will be able to run on windows 7 without errors since there is a native XP mode to run legacy XP applications and drivers. Apart from this new features not available in both Xp and vista include

' Libraries

' Search Federation

' Enterprise Search Scopes ' Requires Windows 7 Enterprise

' Direct Access Needs Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows Server 2008 R2

' VPN Reconnect

' BranchCache Needs Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows Server 2008 R2

' Mobile Broadband

' Remote App& Desktop Connections

' Bit Locker To Go ' Requires Windows 7 Enterprise

' App Locker ' Requires Windows 7 Enterprise

' Multiple Active Firewall Profiles

' Domain Name System Security Extensions

' Biometric Support

' Scripting of Group Policy Settings ' Requires Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7

' Windows Troubleshooting Platform

' Problem Steps Recorder

' Remote Access to Reliability Data

' Dynamic Driver Provisioning

' Multicast Multiple Stream Transfer

' VHD Image Management & Deployment

' Rich Remoting Experience (Multimedia, Bidirectional Audio, MultiMonitor)

' VHD Boot

From this its quite clear that windows 7 choice was a great choice and useful in the job being done.

D1 [02.1]: The validity of results has been evaluated using defined criteria.


Processor Type - Intel' Core' i7

Clock ' Speed ' 1.6 GHz to 3.33 GHz

Front Size Bus ' 1333 MHz

Cache ' 6 MB Fastest in the market for multitasking.

Efficient power management.

No upgrades needed for next 2 years.

Mother Board EVGA Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard

Best for running the i7 processor.

High FSB throughput.

Memory Type- DDR3

Amount: - 2

Size- 4 GB

Fastest type of ram available.

Best for running multimedia applications.

Needed for running simultaneous applications without freezes

Hard Disk Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1 TB SATA 32 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Hard Drive ST31000333AS Huge storage space

High data transfer speeds

Necessary for storage of multimedia applications.

Other Storage Kingston Flash UBS drive at least 32 GB Necessary for backup of crucial data

Monitor Type ' Dell UltraSharp U2711 Screen size- 19'

Resolution-2,560x1,440-pixel resolution


Inter face- USB

Anti- glare-Yes

Energy Saving- No High resolution for vivid images display

Protection of the users eyes by antiglare.

Video card Type-ATI Radeon HD2100 Used for processing graphics in graphic intensive applications.

D2 [02.2]: Activities have been managed.

The pc developed is generally one of the best systems in the market and can handle almost anything that a user may throw at it with relative ease.

The user is fully instructed on how to operate the system using a user manual which is very comprehensive covering all the challenges that a user is destined to encounter during his day to day work.

The user is fully protected from harm occurring from the use of the machine i.e. eyesight loss is prevented by use of antiglare. Health risks such as CTS, are prevented by use of ergonomic keyboards and mouse.

The system is well protected by having the latest and best operating system for the job and also by using up to date software.

The user is saved the need for constant upgrades by the design of a system which takes into consideration the minimum requirements of the latest type software he / she is going to use.

D3 [02.3]: Convergent and Lateral thinking have been applied.

By the discussion above it is clear that all the steps and application of latest hardware's and software are taken into account keeping mind that the user experiences less and less problems in procuring his desired objective. The system is designed with aim of standing the test of time and thus no upgrades are required for a minimum period of 1 year and maximum period of 3 years.

The design of the system takes into account the user's needs and develops a system that would be able to perform tasks required by the user without freezes. The system is designed with reference to the requirements of the latest and most sophisticated software that the user may decide to run.