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Oracle database backup and recovery is an inherently challenging process that becomes more difficult as databases grow and demands on their availability increase, limiting the time available for backup and recovery operations. Many organizations use custom scripts and manual backups to protect their Oracle data. However, these methods do not provide the reliability required by corporate environments or improve the availability of critical systems.

Eliminating the backup overhead on critical production Oracle databases is a requirement for today's online business applications, while ensuring they remain continuously available. Since databases are the foundation for most business applications, it is easy to understand that the slightest performance impact or downtime can result in significant business loss. A complete backup and recovery solution will help companies eliminate downtime, provide additional backup efficiency and simplify recovery for both standard Oracle and Oracle RAC environments.

Today's Oracle database backup and recovery challenges include:

Administrators require detailed knowledge of Oracle R/MAN syntax to execute backup and recovery operations.

Oracle RMAN backups are typically performed and managed separately from a larger centralized data protection solution

When viewing RAC configurations it is not always clear as to which node owns what database at time of the backup operation

Setting the Standard in Oracle Database Protection

The Symantec Backup Exec 2010 Agent for Oracle on Windows or Linux Servers offers non-disruptive data protection for business-critical Oracle 11g, 10g, and 9i databases. Advanced features such as the granular protection of individual tablespaces or complete application/database backup and the protection of archived redo logs and control files enable companies to protect Oracle-based applications and databases without taking them offline.

Backup Exec 2010 leverages the capabilities and technologies of Oracle to provide complete protection of the

Oracle database components including:

Integrated RMAN functionality simplifying backup and restore job creation syntax

Granular restores of individual tablespaces

Improved backup performance via multiple data streams

Integrated support for Oracle RAC configurations, offering a single view for RAC environments

Key Business Benefits

Supports Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i databases running on Windows or Linux operating systems (x86 & x64 platforms)

Offers flexible restore options such as individual tablespace, point in time, or to a specific system change number (SCN)

Single point of management for all Oracle protection operations

Platform Support

Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008

Family (including R2 versions) on x86 and x64 platforms.

Red Hat EL 4 & 3 (on x86 & x64 platforms)

SLES 10 & 9 (on x86

& x64 platforms)

Restores Are Simple, Fast,

Point and Click Operations

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Symantec Backup Execâ„¢ 2010

Agent for Oracle on Windows or Linux Servers

Features and Benefits

Automatic RMAN Scripting

When backup selections are made through the Backup Exec UI, detailed RMAN scripts are created

by Backup Exec and delivered to RMAN saving the administrator valuable time.

Oracle Agent UI

Backup and recovery selections are simplified when created using the Oracle Agent offering a

single point of control to view data sets.

Improved recovery functionality

Backup Exec 2010's Oracle Agent simplifies both granular data restore and database recovery

operations, including individual tablespace and point in time restores.

Works with existing RMAN scripting

Backup Exec 2010's Oracle Agent will recognize and permit the use of existing RMAN scripts to

reduce time-consuming scripting operations.

Oracle RAC Support

Backup Exec 2010 fully supports Oracle RAC environments increasing database availability and

recoverability with the Oracle RAC Agent on Windows and Linux Servers.

Backup Exec Oracle Agent Licensing

The Backup Exec 2010 Agent for Oracle on Windows or Linux Servers is licensed per Oracle server. Backup Exec 2010 is designed to accommodate the needs of Windows-based environments of all sizes- whether it's a single Windows Server or a large, multi-Domain Windows enterprise including multiple remote Linux and UNIX servers. The Backup Exec 2010 portfolio provides a wide array of high powered Agents and Options which are licensed on a per-Server or per-Storage device for added scalability, supporting all Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008 environments, physical or virtual servers, and unlimited processors on the system.


Protecting multiple Oracle Database Servers on Windows and Linux

Customer Environment

Five Windows Servers

Two Linux Servers

One Unix Server


Qty:1 of Backup Exec 2010 license

Qty:7 of Backup Exec 2010 Agent for Oracle on Windows or Linux Servers

Qty:1 Remote Agent for Linux or UNIX

Servers (RALUS)

Integrated Data Protection

Symantec Backup Exec 2010 can be expanded to protect additional remote systems and applications through the purchase additional Agents and Options which enable administrators to design and easily implement a comprehensive data and system protection solution for any

Windows server environment. Other Backup Exec 2010 agents & options that compliment the Backup Exec Oracle Agent include:


Deduplication Option


Remote Media Agent for Linux


Central Admin Server Option


Agent for SAP Applications


SAN Shared Storage Option


Remote Agent for Linux and Unix


For More Information

Symantec Enterprise Sales Support: 800-745-6054

Backup Exec on the Symantec Web Site :

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