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The purpose of this paper is know what is operating system and what are the things that should be taken care of while choosing a operating systems. There are a number of operating systems in the market but why they all are different from each other. The paper gives an overview of what an operating system is and how it works. Here the main focus is on comparing the operating system of different companies and what are all these operating systems are about. The main thing is that from here we could judge an operating system on our requirements.



An operating system is a layer of software which handles all the technical aspects of a computer's system . It shields the user of the machine from the low-level details of the machine's operation and provides frequently needed facilities. There is no universal definition of what an operating system consists of. You can think of it as being the software which is already installed on machine, before you add anything of your own.

Here are some examples of OS with their specifications:











































The operating system is the software manager of a computer system. There are many forms of operating systems software available. Choosing the best operating system depends on the system requirements and hardware one is using. There are operating systems that work on most hardware platform configurations but their also some operating systems which are built for some specific system and hardware requirements. Choosing the best operating systems software depends on budget and expectations for the system. Typically, a true multiprocessing system is the best general purpose operating system available.

There are a number of and many terminologies twittering like birds around our heads we must be confused for what operating system to choose for our next or existing machine. Here are some criteria's which can help you select your best operating system. They are:


Cyber warfare secure



Free Software


Backward Compatible

User Friendly

Better & free support

Over heads

Power saver

Ethically secure

We must have this consideration as we are working in a sensitive organization with much of official data lying on our desktops. So we must have a good technology to counter the evil. If we have a virus free life and then their no need to run for some good antivirus all the time. Enjoy free software as good as the costly one available in the market. Get a stunning and unbelievable Graphical User Interface with many customizable options. There is nothing to worry about the newer version of any software as we can have forward and backward compatible environment. You need not to pay anything to talk to some expert as you can have free and customer support.

Get rid of all over heads which are processes running in you task manger all the time. If we can get rid of overheads which means less processor, hard drive and ram working which in returns saves power. Our laptop battery life can be amazingly increased by one hour. The operating system should be ethically non disturbing as we need not to pay anything for it.

There are other operating systems, but most of them are designed for a special purpose, out of date, or extremely difficult to use. Linux, Mac OS, and Windows are the average user's most viable choices. It's important to make sure that you know what you intend to do with your computer, and that the operating system you use is best able to accommodate that purpose.

We here will generally compare the main three market holders of the operating systems. These are as we generally know are:





The big daddy of operating systems, Windows is the only choice for many home and business users. Microsoft has almost universal third party programming support, making it able to run thousands of great pieces of software. It has a lot of great Microsoft-made products, many of which are the universal standard (Microsoft Word and Outlook, for instance). If you like video games, Windows' video game library completely dwarfs that of Mac OS. Windows is simple to use, is frequently updated, and is the most popular operating system in the world. Of course, it's notorious for its many bugs and crashes. Tech geeks will always tell you to stay away from anything made by Microsoft, until their last breathe.

However, many people think that it is because of Windows' popularity that so many bugs have been discovered; it's very likely that if Mac OS was being used by as many people as Windows, all the tech geeks would be attacking Apple.

If you decide to use Windows, it's important to have the most recent version possible, since Microsoft updates their OS drastically with every revision.

Also, it is wise to run Windows Update often to protect your computer from bugs. Windows is also more prone to viruses than other systems, so good virus protection software is a must.

Microsoft Windows is a family of proprietary operating systems that originated as an add-on to the older MS-DOS operating system for the IBM PC. Modern versions are based on the newer Windows NT kernel that was originally intended for OS/2 of IBM. As of 2009, Microsoft Windows holds a large amount of the worldwide desktop market share. Windows is also used on servers, supporting applications

such as web servers and database servers. In recent years, Microsoft has spent significant marketing and research & development money to demonstrate that Windows is capable of running any enterprise application, which has resulted in consistent price/performance records and significant acceptance in the enterprise market.

On October 22, 2009, Microsoft released Windows 7, the successor to Windows Vista, coming three years after its release. While Vista was about introducing new features, Windows 7 aims to streamline these and provide for a faster overall working environment. The timeline of windows operating system is stated below :C:\Users\ASHISH\Desktop\time1.JPG


Mac OS X is a line of partially proprietary, graphical operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Apple Inc., the latest of which is pre-loaded on all currently shipping Macintosh computers. Mac OS X is the successor to the original Mac OS, which had been Apple's primary operating system since 1984.

Your first reaction to Mac OS will be, "Hey, this operating system is very stable, works with many programs, and is a viable alternative to Windows." Your second reaction will be, "Why does the mouse have one button?" .The point is that if you're a lifetime Windows user, switching to the Mac interface is a bit daunting. Mac OS is just like any other operating system, except that

it doesn't have a flashy name, and

it's built for the Mac architecture.

That means that you can forget about installing it on anything other than an Apple computer. That means paying a slightly higher price tag in many situations, and another thing ,your mouse will have one button on it. Even after using a Mac for years, many haven't gotten used to this, then again, many people have.

The Mac computers is unable to use Windows programs and there are a few filetypes that are difficult to open. Luckily, Apple made up for this by creating a host of great programs, most of them superior to their Windows counterpart. Some people find that Apple computers tend to be more stable than Windows computers, meaning that they crash less, but that's just a personal opinion.

Some other things to consider: files deleted in Mac OS are immediately overwritten, making them unable to be recovered in most situations. This is a built in e-shredder for

businesses, but if you delete something you needed, even top data recovery companies are usually unable to get it back, and if somehow they do, it won't be cheap. It's also worth mentioning that Apple will be using Intel processors in its computers soon.

This should mean a boom in Mac OS programming, though at least at first it still won't be able to keep up with Windows. Apple computers are well known within the graphics industry as one of the best graphic software platforms available.

The server edition, Mac OS X Server, is architecturally identical to its desktop counterpart but usually runs on Apple's line of Macintosh server hardware. Mac OS X Server includes work group management and administration software tools that provide simplified access to key network services.

The timeline of MAC OS after the 19th century is shown below :



Ken Thompson was a person wrote language B which he used to write Unix, based on his experience in the this project, B was replaced by C, and Unix developed into a large, complex family of inter-related operating systems which have been influential in every modern operating system. 

The Unix-like family is a diverse group of operating systems, with several major sub-categories. The name "UNIX" is a trademark of The Open Group which licenses it for use with any operating system that has been shown to conform to their definitions. "Unix-like" is commonly used to refer to the large set of operating systems which resemble the original Unix. Unix-like systems run on a wide variety of machine architectures. They are used heavily for servers in business, as well as workstations in academic and engineering environments. 

Linux is developed by people from all over the world working together with the common goal of spending long, smelly, exceptionally sweaty nights in front of a computer screen to develop a useful, free operating system. The source code used to create Linux systems is open to anyone who wants to view it.

Luckily for us, the programmers behind Linux have the attention spans necessary to improve on the code to make better and better operating systems, as well as programs, hardware drivers, etc. Different programming teams work to develop Linux for different purposes, leading to many different types of Linux, called "distributions." Most of these distributions can be downloaded for free, which obviously is a big plus for Linux users. Since Mac OS only works on Apple computers and Windows costs around 90 bucks per user, Linux might be the ideal choice for businesses that need computer systems for

basic functions. For instance, Mandrake Linux, one of the most popular distributions, has programs built right in to the OS that are comparable to Windows Outlook, Microsoft Office, and Internet Explorer-all free. What's more, Mandrake has a simple, user-friendly interface like Windows, allowing the computer illiterate to utilize its many features. Another popular distribution is Red Hat, which many businesses are converting to. Linux sounds great, but it has significant downsides. Some distributions are hard to use, and even user friendly distributions like Mandrake and Red Hat are unable to open many Windows and Macintosh file types. Gaming is pretty limited on Linux computers, and if a Linux machine crashes, data recovery can be very expensive. The timeline of LINUX after 19th century is shown below:



Operating System

Numbers Of Viruses







There are number of operating systems in the market and all of them have some characteristic that make them different and give an edge over the other operating systems. The operating systems discussed above are the names which instantaneously come into our mind. Windows is the best operating system if judged with respect of number of users using the operating system. If judged with respect of number of viruses that can attack an Operating System then Windows is the most venerable operating system. While Macintosh is best if we need the best GUI and image processing or editing options. In case if we are interested in high performance, stability, cost, best support, research etc then by any means you should opt for Linux. There are significant differences in their comparison. If we compare the size of an Operating System then also Windows is on the top this means it is not at all fruitful for those who need a large amount of data to be stored.C:\Users\ASHISH\Desktop\graph1.JPG

Operating System

Lines Of Code







So last but not the least in my opinion if you are a technical student or person interested in research then LINUX is the only that u should opt for, but if are interested in entrainment then you should opt for Windows or MAC.

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