Operating Systems And Application Software Computer Science Essay

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For each mention items, make a comparison on how they are different from one another. List also some example for each of the mentioned terms given.

2. Explain the requirement that must be considered when a user wishes to subscribe to any internet service provider. List some examples of ISP's available in Malaysia and briefly explain on their services that are provided to customers.


Full name of computer is call Electronic computer and another name that we know is Calculator. Computer is a programmable machine to receive input, store and process data, and provide useful format. Computer is very common by this generation. Most of the people will have at least one computer, including company, government. The advantage of computer is it can faster data transfer, exchange data and information by just using mouse to move on, it also can send text message and fax, it is really helpful than traditional mail and air mail. Computer also is a devices to watch movie, hear song and also for engineering and scientific purpose. It can be used for entertainment and learning. The main advantages of the computer, this is quick comparison of human beings. Computer will not feel tired. it can work in any conditions. Controlled robot with a computer can be used to work in mines, factories, etc. Computer is very important and useful invented for everyone, it help us in our work to be easy and fast.

Computer network has become increasingly explosive. Twenty years ago, few people access the network. Now, computer communication has become an important part of the business, including advertising, transport, planning, billing and accounting. Therefore, most enterprise has multiple networks. In all schools from primary to postgraduate level, the use of computer networks, providing the wisdom of student and teacher. In short, computer networks are everywhere.


Foundations of computer need three systems to perform. They are operating system, network operating system and application software. They are the core for the computer. Computer cannot without any one of them.


Operating system to put in the simple terms, it's is the executive manager, it is a part of the computer system which manages all of the hardware and all of the software. Operating system performs basic tasks, such as control of each file, each device, each part of main memory, processing time and every nanosecond. Operating system and even greater responsible and authority, It is a traffic policeman. It ensures that different programs and users at the same time do not interfere with each other to run. Operating system is also responsible for security to ensure that unauthorized do not access the system. Operating system got several types as example like Window 7, Mac OS X and Linux.C:\Users\sHaOcHeE\Pictures\Photos\windows7logo.jpg

Windows 7

Window 7 operating system is a latest produced from Microsoft window. Window7 has become one of the major operating system in use today. Window7 have 3 Version they are Window 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate. Some features of Window 7 is, handwriting recognize, virtual hard disk support for other file format, multi-core processors, improved boot speed, improve performance and improved support for the kernel.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X it is the latest operating system for Apple's Macintosh. Mac OS X. is a development platform to support multiple development technology, including UNX, Java, proprietary Cocoa and Carbon Operating environment, and open Source, Web Pages, scripts, database and development of technology host.


Linux is a free available, open source. Linux is a Unix- like Operating System which run on multiple hardware platforms, from the smallest to the largest, and servers a wide variety of needs from services to movie-making to running business to use desktops.


A network operating system (NOS) is a computer operating system's main purpose is to support workstations, personal computers. It can allows computers communications and one of the main computer and each other to share resources, run application, send messages, among other things. Computer network include a wireless network, local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) or even two or three computer, it the network operating system. In addition, A multi-purpose operating system such as Window NT.

Window NT

Windows NT is a server operating system from Microsoft. It is a multitasking, multiprocessor, network-aware, single-user and operating system. It used to provide a network file system, shared Printer, and run application software.


An application is designed to perform specific functions, directly to the user or in some cases, another application, any plans. Applications have many type of the software like example they are, word processor, database program, Web browsers, development tools, drawing, painting and image editing software, and communications procedures. Application to use the computer's operating system and other supporting services programs. Services and with the programmers writing application is called application program interface (API) to use other means of communication format program requirements. Here have some example for application software like Word Processors, Media player and Spreadsheet.

Word Processors

Word processor know as document preparation system is a computer Application used for the production contain composition, formatting, editing, and possibly printing. It functions as like Microsoft Office Word.

Media Player

Media player can play support to play MP3, WMA, AAC and other audio formats. It also can playback of WMV, MPEG and other video formats.


Spreadsheet is a rectangular table of information. Spread it, it is a newspaper or magazine project, text and graphics, including awareness of the two facing pages to further enhance the center fold and treating as one of the large one or two pages.

Difference between OS and NOS

Difference between Operating System (OS) and Network Operating System (NOS), An operating system (OS) that is resides on the local computer and it is function is to allow software to use the computer hardware. Network operating system (NOS) allows multiple computers connected to each other, control equipment, files or programs share. Resides in the shared computer it we called "Server".

Difference between OS and Application Software

Difference between Operating System (OS) and Application System, Operating system is the system software to run computer work. We can say that an operating system software. and hardware interface as your behavior. It now contains only the language of divers with the terms of the hardware. Application software is software that you install your operating system. It includes the program and actually let you do things with your computer. It can to apply to run operating system, these include word processing program, spreadsheet, email clients, Web browsers, games, etc.


In this generation, Internets are everywhere, every one using internet for education, playing online games, watch movie, get information, and billing, etc. Internet is very common and important in this generation. We have some step for how we get Internet.


Internet Service Provider is a provider of Internet such as Web site building and virtual hosting services. An ISP's access equipment and communication lines need to supply a geographic point of presence on the internet. The larger internet service providers have their own high-speed line, so that they no dependence on telecommunication providers and can provide better service to customer.

How to apply Internet Service

The requirement that must be considered when a user wishes to subscribe to any internet service provider, First step is go to the internet service provider to select the package that you wish to apply. Then, after you select your package, you take the application form from customer service centre. The server will teach you how to fill it. After that the server will ask you prepare the supporting documents together with the customer's application for the subscription of the Service. And it shall be required to be submitted to together with the application form. The supporting document such as photocopies IC or phone bill for the guarantee. This is the supporting document for the individual apply; it will be different if a user applies the internet service for business use. Secondly, after the submission of the application form, the internet service provider will do the installation for the internet package that you selected. The internet service provider will go to the applicant's house for the installation. It will be easier for the phone fixed line user, the installation for the existing fixed line user is more faster than the new applicant. It was because for the new applicant, the installers have to install the phone fix line first and then only can install the internet service. And then the installer will help the user to set the network setting. After that, the user can have the internet access after all the installation and setting. The billing will be send to the user monthly.


The internet service provider available in Malaysia is TM streamyx, P1 Wimax, Maxis broadband, Digi broadband, Celcom broadband, U mobile broadband. There is 2 type of internet service provider; one is fixed line and one is portable broadband.

TM streamyx

TM streamyx is a internet service provider belongs government. It is using modern to received the internet lines. The TM streamyx modern is run as unlimited Internet access for any package. Therefore it usually provide internet for home user, college and company, etc. The connection of TM streamyx will be more stable than the other internet service provider. It is because it is using the fix line method therefore it will be stable compare to the other internet service provider.

P1 WiMax

The service that provide by P1 WiMax is WiMax use the wireless technology where it is the advantage of it. The technology that P1 WiMax using is the radio waves technology it's also called Wireless to connect to their internet service provider. Beside that, the P1 WiMax is easy to install, what you need to do? The user just have to plug in the WiMax dongle and connect; somemore it need not to have a router. Moreover, although the weather is bad or strong wind , it also does not affect the connection of P1 WiMax; it remain stable and running smoothly.

Digi Broadband

The internet service that provide by Digi Broadband is the wireless internet service. It easy to carry and the size is small compare to others. Moreover, the latest service that provide by Digi is the Mifi. It is the wireless modem which can be let 5 device connect to the Mifi modem at once. Somemore, the connection that use by Digi is the High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), its support up to 7.2 Mbps. Its create a virtual office for the mobile professional since it can connect to the internet anytime and everywhere. Digi Broadband it is a Internet Service Provider which the most simply to apply. Firstly, you have to go Digi centre pick the package u want to used, after that you take the form from the customer service centre and then fill the form up. The Digi servicer will ask u a photocopies IC, when u finished all the procedure, servicer will give you a Sim card, the Sim card is for received the internet from Digi centre, you have to put you Sim card into the Broadband, and then put the Broadband in your laptop computer USB pore, then you can get the internet from Digi centre immediately.


No Contract, No activation fee, No registration fee.

This is the broadband package recently from DIGI. It included all the following terms.

Rm50 Non-refundable advance payment is required (Malaysia & foreigners) and Rm 100 deposit for foreigners.

Cash back rebate of RM20x4 months is applicable only for Explore 10GB and Explore 16GB with modem plans and will deducted from monthly access fee.

Upon reaching usage quota, speed will be reduced to 128kbps, P2P will be moderated.

Usage volume is calculated based on monthly bill cycle.

No7 day trial/refund for with modem plans.

Stamp duty of Rm10 applies and will be reflected in the first bill.

All speed shown are average speeds which can be higher during non-peak hours.

Fair usage policy applies.


Operating system (OS), Network operating system (NOS) and Application software. There are the systems to support computer to be better. The three system are very important and useful for everyone and computer. We using the computer we need operating system to support input and output, like that we only can using input device to control the computer, We wan searching some information we need to dependence Network operating system to received the internet after that we only can using internet. Application can support you to watch movie, photography, painting writing, Etc. cause of Application software, computer only to be a more interesting.

I hope Malaysia can improve the Inter line 4mbk to 12mbk as like USA, Japan.