Open Source And Proprietary Antivirus Software Computer Science Essay

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According to the philosophical difference, Clam AntiVirus or Winpooch, which use an open-source in which the software is free, created by a bunch of volunteers, anyone can rewrite the program code and redistribute. The Proprietary anti-virus softwares are different from this. It is commercially licensed and the company use the profit ,earned by the distribution of the software, to pay their employees such as programmers, marketing and sales, testing part of the software ,management and to the shareholder. Open-source antivirus's can be reprogram or rewrite by the programmers but the licensed antiviruses cannot do such a thing.

2) Usability

Apple Mac OS X server use the open source Clam antivirus within its operating system's email service . Since ClamAV uses the command line instead of graphical user interface (GUI). There are some third-party software that have written together with GUIs for this application for variety of platforms. Clamwin is one of the software and it is free open source antivirus program for Mirosoft windows. It provides the GUI for the ClamAV engine.

Another antivirus is Winpooch. It is also an open source , which eliminates and protect spywares and scans files in real-time. It can detect many malware and eliminate any infiltration to the system. It can use together with ClamWin anti-virus program and it even protects the PC from virus by additional real-time scanning function which Clamwin doesn't have. Overall winpooch can prevent many threats such as spyware, virus, Trojan programs, etc.

Many open-source antivirus works better in a combination as comparison to proprietary antivirus software. In Antivirus software such as ESET nod32 there are many packages a customer can buy which are smart security 4 , antivirus 4, etc. These packages have different features such as antivirus, antispyware, firewall and antispam. Hence, every packages are independent from each other and can be use individually.

3) Effectiveness

Every popular software company have financial support. On every area of Information technology one must have a reliable financial source. To make an antivirus effective there has to be professional programmers , testing runs and necessary tool kit software to develop the anti-virus. There are also test runs in open-source softwares but comparing to licensed software ,which is developed by professional programmers and project managers, it still lacks in progress .

As comparison to proprietary antivirus , open source antiviruses tend suffers from its poor detection rates and the scans are taking much longer and it functionality such as crashes and freezes. For eg, Blue Screens of Death.

Hence , open source antiviruses can perform many functions but there are many of the features it doesn't have or does not execute at the 100% accuracy rate.


In my opinion, I would recommend the proprietary antivirus . Because it can provide the user with more features of security and more convenience than open-source .It has more ability to protect and remove many types of malware. The money you paid for is well spent because they can provide you with more convenience. For example, customers get services such as problem with technicality, technical support, and useful and effective help from the company when the user's problem arises. Customers do not require to find another free spyware or any other firewall program and other program alike. Just one Licensed and professionally programmed antivirus package has enough features and functions to protect your computer from any cyber-attacks.

Task 2

Advantages of laser printer and ink-jet printer

The advantages of the laser printer are as follows:

The main advantage of laser printers are it's fast speed and efficiency at printing. Laser printers are known as 'page printers' which is mainly because it can print a page at a time.

The laser printers can print much more precise then ink jet printers because the beam of laser can replicate the image on the printer very precisely. Hence it saves a lot of ink from spilling.

The laser printers create less noise than inkjet printers.

Laser printers were too expensive when they were first distributed. But, nowadays, laser printers have become much more affordable by many customers. As the new technology develops which might make the laser printer's performance better and prices of laser printers continue to decrease.

The advantages of the inkjet printer can be describe as:

Inkjet printer's design are much more simpler than laser printer. Because of its design comparing to laser printer ,which uses toner areas and large roller.

Another advantage of inkjet is it is lower in price then laser printer. Usually inkjet printers are lower in price than laser printers.

Inkjet printers have a capability to mix in many different colours. This makes them able to replicate every possible colours combination which create very realistic and high quality outcome.

A Brand or a model printer for graphic design student

Small size printers are a good choice if you need to travels a lot and frequent printing needs. A small printer is the same printer which can give the same features as with a normal larger printer which are mostly laser printers. However, this small type printer such as inkjet type printers can give the user mobility and many other great features which top in popularity and resourcefulness than a standard large size laser printers.

For professional graphic designers, printing needs are quite different. The one important thing for a graphic design is its quality of output. The color and graphics quality must be good and fonts have to be letter perfect. There are many high-end inkjet printers that can print this kind of high quality outputs. These printer can produce a high quality of a noticeable images, patterns or any kind of colourful designs.

As i did my research for this report, I have found out that the best choice of printers for a student of graphic design is photo inkjet printer. Even though there are laser printers which are capable of printing good quality images but it is not good for a student due to its expensive price.

In my opinion, a graphic design student should choose printers from Epson stylus series inkjet printers. As this series main function is to print precise and high quality images, many of these printers have features that are useful for graphic designers.

Many of this series' printers supports glossy, matte fine art and direct CD/DVD printing. CD/DVD covers which a student can design and print.

As all inkjet printers , this series of printer are also smaller in size . Hence it is much more appropriate for a student use than colored laser printers.

The only common task among any student of any area of study must do is scanning, copying and of course printing. There are also all-in-one printers in Epson stylus series which have many functions such as print, scan and copy, etc.

Most of latest printers have wireless capability. Hence students can share a printer and print, scan and copy without any other unnecessary efforts.

Nowadays , the choices of printers are differ due to how the users will use. As i mentioned above there are laser printers that can use for printing graphic designs or photographs but due to its expensive price, it cannot use casually. As new technologies are developing over the years and if the prices of laser printers are lower. Then, in the future the laser printers will be everyone's best choice.

Task 3

Three types of harddsik drive interfaces




Small Computer System Interface


Advanced Technology Attachment


Serial ATA

Solid-state drives

Computer technology is increasing in development. But every once in a while new computer technologies are introduce that can reach unimaginable enhancement to the IT world.

The solid state drive or SSD takes data storage technology to the entire new level. A technology that resolves problem of limitations and data transfer of an traditional hard disk drive storage. Hard disk drives are built with motors, magnetic platters and seek arms ,all of which are mechanical. Moving mechanical parts take time and use power. These parts can fail and when they fail , drive can crash resulting in valuable data lost.

Solid-state drive technology replaces the hard drive mechanical parts with solid state no-volatile memory. Data will no longer have to wait for drive mechanics to read or write and travels at the speed of light in and out of the SSD. Overall, Solid-state drives deliver better than nine hundred per cent improved data transfer performance ever traditional hard drives and with no moving parts to fail drive crashes are significantly reduced. Valuable data is better protected against data loss. Now users can have the confidence that their critical files, important documents and irreplaceable photos are safer. The design of SSD technology also solves two major concerns, for mobile users, which are durability and battery life.

With stunning performance and remarkable reliability, solid-state drives are increasing in popularity.

Hard disk storage

The hard disk drive is the primary data storage of the computer. Hard drives are measured in kilobyte (KB), megabyte (MB) and Gigabytes (GB) up until Terabytes which can be seen in almost every computer store. The larger the number of bytes the larger the storage space increases for the computer to store its data. When deciding to buy a new personal computer, for a casual user, the most important thing to understand is what the hard drive does to the computer and how much it can store the data that is needed to be saved on the drive.

It took many years before we reach to the storage size of 1 TB. One terabyte hard drives comes into the market in 2007. And then in 2009, we heard two terabyte hard drives were produced. It had been 51 years when the first hard disk is invented and when a terabyte hard drives are invented , it took only two years to invent another additional one terabyte to the data storage technology. The first hard drive was called IBM Model 350 Disk File and the physical size is as large as our living room but the storage size is only 5 MB.

In the history of hard drive, many hard disks are being built by the concept of "Bigger is better". But in earlier 80s , smaller version of hard disk are being developed . These smaller version are being used with microcomputer, which was at the time increasing in popularity. Nowadays, these microcomputers are known as PCs (personal computers). These smaller version of hard disk are 5 MB in storage capacity and 5.25 inches in size. Since of that time the hard disk size have become smaller and the storage capacity have become larger.

Nowadays, everyone is able to buy hard disk at affordable price. But the first hard disk is very expensive and cannot even bought . But it is leased together with IBM 305 RAMAC computer which is for $3,200 per month which is very expensive comparing to the modern days. As time goes by, and technology advances data storage device have become a decent price that everyone can buy.

A decision of choosing a hard disk drive can be very difficult if a person is not familiar with what he or she is looking for. These days' storage devices have large amount of capacity for data storage and can be very smaller in size. The problem every computer users have to face is when they learn that their hard disk space is full when trying to save some important data. Hence it is up to us to decide how much data storage capacity we need.

In this modern world, everyone's data storage capacity differs according to their interests, work and education. As the hard drive storage become larger and larger, the applications and data which it stores become more advance and bigger in size. Many applications such as photo editing, video editing, game production software and much other software have taking more capacity which features more and advance functions. Also , video games have advancing more in technology, graphics and data it stores have also becoming larger.

Nowadays, everyone have their own decent data storage devices. As I mentioned above, "Bigger is better" concept is changing entirely different into the size doesn't matter but only the "large capacity matters" concept.

As the technology advances, there are many devices with large capacity and smaller in size. For example, many mobile devices, mp3 music players, video players and portable gaming devices. But the main problem with large capacity is risk of data loses. An ordinary HDD hard disks can crash and result in data loses but there is a solution for the problem. The solution is SSD drives but due to its expensiveness and typically less storage capacity, while HDD capacity is increasing drastically. In the future, the new developments can be made possible for to its increase in data storage for a decent price.