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This project aims to develop an online system to integrate sports club. This can help many sports clubs to publish their new events in the calendar. This allow the user to select their desire club to make booking for ground / coach / equipment and also this allow user to find new sprts club in the country. The purpose of this project is to develop a database driven web-based application to equip its users with accessibility to the relevant information whenever needed. Developing such a system up to the expectations of the users is the most important factor in this project. We have decided to use J2EE and J2ME to develop the system and decided to use incremental prototyping methodology as project methodology. In fact, many organizations will simply be content with what they are accustomed to doing. Other important issues include the fact that many organizations relatively ignore acceptance of advance technological advancements. However, technology plays an important role for business or service enhancements in many ways. Therefore, this technological advancement will lead to numerous benefits in the work environment, including the most important advantage; the time factor (time consumed for operations).

Information Technology has modernized the life of human beings' and has made the lives easier by the various kinds of applications. In the light of the rapid changes with the use of IT, there are many tools, technologies and systems have been produced and invented. As information technologies developed, novel ways of business process redesign emerged. Most organizations today use Internet technology to redesign their processes in ways that provide new competitive advantage.

In the modern world, time is short so if there are many processes taken place at same time within a place there is a need for integration of all the processes, creation of paperless environment also ensures efficient task management. Nowadays all the businesses are shifting to e-business. The purpose to having an e-business is, it helps to increase the market share and it's very easy for customers to use. It is increasing the demand among the customer.

Sports clubs play a significant role in their communities. They perform an important social role, helping to maintain and encourage a range of sports. In an age of rising obesity, their place in the community becomes ever more important. The each club can market their sports clubs activities in an integrated web base system. This project is concerned with Develop an Online System to Integrate Sports Club across the country with the use of ICT. Such system can give girls and boys and women and men opportunities to take part in physical exercise and sports in order to promote good public health. Give a women and men positive experience of sports as entertainment. And also it can strengthen the international competitiveness of sportsmen and sportswomen.

Integrated sports club system affords you the ability to list all the sports club websites and explain its services in great detail. Providing additional information about each sports club and services will help to bring in more customers.

2.2 Research Question

In order to develop an efficient system we have created many questions to find information from various clubs.

Research questions for Club

What are the club name and the club website?

How many members does club has?

Does your club provide ground, coach and equipment booking?

What are the processes can be perform in the club?

What are your future sports development plans?

How many levels of users/ staff are in your club and what are their functions?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your club?

Do you think that developing an online system to integrate the club will help your sports club?

Research questions for project

What are the benefits can be gained by developing this system?

What are challenges need to be faced when developing the system?

2.3 Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to provide a secure, user friendly and cost effective web portal which integrates various sports clubs across the country and provides its users to book sports premises, equipments, and coaches.

We state our objectives here,

Provide a simple and one solution that can be used by all sports clubs.

Identify different tasks and the problems.

Learn new technologies and concepts that can enhance the functionality of the system. (J2EE, J2ME, Database management system, Ajax and jquery etc. )

Study and understand of incremental prototyping methodology which is used as methodology.

Provide all services required for club management within one single package.

Develop an easy and user-friendly system for users.

To complete the project within the time period.

2.4 Significance of Research

In UK each sports club has individual website for their club. For an example Active surrey club, Wey Bridge rowing club, Edinburgh sports club, and etc… In order to make any reservation for a club or find the events in the clubs or to make a booking for a coach or equipment the people has to go to that particular website and need to perform the actions. Some people may not know all the clubs available in the country. It will be really helpful if the people cans see all the new events in the various clubs in one place. Develop an online system to integrate sports club under one roof will help to perform their activities (for both club and people) efficiently. The application is really helpful for sports clubs which provide various services to the general public who use the facilities provided by sports clubs, members of these sports clubs, organizations which would like sponsor sporting events and advertise on the site.

Develop a website which can ensure the integrity of data, security, and user friendly and time efficient is a challenge. So we have taken this as challenge to develop a system that can provide following facilities,

Make booking reservation for premises, equipments and coachers.

Administrators can add, edit, view and delete clubs, games, grounds and events.

Select desired club which is available on the site.

Perform reservations in advance online.

Provide a calendar for available recourse.

Send SMS to coachers about the details of coach bookings.

Send emails to clubs about the booking details.

Clubs must be able to control/ manage the user registration.

Upload all existing users.

Accept new membership request online.

Database Warehouse

Club Members, Staff and Admin

On line web


Out Side Users





Figure 1.1: Top level architecture of the system

3.0 Literature Review

Designing and developing a website is an important investment which means that performing the right functionality of the system is crucial to success. Therefore, it is very important to consider the general factors associating with qualified design structure of the web application. Therefore before start the project it is an important to gather information regarding what are the functionalities we are going to add, and we have to learn the technologies and methodology that we plan to use on this project.

Our designing system is an online application for the sports clubs, which provides a proper solution to the remaining problems. As a proper implementation we designed this system as a web based implementation. To have a proper solution we have decides to use technologies such as databases, web technologies, multimedia technologies and mobile technologies.

We have used many resources to find more information such as e-books, books, magazines, website, and research papers.

Book name: Information Technology Project Management, 4th edition

Author: Schwalbe,K

Publication: Thomson course technology

By referring this book we acquire knowledge in what are the management process we have to follow, this book clearly include what will help make a project succeed and what can cause it to fail. We have identified that we need to cover nine knowledge areas and 5 process groups in our project. This book explains each section with real world examples

Book name: UML 2 and the Unified Process. Practical Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Author: Arlow,J and Newstadt,L

Publication: Pearson Education

I have decided to use object oriented concept in our project. In order to find information on object oriented analysis and design we have referred this book. By referring this book we have acquired knowledge in how to identify the project requirement, how to use those requirement in draw use case diagram, analysis class diagram, how to convert that into design class diagram

Book name: Beginning Java Server Pages

Author: Chopra,V, Eaves,J, Jones,R, Li,S, and Bell,J

Publication: Wrox

I have decided to use J2EE and J2ME technology to develop the system. This book helped us to find basic information of JSP. We have acquired knowledge in what are the functions we can develop using JSP. Even though this book is bit advance to understand we found high level information about JSP.

Book name: Software Engineering

Author: Sommerville

Publication: Pearson

I have decided to use incremental prototyping as the development methodology for this project. In order find details on this methodology, this book has help me to find more details on the Incremental prototyping. This book clearly explained the steps need to be covered while developing the system.

Article: JQuery API



This article help use to find information on JQuery. To include the event of the each sports clubs we need to use the jquery. This article help us to find the way to develop such event.

Sports club website:

In order to develop an efficient website, we have search on some sport clubs website to find what the processes they are giving to their users are. We have identified many sports club website such as,

There are four main technologies have been decided to use in our system.

Development Methodology -Incremental prototyping

J2EE Technology

J2ME Technology

Database Technology

Ajax, JQuery Technology

3.1 Development Methodology

Software process models are general approaches for deciding a set of activities, actions, tasks, milestones, work products and work sequence of the project to produce high quality-software. There are generic process models. This includes waterfall, agile development method, Joint Application Development, prototyping and the Rapid Application Development. According to Roger (2003, p77) these terminologies and details of each process model is different, but the generic framework activities remain reasonably consistent.

For each process model, there are ways to ensure /evaluate that the final product has been developed according to the way it should be. "The quality, the timeliness and long-term visibility of the product are the best indicators of the efficacy of the process that you use." Roger (2003, p78).

When researched through, I have found that Incremental prototyping will help to fulfill all the requirements.

Prototyping is the help to develop a system at a fast speed by creating a replica of the system. The principle followed in prototyping is all about learning the requirements of the system.

Figure: the steps involved in Incremental Prototyping

Somerville (2005, p 94)

3.2 Web Application

Before decide the technologies I have compare the java with PHP and I have found many advantages on the Java side. When we consider scalability, scalability always starts with performance. It also covers issues such as code maintainability, fault tolerance, and the availability of programming staff. According to Jack Herrington, "Java beat PHP on most of the performance benchmarks, even substantially on some". Most of the arguments were targeted towards PHP not being scalable. It is easier to develop a web page using PHP than using Java. PHP with a properly tuned threaded Apache, running under an accelerator (to minimize page compile time) and using some kind of memory caching mechanism (can be quite fast and vertically/horizontally scalable. But when we have an application that needs to be always available and scale to thousands of concurrent users then Java is hands down the winner. Another good side of Java is all the out-of-the-box class libraries you get and how everything is 100% object oriented. Procedural code can die, but PHP is also an object oriented, but for the most part there are some inherent things missing (overloading, inheritance from multiple objects, enforcement of private properties and methods).

Finally I have found that it is efficient to use Java technologies into my project.

J2EE Technology

J2EE provides a component based approach to the design, development, assembly, and deployment of enterprise applications. This approach reduces cost and also enables a fast track through design and implementation. The J2EE platform provides a multi-tiered distributed application model, the ability to reuse components, a unified security model, and flexible transaction control. JSP & Servelet Technologies are decided to use in the project.


Sun Microsystems defines J2ME as "a highly optimized Java run-time environment targeting

a wide range of consumer products, including pagers, cellular phones, screen-phones, digital set-top boxes and car navigation systems." In the project under the coach booking part, this technology will be used to sends a SMS from our system to coacher's mobile.

Figure 3.3 Downloading java technology based application to mobile phones.

MySQL database

I have decided to use MySQL Database in our system. Database is one of the major parts of the three tier architecture. So it is very important to design the database according to the requirements of the application and its users. Our system is basically consists of the modules of admin and booking. Our system stored data about the clubs and members. And also it keeps the records about the events and booking. Therefore there is a higher need on proper maintain collection of data which need to process at several stages.

4.0 Feasibility Study

The system is designed with the newest technologies with recognizable patterns and designs to organize and process data in an organized manner. The system is technically feasible, because it ensure a role-based security system which allows administrator to customize the access level, we use general purpose tools and technique to reduce errors in information transmitted, the system validates and verifies the correctness of information entered by the user before accepting certain information and it will inform whether any mistake exists in the entry, it ensuring the uniformity of data because we are using the relational database management system.

Since I decided to use incremental prototyping, will provide many prototypes including the system design before code the system, therefore it will allow client to give possible feedback about the system. During the design of each increment a pictive will be shown to the respective users to get their ideas.

When consider the schedule feasibility, the project will be completed within 3 months. I have created Gantt chart which displaying project schedule information by listing project activities and their corresponding start and finish dates in a calendar format. It will give the clear path for the project.

4.0 Conclusion

Designing and developing a website is an important investment which means that performing the right functionality of the system is crucial to success. Therefore, it is very important to consider the general factors associating with qualified design structure of the web application. Reusability of most of the already existing solutions throughout the face of development process encourages for rapid advancement from one phase to another. When building the website, implementing a flexible architecture composed of pluggable components allows adding additional aspects by coding them separately and plugging them into the existing application.

A sports club is an institution that supports multiple sports and having many teams working under one roof organization. There are many sports club available in UK. The clubs provide grounds for sports team, provide coaches for that team, provide practices and provide accommodations for those team players.

From the research questions we have got more solutions. First we have identified that many clubs welcome this online system. We need to have 4 levels of users such as administrator, staff, members and super admin. Where admin can add, view, edit and delete the clubs, games, grounds and events. Staff ensures the payment via online. Users can register club, book ground / equipment, and payment via online. Super admin take the responsibility to accept the club / user registration. We have identified that there are few clubs which need to advertise their club and become popular, they were welcome this suggested solution. Sending the notification mail and SMS were highly appreciated by the club members.

This application is to be designed with the newest technologies in web development, with recognizable patterns and designs to organize and process data in an organized environment. The information rendered will be expressive with rapid speed of data process, and information interchange. We hope to provide a secure, user friendly and cost effective web portal which integrates various sports clubs across the country. And also we hope for the best results by developing this challenge system.

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