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The Hotel online booking system is a website that allows customers to book rooms for their holidays, conference rooms etc. the system will also contain a separate site that will allow the reception staff to access, modify the whole system. It will allow staff to manage the hotel. It will promote system automation and management without paper.

Hotels now days offer online booking system that allows them automation and saves them money. This system will provide an easy and fast way for travellers to search for rooms. The website must not be too fancy, Law and Huang (2006) notes that:"In reality, a highly rated website with rich content or ease of use does not necessarily mean that the site is successful"

For the project screen designs will be simple and easy to use and will have functionality like offers and promotional codes. The Hotel Online Booking will provide to the customer an easy interface and parallel with functionalities for a quick way to find rooms offers. The system will also provide the necessary support to book with the hotel like help messages.

The project divides into two different parts the customer part and the administration part. The administration part will focus on the management of the hotel (reception) this will allow the staff to administer the Hotel. Staff will access the system with username and password by having an access system, staff will have different role (manager, receptionist) from the reception part of the project receptionists will check in/out guests (customers) take reservations by phone etc. Managers can administer bookings and manage staff etc.

Background of the project:

A Hotel booking system is necessary software for a hotel for the modern traveller. It allows customers (guests) to find rooms for their holydays or conference rooms.

A hotel system must allow the staff of the hotel to monitor and administer the hotel.

The purpose of such system is to automate the booking system of a small hotel, by automating the booking system it will remove the "middleman" like travel agencies and low the cost to the customer or benefit the hotel by taking all the profit instead of sharing some of the profit with travel agents. Such a system will also save time to the reception staff because all the information will be on the systems database, so that reception staff will not have to type all the information for all new customers (guests).

The responsibilities of the reception are:

Receiving bookings


Identifying rooms and prices

Customer care

State of facilities

Billing and settlement of accounts

Create customer history file

The reception is responsible for the coordination of services to customers and ensuring satisfaction to the customers.

The main areas of the project:

Online booking system for a hotel

System will allow customer find available hotel between two days.

Search for rooms that fit in specification.

Air-condition rooms


Internet access

Mini bar

Users have accounts

View current transactions

Print booking confirmation

Past bookings

Review their stay at the hotel

Delete their account

Manage communication preferences

News letters

Special offers

Reception Management (online)

Manage Rooms

Add Rooms

Remove Rooms

Update Room Information

Manage Reservations(bookings)

Add New Reservation

Check-in guests

Check-out guests

Delete Reservation

Alter Reservation

Change prices for each room category

Communication with customers

Send email to customers

Answer to "Contact us" messages

Send newsletters, special offers to subscribed customers


Take payments from customers(settlement of account)

Changes to customers billing accounts(corrections)

Why you have selected this project:

The author decided to select this project because it is interesting and because hotels nowadays have huge information coming to the business. Reception staff some times makes mistakes because this information are stored manually. The system will offer to the hotel automation to bookings and minimise mistakes.

Aims of the Project:

The aim of the project is to design and develop a prototype system that will allow customers to book rooms online for a hotel. In addition, it will allow staff to manage the reception through a separate system.

The program scopes to help the customers of the hotel to book their rooms more easily and minimise the reception workflow.

Project Objectives and Tasks:

Literature research

Choice of language

Find similar pages

Evaluate functionalities

Decide what is going to be integrated and how

Decline functionalities that might are not useful for project

New ideas

How they will be Integrated them in project

Evaluate initial System Screens

Perform changes to screen designs

Implement Screens

Make corrections

Implement system



Test the system and make corrections

Evaluate the Process and the Product


Ethical Aspects of the Project:

No ethical aspects.

Initial Literature Search:


The language that is going to be used is PHP (Hypertext preprocessor).

The choice of PHP is because is an easy language for creating dynamic websites.

Ballard and Moncur (2009) note that "The PHP language is flexible and fairly forgiving, making it easy to learn even if you have not done any programming in the past."


The database is going to be on MYSQL database. MYSQL database is free and powerful DBMS (Database Management System).

Oracle (2010) "The MySQL® database has become the world's most popular open source database because of its consistent fast performance, high reliability and ease of use."

Similar systems

Premier inn starting page advertises the latest offer they have, in the front page the website have a search facility that allow the user to find available rooms by typing their post codes, arrival date and how many nights the customer plan to stay.

When the user perform a search the system shows the nearest hotel with the services that provides also shows the price under a set of photographs that shows to the customer the hotel.

The website navigation is simple and offers the necessary information that the customer need. The page is not too "fancy" and offers a very good layout.

Project Plan: