Online Databases And How They Work Computer Science Essay

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So what is "The Village"? The Village is the next generation of social networking. It changes our views of social networking as we know it and is a benchmark for social networking. The Village offers tons of features that will keep you entertained for hours on end. What is needed to run an online database such as The Village? To run an online database like The Village there are a lot of hardware requirement for it to run smooth. Other requirements include software, security protocols and measures, and privacy and legal obligations. These points will be covered in this report.

What are Online Databases and How do they work?

An online database is an electronic collection of information. An online database may be accessed via a network or the internet. Online databases are a software-based system structured to organize, store, and retrieve large amounts of data quickly and easily. Online databases function by storing data on servers. The data are commonly stored in multiple tables. This can be roughly thought of as spreadsheets, with each column containing a particular attribute of the table, and each row containing the set of all attributes of a table, also knows as a "schema".

Hardware Requirement and Software Requirements

When creating an online database, hardware such as servers `with a sufficient internet connection as well as routers, database storage and dedicated firewall are required. A social network would require multiple servers to store user information. Social networks such as Facebook requires a least one server per a country due to the massive amount of users.

The major software requirement for an online database is PHP, MySQL. PHP also known as Hypertext Preprocessor, is a general purpose server side scripting language, which can then be embedded into HTML to create a wide variety of mini-applications, larger complex applications. PHP can be used to design and create dynamic databases. MySQL is a management system for databases. MySQL assists to add, access and process data stored in a computer.


When developing and running an online database like a social network security is a major issue. A security issue occurs when a hacker gains unauthorized access to a site's protected coding or written language. The hack is then able to access user personal information. Social network security lapse don't necessarily involve hackers exploiting users private information. In some case the hacker may just plant viruses like XXS worms which may effectively shut down the social networking site temporarily. Major security measures and protocol such as SSL and Encryption help combat these threats. SSL is the internets most widely used security protocol which is also known as Secure Sockets Layer. SSL creates a secure connection between the server and the client for data to be shared over. SSL will be used in a social network connection to protect user logins and passwords. Encryption is a type of algorithmic scheme that encodes normal text into cyphertext or un-readable text providing privacy to the user. The receiver is then able to use a key which can decrypt the message. Encryption can be used in social networking to encrypt user's personal information as well as passwords. User should only be allowed minimal access to protect and eliminate the site from been hacked. These security measures and protocols help protect users from identity theft, keeps personal details safe, protects users from been stalked online and off, protects user names and passwords and protects their online profiles as well.


Privacy plays a major part of running a social network. It helps prevent strangers from accessing the user's online profile while at the same time protecting user information. When privacy issues are taken into consideration social networking sites are always the ones to suffer. Privacy issues, when talking about social networking can be defined by those involving the unwarranted access of private information, don't necessarily have to involve security breaches. There are two ways that someone may be able to gain access to confidential information, simply someone can watch you type you password in or use a key logger and the other case is that some one could possibly breach the sites security. The hacker is then able to view the users profile and confidential information. Privacy and security lapses exist due to the amount of information a site such as a social network may process each and everyday. This makes it much easier to find a flaw in the system. Some precautions that can be taken by both the site and user to protect their information may be for the site to use high level security and the user to be cautions whenever singing to their profile.

Privacy laws affect all people. Online databases such as social networks are required to follow legal obligations as they protect both the user the social network. Under the "Privacy Act 1998 an online database is required to make users aware that they are saving and collecting their personal information." They must also clearly explain how the information will be used. The social network is also required to protect your information with high level security to prevent personal information from been hacked and stopping identity fraud and stalking etc. If social networks use the appropriate security measure and user use caution when signing their personal information will stay safe and secure.

User Experience

The village should be designed to make the experience as simple and joyful for the user. The village will do this by making the site simple and easy to navigate through. The site will also load, reload and refresh pages pictures and messages as quickly as possible, while also offering top security protocols to protect private messaging and personal information.

The village will offers a wide range of features like a user profile with a secure method for log-in, MyPad, a personalised page containing a variety of useful personal information, apps like games etc., as well as e-mail, instant messaging, video calls and My Village, where users are able to customize their page, add pictures, l videos and much more. The Village will also be accessible from handheld device that are able to connect to the internet through a WI-FI connection or 3G connection. The village aims to bring people into a new era of social networking.


Since the rise of social networking popularity, advertising is a brilliant and profitable idea. Advertising would generate a large amount of money. Since social networking sites generates millions of views a day it would be the ideal place to advertise for both the site and other products. Be sure to target the right audience when advertising on the site. Users will only click on advertisement that truly interests them and draws their attention. Spamming advertisements on the site will prove to be disastrous and will drive user away from the village.

Advertising will generate a large amount of income to the village. Other social networking such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter capitalize on advertising by selling advertising space. Facebook advertising revenue in 2011 is expected to reach $1.86 Billion, while MySpace is expected revenue is $400 Million and Twitter is expected to generate $250 Million. A social networking site would a large user bases could generate Billions of dollar of income to the company.


In conclusion, there are a number of aspects to do with creation, use and implementation of online databases. To create a database like a social network hard and software are required to design and run it. The use and implementation of a social network should offer privacy and security for the user of the site and as well a friendly use experience. Furthermore the site should advertise to generate an income.