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The NVIDIA Reality Server platform is effective connection of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and 3D web services that provides photorealistic, interactive applications over the web service, enabling architects, consumers and designers to easily visualize 3D scenes with notable reality.

Featuring iray® photorealistic rendering technology, Reality Server is one of the best web services application that enables anyone to interact remotely with multiple 3D models and environments, from any angle and under customizable lighting conditions.

Reality Server application run in GPU-based smother computing environment, available using internet-connected PCs, net books, and smart phones, enabling 3D web applications to dynamically scale based on utilization requirements.

Interactive collaborative environments

Reality Server enables attractive 3D web environment for users mention below in web application:

Web Applications

NVIDIA Reality Server gives a platform to cooperate and restate on 3D virtual design from anywhere internet-enable device using a huge range of enterprise and consumer application. Originate real photorealistic images in seconds instead of minutes or hours, Reality Server advance review cycles and probably saves weeks or months off the design cycle.

Below sows some examples of web application positioned to deploy Reality Server:

The most complex city models scalable architecture makes it ideal for hosting through Reality Server. Which application use platform as Reality Server it represented plan to the output device - despite of model size and server-client transfer rate.3D City Modeling

Architectural Design

Reality Server is perfect platform for storing centrally and imaging architectural data overall entire design cycle. It's even allows scalable architecture to displayed wide models shared with highest degree of details.

Reality Server facilitate with centralized plan of storing layouts and merchandizing projects. Internet-enabled and freely of viewing device, applications can provides a huge mixture of tasks, such as modelling customer flows, marketing shelf space or communicating point-of-purchase designs.


Without downloading actual 3D model, Reality Server's workable to rendering architecture handled product-driven application environment can be managed from all place even on client's site also. Reality Server gives incomparable levels of reality using iray rendering technology, While keeping 3D resources secure on a any server, to interactively show how lighting, structure and reflections change - enabling digital models to easily backup real-life product prototyping. Designers and decision makers can visualize down to the polish details with interactive, photorealistic quality. Plus, this lifelike model can easily be turned into high-quality print-ready images.Product Styling and Design

Reality Server is platform of a new generation of online marketing product whether it is configuring a car, a kitchen or whole family home. Reality Server supports life of varied product impressions, from real-time, customized 3D product selection to considered 3D images inside individualized brochures.

Marketing Collaboration Tools

On behalf of trust on image rendered with universal technologies, which could take some hours with Reality Server architecture and interior designers can show up their models to client during conference discussing so client can move to other viewpoints or even interactively walk through the space. It is very easy to go over different times of day and movable using iray technology. It is nice options to quickly go from idea to proposal.Space Planning


This Reality Server is designed by NVIDIA and Mental Images from the connection of software and hardware engineering expertise. It can easily be display in departmental store, enterprise and workgroup environment. This platform includes:

NVIDIA Tesla RS GPU-based servers

Reality Server software

Iray® photorealistic rendering technology

NVIDIA Tesla RS GPU-based servers

The NVIDIA Reality Server platform is effective connection of NVIDIA Tesla™ GPUs and 3D web services that provides photorealistic, interactive applications over the web service, enabling architects, consumers and designers to easily visualize 3D scenes with notable reality.

NVIDIA Reality Server Deployment Solution

Tesla Rs system is configured from a medium 8 Tesla GPUs system for the 10's concurrent users for the small organization environment, the large 32 Tesla GPUs system for 100's concurrent users for the medium organization environment and the extra large 100 Tesla GPUs system for 1000's concurrent users for huge organization environment this are ideal for providing many consumer over the internet. Enabling anyone to contact remotely with complex, photorealistic 3D models and environments, Tesla RS-based server clusters deliver more than 10 times faster performance than CPU-based clusters while consuming less power and needing less space. It is fully featuring the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing structure and powered by 240 parallel processing cores in every Tesla processor, the Reality Server with iray rendering technology provides streaming reality to internet-connected devices. Users will be able to contact with photorealistic 3D display and customize lighting conditions, using internet-connected PCs, net books, and smart phones.

Reality Server Software

Reality Server software is a modern web services platform provides a new category of web applications service to contact with extremely complex 3D models, in life-like quality, on any internet enabled device. Unlike this solutions want to send models to each users machine, Reality Server manage and runs its data remotely. With Reality Server complex design judgment can now be made everywhere.

Advantage of Reality Server applications for industry special technologies for manual user interfaces hosting changing image streams coming from the server. Nearly any of the interactive technology that connects to HTTP can control Reality Server - from HTML, Flash and AJAX in browsers, to Adobe AIR or PDF in documents, to apps for the Apple iPhone. Flexibility running to the reality server, where custom skill can be added for new possibilities and mixture with special server technologies enable enterprise operations.

Iray® photorealistic rendering technology

Iray® is the world's best and first interactive and physically correct, photorealistic rendering solution. With iray users only can quickly develop life-like images of production by using natural, true world coming and interactively exploring their results through processing of NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs). As a ready to perfect solution with tie-up to industry standards, iray enables software developers to speedily add notable and dynamic photorealism to their products. With iray the interactive realism is now a reality.

With iray what they experience daily the iray advance the powerful process by accurately copy the physical world, enabling designers, engineers and consumers to use materials, lighting and settings that correctly simulate. Until the whole details is dispatch iray makes this process interactive by dynamic improving the image.

Organization can directly join this upcoming concourse by adding iray directly to their products (directly or with mental ray) or by apply iray within their Reality Server applications.

Day Evening Night

Working of Reality Server

Below Picture Mention how Reality Server working on the Internet:

Technical Specifications

Development Environment

JavaScript or Action Script IDE required, C++ IDE and compiler optional for custom server extensions.

Development Platform

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (32bit and 64bit)

Windows® XP Professional (32-bit)

Windows Vista™ (64-bit)

SDK Documentation

Internet Explorer 7+

Firefox 2.2+

Safari 3+

Application Programming Interfaces and Integration Protocols

Web Services:     SOAP, JSON-RPC and REST

Client Protocol:     JavaScript (or Action Script within Adobe Flash)

Server Extensions:     C++ Plug in API

Client Systems and Technologies

Client Application:     any framework supporting HTTP

Typical Technologies:  HTML, DHTML, AJAX; Adobe Flash®, Flex®, Air™; Microsoft® Silverlight™

 Web Servers and Networks

Web Server:     An HTTP server is integral to Reality Server that supports optional proxy and commercial server connections.

Cluster Protocols:     TCP UDP multi-cast, TCP Unicast, TCP Unicast with multi-cast discovery

 Server Requirements

Operating System:    32-bit or 64-bit Linux® or Microsoft® Windows®

Internet:    wide bandwidth; width varies according to concurrent user load

Networking:    Gigabit Ethernet or InfiniBand® recommended for maximum scalability

Processors:    varies according to the rendering mode employed by the application:

Hardware Rendering with iray® (physically correct) or OpenGL (maximum interactivity)

CPU:    x86; single CPU for host and nodes

GPU*:    multiple GPUs; CUDA 2.3 required for iray; Tesla RS systems for maximum iray performance or maximum users with OpenGL

Memory:     equal to single GPU memory (4GB for Tesla RS)

Software Rendering (maximum creative options, with limited interactivity)

CPU*:    x86; multiple, multi-core CPUs on host and nodes, 64-bit for large scenes

GPU:     minimal

Memory:    2GB minimum; actual varies according to scene complexity

*server processors should be maximized per node for optimal performance; typically 2-4 GPUs per 1U for GPU rendering; 2 CPUs per 1U for software rendering.

Reality Server Rendering Options

GPU Hardware Rendering:

iray®, for physically correct, global illumination

OpenGL, supporting GLSL, CgFX and MetaSL shaders

OpenGL enhancements using the NVIDIA® CUDA® architecture

Software Rendering  

Film quality ray tracing (similar to mental ray®) supporting MetaSL shaders

Sketch Rendering for illustrative results

Supported Data Types:

Image streaming:     JPEG, PNG, CT

3D assets:     Native .mi from AutoCAD®, Solid Works®, Autodesk 3ds Max,  Autodesk Maya; Translations from: COLLADA .dae; Autodesk .dwf, Wavefront .obj

Bitmap assets:     JPEG, PNG, DDS, HDR, OpenEXR, CT

Data Conversion (via Reality Designer™ plug-in exporters)

Autodesk® 3ds Max®;     versions 8,9, 2008

Autodesk® Maya®;         versions 8.5, 2008

Autodesk® Softimage®;     versions 5.0, 5.11, 6.0

Developer System

32-bit Linux or Windows with 2GB of memory minimum

Key Futures

Client Independence

Reality Server provides storage, processes and manages all 3D data on the server if client need any hardware and additional storage, memory or processing power for working with and size of data.


In Reality Server Wi-Fi or 3G connection are required as bandwidth does impact performance. Handheld equipments can be as interactive with great data bundled as workspace, given as bandwidth and round trip times. 

Scalable Applications

Processing data scope economically with benefits of additional hardware to contact the concurrent user needs, nice image quality, good performance and data size of applications.

Optimal performance

Reality Server automatically divided the workload over both processers and computers for best performance and honest operation.


Reality Server put down server impact by distributed a normal 3D environment amongst so many users, permissive powerful collaborative opportunities such as instructional presentations, design sessions, review and approval, and virtual worlds.

Data Security

Server-side storage of 3D data naturally defends 3D wizard property, with clients getting only images of the 3D data that they are interacting with.

Visual Quality Flexibility

Iray numerous rendering modes are giving support developers to adopt the perfect visual image style and interactive performance for their customers - from the speedy normal of OpenGL, to the interactive photorealism of iray.

Web Services

Web developer can speedily developed Reality Server application and integrate them into their organization solution because Reality Server gives a standard-based service oriented tier for developing solution that are independent of programming language or application building environment and standard protocol such as SOAP, REST and JSON.

Server Extensibility

Reality Server can extend by Developers at closely any level, provides manually operation to be added through C++ for new facility such as creation, modelling, animation and enterprise connection. Client build is similarly flexible, with JavaScript permit huge freedom in managing the remote 3D world through Reality Server's extensive API.