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Introductory Part. Thesis Statement and General Description of Times Newspapers Ltd (as the part of the News Corp. British Department).

The aim of this research is to provide investigation of the current usage of the newest software and hardware tools to provide more efficient performance of the company. I have chosen Times Newspapers Ltd., which is a part of the global media network known as the News Corporation. The media representatives are always considered to use the newest software and hardware updates to be well aware about the recent events in the whole world. And the core idea is to seek which tools the chosen corporations use in the present days to make work of the staff more comfortable and which are recommended them for the usage. Software and hardware tools are very important in the present day world, especially in the media. It would be essential to mention that there is no direct information that the representatives of Times Newspapers Ltd are using certain software either hardware that helps to optimize the productivity and provide efficient working on them as the representatives of the mass media. The same time it would be essential to note that as well as any other media companies the Times Newspapers Ltd is using the most recent software updates to provide the efficient work performance. Everything is done to make the media corporation contemporary to the present needs of the industry and the target market.

Analyzing the information requirements at each of the levels in the balanced matrix corporation management and recommend information systems at each of them to support the major business functions Times Newspapers Ltd and strategize its operations giving it the required competitive edge

The whole corporation is considered to be balanced matrix that is why there are three-type managers present: project managers, functional management and top managers. It goes without saying that every of these managerial subdivisions also need the updates of the recent software needed. Another level is functional managers. The most important software updates for them are decision making programs, which would help them to take the right decisions and use the necessary software to plan the working day of the members of the team. A number of the recent technologies aimed on easing the work of the top managers are appearing. But I think that the most important for them is using these recent updates being well aware about current state of things that is why they need something small, extra new, with a number of necessary features (among them conference calls, e-mail, internet, video call and some necessary a software, which let to view the report). The same time hardware devise should be light small and portable. Another important feature for it is ability to use alternative software updates.

Another level of management is functional management. They mostly needs software that would help them critically evaluate goals and objectives of the projects seek for the newest professional developmental needs. The functional software that correspond the current needs of the functional managers (decision makings, various calculations, graphs and diagrams building) they would them critically evaluate the current situation within the department and provide effective decision. Functional managers seek for balance that is why decision making is very important in their work as well as understanding the needs of the project and providing effective decisions that would make the work performance more effective.

And the last level of managers are the project managers, who are responsible for execution, planning and closing. That is why they need special communicative software that would help them to create suitable scenario for lasting projects within the pages of the newspaper. Planning of the newspaper is very important as the target group should be interested that is why the monitoring software and other suitable devices would be good for them to fulfill the current needs of the target group, buying the product.

Critical Evaluation of the Current IT Updates and Which Would be Suitable for the Company on Different Levels of Management

Evaluating the existing IT updates there should be noted that the company did not announced collaborative projects with the developers of software and hardware products that would play a good advantage for them. It is a well known fact that Rupert Murdoch (CEO of the News Corp. and factual owner of Times Newspapers Ltd.) is cutting the expenses where possible. It goes without saying that with such policy towards invention the newest software and hardware tools different managerial department would use only the most necessary software products and their updates (for example MS Office, web browsers and other). I think that the policy of cutting expenses illustrate Rupert Murdoch's intention not to spend extra costs on such software products as decision making software or the newest hardware tools needed for top specialists. And it is actually not surprising as balanced matrix corporations are aimed on saving costs where possible and it is essential that managerial departments of Times Newspapers Ltd and many other departments would be left without newest inventions because they are not considered appropriate and useful for them. The policy of the Board of Directors is a decisive factor and I consider that in the present day world there exists a number of balanced matrix corporations such as Times Newspapers Ltd., which do not support the idea of using the newest software and hardware inventions and start using them after they were tested by the others and their efficiency is proved. It means that not every company is ready to use the newest software tools and pay money for intellectual property of the other people. It goes without saying that this is the current state of things but personally I support the idea that the situation would be changed in future and people understand that the software tools help to save money and time and it was proved by many the testing results and usage of these products by many firms.

Recommendations to the Top Managers Department: to keep a controlling eye on the process the top managers of mass media company, without any doubts need recent models of the cell phones or BlackBerrys (the newest models present on the market). They help managers to control and be well aware about the current events happening in their company and as it is media corporation quick operation is very important. BlackBerry provides enterprise function that would be really helpful for the present day Top Manger: “BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express offers a cost effective solution for businesses to quickly and easily get started with the BlackBerry solution. It provides advanced BlackBerry smartphone features with no software license or user fees. BlackBerry Enterprise Server is the right choice for larger enterprises and government organizations that need the highest level of IT control and advanced functionality. It includes features such as high availability and BlackBerry Monitoring Service. If your company uses hosted services for email and other applications, you may be able to get the BlackBerry features you need, such as wireless access to email and, calendar and contact synchronization from your hosted services provider” (Research In Motion official web site, 2010). Contemporary mobile software helps to avoid bulky technical equipment, but use only smartphones, which have a number of useful features as conference call video call, organizer, and access to internet, mail and immediate messaging programs. The top managers could be well aware about current state of things within the company.

Recommendations to the Functional Managers: The newest decision making software could be easily found. I think that the choice should be made on the appropriate for the managers individually or they have to choose collaboratively the product, which provides all the necessary functions (some of them already have graphs and diagrams building function included). The marker of decision making software is very wide and there could be hardly advised something, I think that providing a questionnaire among the staff would be the best decision as the specialists operating with this soft should choose it themselves. The same situation is with the project managers, who have to use monitoring software to provide efficient performance of thee projects they deal with. It goes without saying that they have to choose personally what type of software they need more and I think that the best idea is to involve specialists to decide personally whether they needs it and if yews which one they consider the most efficient. They have to choose themselves, as they got to work with this software and feel comfortable working within it. It means that the interface should be user friendly and quick operating.

Critical Evaluation of Security System of Times Newspapers Ltd

As every big company Times Newspapers Ltd uses standard number of measures to protect their information system. I think that as they are mainly providing product, which is traditionally related to as intellectual property it would be suitable to protect themselves legally. As Times Newspapers Ltd, they use corporate lawyers, sometimes outsourcing as it is more efficient in the present day than keep a whole department, which would provide operation on every particular case. The developers departments support the online version of the newspaper (TimesOnline, which is very contemporary and user friendly) and protect it from the different internet swindlers. Evaluation of the security measure of the Times Newspapers Ltd. Is working perfectly and any information was found about the fact their security system was cracked by hackers or something like that. It is the best result of the security competence. They protect the company in different ways being very attentive in this question.

Cloud Computing and Times Newspapers Ltd. Pros and Cons

It is a well known fact that Times Newspapers Ltd is a part of large media corporation - The News Corp. It illustrates the company as the one using the same corporate product and promoting corporate IT technologies. The Cloud Computing is already in use by the News Corp and Times Newspapers Ltd as a part of it. There are as advantages as well as disadvantages from this method. At first Cloud computing helps to reduce costs on the software, providing corporate license for all the members. It also plays a good role in the development of corporate security system. But the same time there are a number of disadvantages as the software used in one region could be not suitable in another. Or software used for one purpose could not be used for the other objectives in another department. It creates essential need to use software updates regionally, providing only basic corporate software common for every department.

Conclusion. Summing up the Report

In the end I would like to make a stress on the fact that Times Newspapers Ltd as a part of the News Corp. uses the politics of its CEO, in the case of the IT development too. It goes without saying that media corporation needs constant updates and modernizations and archaic management of Rupert Murdoch not always good for this. The same time the company is ranked Top 3 in the whole world and its British department Times Newspapers Ltd is one of the most popular newspapers in Britain and the whole world. It should be mentioned that CEO of the corporation keeps a controlling eye on every of his Departments and the new inventions should be positively accepted by the Board of Directors. I think that is the influence of globalization and as every new trend it has as positive as well as negative influence on the company. It should be noted that the company is highly ranked and that is a good illustration for it


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