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An operating system is a set of programs that lies between application software and the computer hardware. System software means all programs related to coordinating operations, including the operating system, programming language and other functions.

A computer must be an operating without an operating system we somehow cannot even open our computer. Computer is actually very important as our life goes with a very new era. And it transformed everything with computerized so we would not left out. We will be able to know what the tools, components, functions are and most importantly we know how to use it. It is kind of important items in our daily life. It is become a must in our life for the computer and also operating system to features it.

Last but not least, computer is a very wide knowledge to learn. We cannot be able to learn everything at once but we will always change something from to time. it will always be upgrade always when there is a new thing comes to our new technology.

Question 1

Operating system

What is an operating system?

An operating system is a set of programs that lies between applications software and the hardware. It is the fundamental software that controls access to all other hardware and software resources. Software means all programs related to coordinating computer operations. System software means all the programs related to coordinating computer operations. Systems software includes the operating system but also includes other elements such as programming language translators and a variety of utility programs.

Note that we said that an operating system is a set of programs. The most important program in the operating system is the kernel, which manages the operating system. It remains in memory and is therefore referred to as resident. The kernel controls the entire operating system loads into memory other operating system programs (called nonresidents) from the disk story as needed.

The main three functions for an operating system which is managing the computers resources, such as the central processing unit, memory, disk drives, and printers, secondly is establishing a user interface and thirdly is executing and providing services for applications software. However that much of the work of an operating system is hidden from the user many necessary tasks are performed behind the scenes. The first listed function is managing the computers resources are take care of without the user being aware of the details. All input and output operations are initiated by an application program.

Many of its function are hidden from view, you will have to communicate directly with the operating system to begin using an applications software package and to perform various housekeeping tasks. Two forms of user interfaces are the command-line interface and the graphical user interface-(GUI) the command-line interface is the text based and requires you type in complete operating system commands. MS-DOS, Unix, Linux. Many large computer operating systems use a command line interface. GUIs use a visual images and menus to enable users to enter commands. Windows and Mac OS use GUIs. Many installations of linux and Unix are set up to offer a GUI.

What are the operating system that exists in operating system.

Windows 98

Windows 98 and windows millennium edition are improvements on windows 95 and have much the same screen look

Features that required in windows 98

Internet/ intranet browsing capabilities. Microsoft browser, Internet explorer, is a included with windows and windows itself has been made to look more like a browser.

Support for state-of-the-art hardware including digital video disks (DVD) and the latest multimedia components. DVD and multimedia are described in the chapter on storage.

Support for multi gigabyte disk drives.

TV viewer and broadcast ability. A broadcast-enabled computer blends television with new forms of information and entertainment. It enables the reception of broadcast web pages and other lived data feeds, such as across the screen news deadlines and stock quotes.

Wizards. Windows lets users accomplish various tasks by using wizards, step by step software tools that make task more user friendly.

Multimedia support. Windows media player 7 includes a jukebox and music database control, and enables you to record music CD's as digital files. Windows movie maker provides basic video editing capabilities on your pc. Windows images acquisition provides additional support for manipulating scanner and digital camera images.

Reliability features. If any system files are accidentally deleted or overwritten with out-of-date versions, the system file protection feature automatically restores them the next time you boot the system. An auto update function automatically checks appropriate sites on the internet for updates to installed system and application software. A system restore feature lets you return to an earlier system configuration if the addition of hardware and software disrupts your system's settings. A help center will eventually help us with variety of problem that we are facing for.

Home network support. As the number of homes with multiple PCs increases, the demand for home networking grows. Windows Me includes the home networking wizard to guide the user through the often confusing process of internet connecting multiple computers and peripherals.

Network operating system

Windows NT

The operating system called windows NT stands for "new technology" is meant mostly for cooperate, networked environment. Versions 4.0 the last with the NT designation, looks exactly like windows 98. But beneath the surface, windows NT is far more robust. It was engineered for stability and, as befits a networked environment, has much stronger security it can be strongly protected. But the disadvantages for windows NT is they are lack of support for older windows or MS_DOS software and hardware and is more complex to learn and use, and requires ,more memory and processor power than the windows 9xfamily.

Application software

Application software may be either custom or packaged. Many large organizations pay computer programmers to design, write, test, and implement software to write custom software that is specifically tailored to the organization's needs. Customs software for the tasks of large organizations may be extremely complex and take a lot of time to even write.

Graphic software

It might seem unnecessary to show graphics to business people when standard printouts of numbers are readily available. However, graph, maps, and chart can help people compare data, spot trends more easily, and make decisions more quickly. In addition, visual information is usually more compelling than a page of numbers. Presentation graphics enable people to develop a professional looking businessman with the PowerPoint slide show on which presenting as well as with the high quality graphics, audio and video.


From the viewpoint of an individual with a personal computer at home, communications means in simple terms that one and another hook on the phone. It same goes to in communications on internet. They are using text system but enable immediately can be received any of the messages. A user needs is all about the browser to search up those software.

Personal information managers.

Personal information manages (PIMs) are programs that provide the functions necessary for you to keep track all your activities in your very busy life. Features vary according to the specific product, but typically include an appointment calendar, address book, task manager, notepad, and calculator. These features are all integrated where can you can get a display of your daily, weekly, or monthly calendar showing all meetings and the contact information of the attendance, a list of tasks with the due dates and notes. You will have to made about all the tasks or even modify your tasks on time. This is what personal information managers works.

Differences between operating system and network operating system.

Computers were built to operate as a singular entity having discrete resources and individual operating system. Although the use of multiple computer to solve a single problem is not unheard of, it is often a human's job to subdivide the problem into manageable chunks that the computers can separately work on.

A distributed OS is just an improvement of the original concept. But instead of a human cutting up the job, the OS is a smart enough to know which computers are overload which ones are idle. It would then balance the tasks available so that each computer in the group is sharing equal load. This are the differences between them.

Differences between network operating system and application software

Network operating system is use to run computers act as a servers. They provide the capabilities required for network operation while application software they can be divided into a few levels which are low-level programs that interact with the computer at a very basic level. They are all stored in one operating system where we can used those application to access what we want look for.

However network operating system is provided functions so the distinction between network operating system and stand alone would not be obvious they will provide when needed to while application software is the privilege we could access more and variety of the functions.

Question 2

An internet service is a company that offers internet access to individuals and business for a monthly or yearly fees. In addition to internet connection, internet access provider may also provide related services like web site hosting and development, email hosting, domain name registration.

Different internet service providers and sometimes even the same one, offer different types of internet connections-dialup, cable and DSL broadband, hardware such as dialup modern of a wireless modem and router are usually provided by the company. When you register with an internet service provider it is a service for us, an account is created and you are provided with the login details which are username and password. You connect to the internet via your account and this way company keeps a watch on your profile on your online activity. All providers have strict terms of use and ensure you read these carefully before you sign up though. I think the casual web surfer would probably never be in breach on your username.

InternetService Providers can be both regional, confined to a geographical area, or national, servicing the entire country and they are connected with each other

The process of sign up the internet plan

Read the documents from the site

These documents provides help for all levels of users and are a guide to the registration process.


This tell you about the DOMAIN REGISTRY Name Registration Service (DNRS). This is also an FAQ-cum-Glossary for those new to domains.

Supporting documents

Are you eligible to register? Click here to see if your organization meets the required criteria. In some cases, you must submit supporting documents with your confirmation of registration.

Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name has to follow certain conventions. Click here for details

Agreement for registration of domain names

This is a crucial document. When you submit the domain name registration form DOMAIN REGISTRY, you are confirming that you have read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions in this agreement.

Read the recent announcements

This is where you get the latest information and news on domains and the registration process. You are advised to update yourself before submitting your registration form.

Make sure have met all pre-requisites

Before you register, you must have done the following

Have a live internet link

Set up your primary name server configured it for the domain to name to be registered. Do not list name servers in the form without the explicit approval of their owners. Please click here for more information on name servers.

Set up your secondary name server configured it for the domain name to be registered. Do not list name servers in the form without the explicit approval of their owners. Please click here for more information on name servers.

Identified administrative contact. Only the contact persons listed in your registration from will receive e-mail notification DOMAIN REGISTRY when the registration is completed

Identified technical contact. Only the contact persons listed in your registration form will receive e-mail notification form. DOMAIN REGISTRY when the registration is completed

Identified Billing Contact

Have ready any supporting documents required

You may register for edu, my , gov, and mill my domain names using only the online register new domain name form for an easy to follow flow chat of the process, click here. A detailed manual can be downloaded here

Please make sure that you fill in all information accurately. Any form filled in incorrectly could cause your application to be rejected, you will then have to submit another new application

You are responsible for the accuracy of all the information you state in your application form. My DOMAIN REGISTRY reserves the right to revoke the domain name at any time without prior written notice to you DOMAIN REGISTRY find any of the information supplied in the form to be incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate.

Please take note that all information provided will be made publicly available though DOMAIN REGISTRY service.

Confirm your registration

Domain name application forms are processed DOMAIN REGISTRY every working of the week. Domain names are registered on a first "first come, first served" basics. However, please note that submission of application does not guarantee registration

Once you have submitted your application form, your administrative, technical and billing contact will receive an immediate acknowledgement e-mail notice DOMAIN REGISTRY of the submission of your application. Note that only the contact persons listed in your application form will receive e-mail DOMAIN REGISTRY when the registration is completed.

If your application is rejected, your rejection notice will come with a reason why it was rejected or if you will have to apply again and go through all the process from the start.

Your domain name will be registered after DOMAIN REGISTRY has received and checked all the application and documents.

For information on confirmation for registration will proceed by Resellers.

This is how the process worked.

Internet in Malaysia

There are many types of way to connected in Malaysia. The most common is DSL where we can actually set up a local area network and begin to start a connection at our home. Usually they invented with 1Mbit/s-4 Mbit/s. somehow the more Mbit/s the fastest speed will be. Time passed it transformed to a new era with a broadband where we can get to know their advantages is they can be bring to anywhere with a very small like pen drive it actually connected to our laptops, personal computers (PC) such as Digi broadband, Wimax. We believe that many student that are cannot afford with the internet monthly fees so they make up their mind to sign up for broadband plan while DSL is much more to home connections or some organizations. But the disadvantages for broadband is they are have limited on their quote once we already out of the quote it won't be worked anymore while internet where we can enjoy unlimited but with the heavy costs of monthly fees. However every of them has their own way to perform with the best and fastest connection. Still Malaysia already existing with fiber optic cable which it will affect that our connections will be much fastest but only for certain state like cyberjaya and some other high-tech state. We are looking forward the more fiber optics will be exists in Malaysia it would not have to depending to one telecom line which some time causes slow.


Operating system as a solution for sharing hardware resources among multiple operating system. This is how we presented architecture and suggested an implementation method for the ix86 using Linux as the base OS. However technology has changing rapidly it will change it to more advanced way to perform a new operating system perhaps there are more advance way to perform need not those things but still get to perform with a very ordinary way.

In future perhaps it will work with without anything but still have something to replaced operating system. And it would not occurs with all viruses has transmitted and everything that affect us. The sever will be much stronger and it will be all been in high-tech. somehow, computers has help us a lot in any way. But time passed swiftly we cannot only depending on one major thing and we have to look or invent more that are useful to us.