Net And Java Based Interprise Computer Science Essay

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Interoperability is the transfer of data between different operating systems. Interoperability is the important technique in today's live. Software's like Microsoft.Net and Java programming language encourages the use of this technique.Net and Java support6 this by using web services, window and they secure these. Web services contain internet standards mainly extension markup language which defines the path followed to transfer data between operating system of the interne (internet applications).Windows defines the graphical user interface and security tells on who is suppose have access on a given document.


The research is based on comparing and contrasting plans and how information sharing between operation systems is developed by .Net and Java which make them to be recognized world wide. This will go on to discuss features like web services, window and security.


According to (Williams and Sawyer 2007, pg11) Microsoft.Net was introduced by Redmond Giant in 2002, but the idea long stated i9n the 1990's.The main aims of .Net was to provide easier and quicker use of computers in communication through the internet and better security (Mcpeak and Wilton 2006 pg10 )state that Sun's Java is an object -oriented programming language introduced Sun infall 1995.The story of its development stated in1990's when Games Gosling and other language developers at sun were working on a television project. The team noticed that available programming languages like C++ did not have some features they wanted to use so they came up with this Language.

(Williams and Sawyer 2007, pg 170) mentions that interoperability is the ability of sending data between operation systems. Operation systems interoperate using some features in net as well as Java. These include;

Web services

Windows and



Using Information Technology by (Williams and Sawyer 2007 pg175) a web service is software based on internet standards used to describe, identify and communicate information over a world wide web accessed by different machines. It is important because it represent the future trends. (Williams and Sawyer 2007 pg168) continue to state that web services were introduced with .Net product in 1995.the idea was to make communication between programs and devices easy. Web services are build on extension markup language and XML is used in VisualStudio.Net for quick creation of application so as to launch applications locally on the computer or other devices through the internet. As for Sun's Java according to (Mcpeak and Wilton 2006,pg6) Java two enterprise edition is a tool used to translate extension markup language(XML) files to data for easy communication between applications.web service in Java compete with the one in .Net by the use of a middleman which consists of different software's that run-in many operation systems.


On the other hand (Williams and Sawyer 2007, pg168) state that.Net introduced windows 2003 which made development of graphical user interface. The commands for this were replaced by pull down menus, icons and toolbars made on portable devices like personal video players, spot for smart phones and arrays for smart watches that display weather information. These devices were controlled by wireless connections. (The microsoft's.Net strategy 2002) also add onto this with the development of Windows.Net.Windows.Net is an operation system which allow users like business users to finish their different tasks in one interface by offering programmable conditions for the user if they want top create new.Net application. This shows that now .Net strategies will allow users t6o develop new features for this, their ideas are now important to .Net developers. Again a wide range of services will be offered by .Net to the users by using Consumer subscription service.


In terms of security according to (Building Connected Systems 2005).Net uses codes within its platform. The code is enhanced for windows, web applications and web services. Codes usually contains signature, origins and location of any application by default and the administrator will choose the kind of application to run in a given code. (Williams and Sawyer 2007) states that there is what is called "Rights Management Service (RMS)".It is usually used by companies to enforce security on documents to be copied, forwarded in emails and viewed by using policies. While for Java (Mcpeak and Wilton2007, pg27) states that Firefox and internet explorer resists access between frames and windows. A close () method can be used to show if the user has opened a restricted window, the option close () will be shown to close that window.


To conclude,.Net and Java both support the use of web services, windows and security .As for web services there is the use of extension markup language (XML) for communication of internet applications. Windows 2003 are used by .Net to define the user interface. Different security means are used by .Net and Java.