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Multimedia, the word multimedia its self says media in multiple ways. Media consist of video, audio, and pictures. Each of the content are in many formats depending on the size, clarity, and sharpness. Now a day's multimedia is largely being used on the web and not only on web but also in many products like mobile phones, tabs, computers and many more. As per my topic media on web is being largely used this days. Media is like a bridge to two different worlds I.e., real and digital world. Interactive media is a degree not described as single. Multimedia on web is evolving in faster rate compared with other new technologies. Multimedia helps the user to interact with not only the systems but also with others those who are connected on the web. Todays Internet is filled with multimedia experience. If you take human brain it is filled with creativity, it's like a machine to create new things. Actually the first systems came out with just the programing language but later it started using multimedia in order to make it easy to all the normal people. By this we can say that multimedia is a good media, which makes interaction easy with any thing. How multimedia has developed from the time it has started. All the fields like in education, industrial, commercial, promotions, business and many more are using multimedia. All the above fields are connected at a place called web. All this fields promote their areas using multimedia on web. So multimedia on web is the way that is used widely these days to advertise. There are many challenges faced by the multimedia on web. Not all browsers support all multimedia files they support files with certain formats.

"Computer Technology Research (CTR) supports the effectiveness of multimedia as a powerful tool in ensuring student's ability to remember and retain information" (Hofstetter, 1997). Here the author says that through multimedia it is being easy to teach students because it is said that rather then teaching in words if you teach in pictures or in a movie clip it is well remembered as it goes to the photographic memory. "Every teacher or a person try's their best to motivate others in one or the other way. All people are different and that educators should respect value and nurture that diversity" (Edwards, 1995). Multimedia plays a key role in all the fields and it has become the basic need of all the fields.

There are many challenges faces by multimedia on web they are.

Unwanted information (adverts, message, etc.)

How fast the user finds his info on the web.

How can the websites, which are not suitable for underage, can be restricted (social filtering)

How does the web intelligence work?

How can it tell the whether the user is looking for text info or media.

Still we are living in 21st century most of the countries don't have access to many web sites.

Multimedia on web is very useful to all at the same time it create the problems because it's an open book with loads of information, which can be used by good or bad people.

All the CD-ROM data that is huge data is available on Internet but its transfer rate is very slow as the Internet is a widespread.

Problem with the speed of the Internet to access the web page.

Multimedia is one of the fastest growing sectors in the present world. Multimedia on web has shown a dynamic change from the past ten years. Multimedia made the web very easy to use and made user friendly. People say that if you have web in our home then the world is at your doorsteps. That means whatever shopping, food, movies, songs, and loads you can do it on the web with just one click. Internet made life easy. Multimedia makes the page bright full and colorful. If multimedia cannot be uploaded on the web. The web page is nothing but a page with text and coding.

The key elements in multimedia are animation, audio, and video. In multimedia the definition of animation is "optical illusion of motion created by the consecutive display of images of static elements" (Wikipedia). Software's, which are used to create animation, are flash, director, C++, visual basic. To create an interactive website flash is mostly used and it is developed by Adobe.

Video is the "technology of capturing, recording, processing, transmitting and reconstructing moving pictures, electronic signals, or digital media, primarily for viewing on television or computer monitors" (Wikipedia). Video also plays a vital role in multimedia.

Sound is the "vibrations that travel through air and can be heard by humans" (Wikipedia). Sound also plays a vital role in multimedia.

The above three together make a prefect multimedia file. These days all the web pages are using highly multimedia graphics to attract users to their web pages. With this highly multimedia graphics the interaction of the user with the web page is made easy. Even the navigation through the web page is made easy because of all the graphics like where to click where not to click, how to go to next page etc. the multimedia made the web page so easy even the time user can browse through the web pages with out any problem. In the forthcoming sections I'm going to write about literature review and research.

Literature review:

"It is difficult to give a precise definition of multimedia" (Blanken.H 1997). It is hard to know the precise definition of the word multimedia. It depends on the people and their views. If you ask a normal person he may define multimedia as graphics. Some say it is the combination of PC and TV focusing on hardware. this confusing is due to the word media and we know there are many types of media. If you take media in terms of computers there are 6 types of media 1. Storage media 2. Transmission media 3.interchange media 4.input/output media 5. Representation media 6.preception media. Multimedia is being used in all fields and sectors. "The effectiveness of multimedia programs in children's vocabulary learning" (Acha, J. 2009). Many of the educational sectors are using multimedia as a part of teaching through which the students are showing improvement in their learning skills. "Children and young people use the Internet for homework" (Cranmer, S. 2006). The present day generation they mostly depend on Internet to do their research or homework because the web has lot of information combined with multimedia which makes work fun and easy. "Highly Interactive Software for Learning" (Bork, A. 1995). Like the author said multimedia has become the ultimate interaction software and the best way to learn. Most of the education sectors are uploading their teaching material on the web for the students to access from anywhere. "Multimedia applications use a number of technology generated for both commercial business application as well as the video game industry" (prabhat k.andleigh, kiran thakrar 1996). Multimedia is used in all the commercial fields and made access easy. In present days all most all the companies have a multimedia web page through which a person can get any information or contact them. In business multimedia is used for product demos, presentation, catalogues, voice-mail and video conferencing through Internet. "Multimedia is appropriate whenever a human interface connects a human user to electronics of any kind" (Tay Vaughan, 2001). Here if you are stimulated with audio you will have 20% retention if it's an audiovisual it is up to 30% and if it is a multimedia interaction your retention increases to 60%, which is a high rate. "As the cost of access drops and the speed of access to the internet increases the world wide web is becoming a major delivery medium for multimedia."(Daniel cunliffe, Geoff Elliott, 2003). Every one can access the Internet and the multimedia made it easy to understand, interact and it is easily navigated through the page. You can access the stores, shops etc. through web multimedia. " the distinguishing feature of multimedia is the ability of the user to interact with the media (David dick, 2002). Most of the web pages filled with multimedia and the user may interact with it by choosing the menu options or clicking the mouse on the icons of the screen. Here interaction is the key of success to web multimedia. The user has lot of options and he can decide what to do and what to see and what he wants next. " In dealing with multimedia on the internet it is essential to take into account the size of the media objects, their real time nature and the requirement to sync different media" (lynne dunckley, 2003). The above elements are taken in to consideration while uploading a multimedia file on the web because the factors will affect delivery, storage and presentation of multimedia objects. These factors may break the web page. "as time progressed and the technology advances, the computers became powerful contrivances and today they are the integral part of our day to day life" (S.V. Raghavan, Satish K. Tripathi, 1998). Multimedia is used everywhere, it is used by the computers, web pages, hospitals, education centers and more. Its has become a part of our life's. "In recent years, the amount of digital multimedia information distributed over the web has increased tremendously because now every one can follow the production line of digital multimedia content" (IEEE journal on Multimedia Annotation On The Semantic Web, John R Smith, 2006). Many sectors had made web multimedia as a part of their work because in this world everything works on web. The world became digitalized form the past decade. The number of Internet users has also increased drastically from the past decade. Lot of information is uploaded on the web through multimedia, to which millions of users from all over the world are connected. Every web page contains multimedia by which the user interacts with the world.


In these years, multimedia computers will be an improtant topic because all computers will willingly deal with images, sounds, and motion video, flawlessly and smoothly integrated into a computer. First the animation is made from number of pictures rolling fast. When animation came into the field the way of making films and how they think about it the people's interaction has completely changed. In the beginning multimedia got different meanings later in 1993 multimedia was declared as combination of text, sound, video, art, which is produced by computer. Here the user can use the project can control it and make it interactive. There is a sub part in multimedia where, when a structure or an project have linking elements which are used to navigate through the structure or project with ease, this is called hypermedia. Most of the multimedia based web sites use hypermedia to navigation through the web pages, which made easy. Multimedia is electronic combination of videos, pictures, sounds, and the multimedia made an access to interact. Most content on the web are understood as multimedia in these days. Back in the days computers are called as multimedia computers because of the content it delivered and the interaction. Web info system shows many positive points because of multimedia technology. The bandwidths of Internet connections are very high these days. Multimedia content on web is delivered fast through these broadband connections. When you want a media file to be on a web page it is first encrypted with a code and then it is uploaded later if you want that media to play on the web it should have a plug-in which support the file to play on web. Multimedia had made the web easy to understand and easy to navigate through it. From the time multimedia came into picture, its use in every sector has grown tremendously. When multimedia came in to computers it's a revolution in every field. When World Wide Web adopted multimedia it completely changed the view how people look at information. Multimedia made people understand that information is not only text but it can also be shown in multiple ways. Multimedia plays an important role on the web and the web plays important role in the present world. Seeing the literature review we can say that web multimedia plays a vital role. If we take the development of web multimedia in the coming years there are three types the first one is infrastructure, where the functional and efficient service should be available to every one. The second one is enhancing the web, where we should make the web to communicate and interact with people. The web acts like other person with good interaction to help the user. The third is allow the web, which means there is huge data on the Internet so if we ask to search the web for something it should automatically search for it and solve the problems for the user. Seeing the changes on web multimedia in future the whole web would definitely be in 3D multimedia. Multimedia made online shopping, online studies, online banking and everything, which is done through, online very easy and understandable.


This paper is about web multimedia, in which it talks about its importance, development, types, challenges, and supports. Multimedia had changes the web how people see it.

Multimedia had made the web bright, colorful, navigable, interesting and intractable. Many of the commercial sectors are using multimedia to make their pages attractable to the customers.

Multimedia on web is effectively being used by educational sectors. Most of the schools, colleges, and universities use web multimedia to teach because through multimedia teaching interaction is done which is an effective way of teaching.

There are problems with the multimedia uploading on the web. Many browsers don't support all type of media there should install different plug-in for different media. The solution for that is to create a single universal plug-in which can support all types of media file, which is hoped to see in future. Multimedia on web made work easy and understandable you can learn, you can teach, you can share your views.

In order to upload a picture on the web you need to encrypt it with the code but multimedia made it easy for example uploading a picture on Facebook where you don't need a code to do that, so multimedia made many more thing easy on Web.