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Now we are living in the modern age of technology. Computer is one of the most essential inventions of modern age. Now a day Computer System is become very much important for us. The use of Computer System is increasing day by day. Now it is impossible to run a business with out Computer. With help of internet we can get information easily. The web page helps us to do this. Without internet we can not think our life.

Table of Content:

Task Name Page no.

Task 1 6

Task 2 10

Task 3 12

Task 5 15

Task 1


In this task I have been asked to analysis the different website and discuss the idea about those websites.

I have visited this site to find the idea for this assignment.


The outlook of this site is nice.

Attractive picture is available in this site.

Search facility is available.

Newsletter facility is available .To get this facility every user has to become a member.

About us, site map, map link are also available.

They accept online order.

Navigation bar is available


There is no extra link photo gallery.

This page do not have any information about nutrition.

I have visited this site to get the idea for this assignment.


The outlook of this site is nice.

Attractive picture is available in this site.

Search facility is available

About us, Recipe index, subscriber, shop link are also available.

Navigation bar is available.

They are providing different types of recipe type.

They accept online order.


Advance search facility not available here.

This page is not related to the topic nutrition.

I have visited this site. The information I found by visiting this site are as follows,

This page contain extra link for seed

The outlook of this site is nice.

Attractive picture is available in this site.

Advance search and quick search facility is available.

Navigation bar is available.

They are providing newsletter for every subscriber.

Membership facility is available


There is no extra link for top recipe and special recipe.

There is nothing about nutrition in this page

Task 2

Figure: Assignment Plan

Check the CD to find the ms project plan

Task 3

In this task I have been asked to use the appropriate techniques to specify the structure and navigation of the proposed site. The techniques are as follows,

Organized links: My website links should be organized according to the user requirements regarding assignment. Visitors will be comfortable to get there information’s as they need.

Clear and Prominent:

Once I have decided on your navigation links,I got to find out the best attractive place to put it on . Navigation should be accordant and clear as users comfortancy .Navigation keys should be on the top or to the left part of the page where the visitors eye take place first. The primary links should be located suitably and highlighted on the page so that they are visible without scrolling. Navigation images should be perfectly consistent integrated into the site design. Should not put the navigation links at the bottom of the page as visitors will not fine it easily they need to scroll right down to see the links.


Navigation should be appropriate . The most important link of the website should be on every page sequencly . Links in different places and pages will make a user disturbed so it should not b done .

Easy to understand:

Your links should be understandable , easy and have to be to the point.Use Space wisely as you wont get enough space for long links. Visitors need to know where they will go ,on clicking on a particular link, So you must b sure about ur links that it should be easy to understand or else no one will visit which will take the purpose of designing a good navigation system defeated.

Text Links

Many web newbie’s think that blue, underlined text is a hyperlink. For this valid reason, I think that it's a good thinking to include text links in your web site design along with graphic images. The text link colors should be familiar to your visitor. Blue text usually indicates an notvisited link , purple or maroon coloured text usually indicates a visited link. If you think you wont use the default colors, your text links should be highlighted in some other way: boldfaced, a larger font size, boldfaced, set between small vertical lines or a combination of these or square brackets. Text links should be unique â€" they should not be the same as any other text in your web pages.

The most advantageous process of using text links is the quick download time. If visitor use large (in K) graphic images on your web pages, then it might be best to have a navigation scheme of text links.

Content writing specification:

one idea per paragraph

simple words that would make a user , user friendly

bulleted lists

short words , sentences and paragraphs

concise text - half the word count (or less) than writing for print

The inverted pyramid style, putting the most important point or the conclusion first.

objective language to build credibility, rather than exaggerated claims or overly promotional words like "great", "tremendous" etc.

highlighted text (bold or color, also hyperlinked text)

meaningful headlines and subheads, avoiding cute or clever lines

Task 5

Proposed Idea for this website:

RSS Feed:

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a plan for delivering frequently changing web content. Many news-related sites, web logs and other online publishers organization their content as an RSS Feed to who ever wants it. RSS solves a trouble for people who habitually use the web. It allows you to easily stay knowledgeable by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are attracted in. You save time by not needing to visit each site independently. You make sure your solitude, by not needing to join each site's email bulletin. The number of sites offering RSS feeds is rising quickly and includes big names like Yahoo News.

CSS Improvements:

Changes to the layout

CSS makes it very easy to carry out the face of a document. Let’s say that we wanted to move the picture in the title of this page to the right by 10 pixels. This would not be good in a table based design. Then manually we have to open every page and alter the table width.

We have used CSS, and then we have to open our CSS file which stores the layout of the site, and change the image number to its position. Which will change his position throughout the whole site?

Thus the look and layout of a site can be changed beyond recognition just by altering the CSS file. This makes CSS central for large web sites.

File Size

Probably the mostly useful aspect of CSS is that all of the style and layout is detached from the html, so the html page size is very much smaller. The CSS file is downloaded just once by the visitor's browser and re-used for different pages on a web site. This reduces the bandwidth requirements for your server and also ensures a faster download for your guests.

Search Engines

A search engine robot will normally reflect on the content in the start of your html code is more significant than the text towards the end of the code. For a table based page the contents of the routing bar will normally show up as the page description in search engine results. With a CSS page the navigation can be moved in the direction of the bottom of the source code, so the search engine displays your content in its place of your navigation.


Unraveling style from content makes life very simple for visitors who prefer to view only the content of a web page, or to transform the content. These could be blind or partially sighted citizens who might use a screen reader to construe a page.


Layout and point of navigation can be completely reliable across a site. This was previously potential only using frames.