Mobile Web Services Overview Computer Science Essay

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Definition for Web Service is a software system that allowed software to communicate to software within a network. The architecture approach of web services contains SOAP, WSDL and UDDI. It has an interface description called Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) that used to describe for Web Service such as what is about this particular Web Service do.

For other system that wants to communicate with Web service, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is required for communication purposes. For the message to transmit, it relies mostly on Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) with an XML serialization to convey the message.

Nowadays, Web Services are being implemented on mobile device, which means that the mobile devices can request the service from Web Service by using Internet. In addition of this point, a mobile device is responsible to serve and provide the web services. Mobile user will request by using mobile device to request for the web service.

In the Mobile Web Device area, mobile phones are act as both web service clients and providers, the web services architecture still applied in this wireless environment. But for a mobile phones that provides web service is still less although mobile web service client is getting common nowadays.

Mobile Web Services Overview

In mobile device technology, it has open a new opportunities for the mobile service providers in mobile domain space. The number of mobile user is increasing from year-to-year and the mobile user has already overtaken the PC user.

Nowadays, Web based technologies is started to implemented on the Mobile devices. This is because mobile device provide a function called Mobile Web Browser that allowed mobile device to browse and access the webpage.

Web Service originally was designed to support on computers platform, so the Web Services protocols usage assumes that computer usage power and display capabilities and other requirements can be supported by personal computer. So direct using Web Services technologies on mobile devices is not suitable due to mobile devices does not have display capabilities like a computer.

Limitation of Mobile Web Services

The problem faced by Mobile Web Services is not only technical problem such as platform computing but there are still other problems that will occur when implementing Mobile Web Service such as mobile user normally does not have much more patience to read or use the service that require a lot of concentration such as read a lot of information from the service before using the service.

Another problem faced during the implementation of Mobile Web Device is mobile device provide a limited size of device and does not provide a high computing capabilities in which computers can provide all those capabilities.

Web Services are designed to support for 24/7, this means it is always available on the network. Mobile devices and its’ infrastructure is not fully compatible with this Web Services.

Compared with computer, mobile device provide only a smaller and with a single screen that will be hard for mobile user to view for the information and services. Although using mobile device can get the similar data with using PC, but not all the data are related and useful for mobile user.

Mobile Web Service Architecture

Once the web services capabilities are implemented on mobile platform, then the mobile and the mobile service provider can be embedded into currently Converging industries Internet Web platform.

Mobile device, Mobile Service Provider (MSP) and the mobile user is the one will direct interact with web services. There is one environment called Mobile Web Service Environment in which the communication happened by using Web Services Protocol. This environment can open to other mobile devices, MSP or Internet Service Provider (ISP) to communicate.

Web Services can help MSP to provide services that are new and interesting so that they can attract mobile user to use more on Mobile Web Services. So, mobile user who connected to web services can get the same benefit same as using PC also. From this point of view, MSP can provide a rich development platform for service developer to attract more mobile user to use this service.

By having a unified interface, it can help the MSP to manage all others mobile platform based on this unified manner because this interface is standardized.


Nowadays, web services are getting to be implemented on mobile devices. But it is challenging for mobile devices to direct use the web technologies on Mobile platform because the web service was originally designed for PC use. To allowed the Mobile device to support on Web technologies, developer have to make sure the protocol can be supported on Mobile computing environment.

Before implement web technologies on mobile device, there is some challenges need to be solve. Firstly, developer has to make sure that the protocol can be supported on Mobile computing environment. Secondly, the information provided to mobile users also must be useful and require less reading and concentration because mobile user has less patience. This situation is differentiate with computer user because computer user will only search for information for reading using computer, but not using mobile to do so.