Mobile Network Operators And Femtocell Technology Computer Science Essay

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Traditionally for mobile network operators voice services revenue gradually decreases. To increase revenue and to obviate costumer churn it is necessary for operators introduce value added services to enhance competitiveness. Particularly when the market is moving toward the saturation and maturity, new innovative mobile services or value added service (VAS) of each operator will be the most important parameter of mobile operator's competition.

The Femtocell accelerates the mobile Internet and gives many opportunities to service providers to increase performance cost-effectively and indoor coverage at home office to millions of subscribers more efficiently and quickly.

Femtocell technology solution is an exhibiting a high ratio of output to maintain mobility, improved indoor coverage, and raise high speed data throughput.

The results benefit discussed as following areas:

Network Operators:

Poor indoor coverage inside homes and offices has been a challenging issue for network provider especially in congested, mountainous and hilly areas. Since user spent most of time in indoor environment so this results in low quality services like call drops, distorted voice calls SMS and MMS delivery failure. Consequently slow download speed hence increases customer churn ratio and irritation.

Femtocell solution provides strong mobile signal inside buildings, congested, mountain and hilly areas. Additionally reduce signal losses from outdoor to indoor and also diminish the distance between the base station transceiver and the end-user device. Simultaneously the femtocell architecture utilizes residential broadband connection to backhaul all mobile data traffic from femtocell device to the mobile core network, offloading mobile data voice and voice tariff from macro network. This factor becomes increasingly important with the rapidly growth in bandwidth demand.

As a large amount of traffic (up to 70-80%) can be offloaded from macrocells, which means that fewer outdoor macrocells will be needed. The reduction of macrocell sites will result in a huge capital expenditure saving for operators in their radio access networks. The reduction of traffic from macrocell sites will also result in significant saving in the backhauling. [].

New innovative services depend upon information provided by the femtocell itself, for example location, presence, and context. These applications are at infancy stage.After the completion of femtocell technology standardization. Application and content developers may able create a lot of new personalized applications. That can take an advantage of distinguished characteristics of femtocell technology.

Femto Forum introduces two types of new services:

Femtozone services:

These services are correspond to standard mobile data and voice services but are enable when the phone device comes in effective range of the femtocell. Below some examples are illustrated:

1. Automatic profile triggered when someone entering the home.

2. Short Message Service indicates when a family member comes in or out home.

3. Content application can be uploading or downloading when getting home.

Connected home service:

Femtocell technology allows mobile traffic offload from the mobile core network. Secondly, the mobile handset can then become a true component of the mobile home network. Some examples of connected home services are backing up mobile hosted content to the home Personal Computer or hard drive and Playing videos or slide shows from the phone to another device on the home network.

Can Femtocell technology services benefit operators in earning revenues?

The femtocells are cable to produce innovative revenue-generating services.

Paid services: examples are highly attributed SMS alert services and IPTV services

Disruptive is advertisement through home entertainment

Paid services will increase the adoption of femtocells by operators and these services will be operated from core network by the operator. Besides these services mobile network operator also provides free service to attract the costumers.

The Femtocell technology can be used with 3G mobile phone set to provide high quality voice and data coverage. Femtocells are flexibly designed to grow as network needs grow in future may be enable with 4G services.


Personalization is very important factor for mobile users. Femtocell technology provides number of many services provide at one point service with personalized environment. Television is more convenient device for entertainment femtozone is capable to deliver IPTV to its user.

Increased coverage and voice quality:

Most of time consumers use their mobile device at home they demand for full signal coverage through their entire home. Mobile devices use Radio frequency to communicate with cellular base transceiver station usually number of mobile users have wide space in their homes where they are unable to get full signal coverage from base station transceiver. Common factors which affect strength of signal are high risen buildings, tree foliage variations; weather conditions also terrain and different building materials like steel, concrete, bricks and tinted glass.

With femtocell technology subscribers can rise the signal strength and quality throughout the home efficiently and resulting improved indoor coverage. Moreover benefit is that experience excellent voice quality and call clarity. There is no interference with RF signals when a mobile device so close to the femtocell access point. There is no interference. An absence of interference induces a high quality of signal and voice quality to residential and business subscribers.

Higher data speeds:

Broadband Internet is used by a majority of mobile subscribers in the home. Consumers are depending upon on mobile devices for Internet access rather than computers, which are connected to broadband Internet. Due to this reason a many consumers are using mobile devices at large scale to see data speeds on mobile devices as fast as the speeds provided by home broadband Internet access. Increasingly demand of mobile consumers to avail the benefit of devices with embedded with Kindle and iPad and other 3G transmitters. Improved coverage at user premises will make such type of device more universal and user friendly. Mobile network operator able to support high data throughput speeds on user's device that rival the data throughput speed on user computers. This can be achieved by installing a personal femtocell access point at home or office.

Revenue generating innovative service:

Mobile phone subscribers always demand to sign up for new services at nominal cost for data voice and video applications in their premises. The femtocell technology allows mobile network operator to provide new service plans to their customers without worrying about charges per minute. And also with femtocell technology availability of various connected home services and innovative are available for costumers.

Battery life of mobile device:

As users increase the usage of devices, consequently higher batteries drain is required. When femtocell technology is introduced in operation region the distance between mobile phone devices to femtocell access point in meter(s) on other hand in macro cell solution the distance is in kilometer(s). More over mobile device is home or office no need to rise the strength of signal to penetrate through different building materials like steel, concrete, bricks and tree foliage variations etc. The mobile device user can experience high download speed and internet surfing in the 3G mode without enabling WiFi mode of mobile phone device[]. These all are factors improve life of battery.

Ecosystem - Industry Support

Femtocell ecosystem continually growing from early stage to early market growth. At mature stage ecosystem of femtocells can be segmented each of following group of players.

1. Network element providers: Femtocell Access Point (FAP) providers

2. Network operators: Femtocell Core Network providers

4. Content and applications providers: Software, Component providers

5. Final consumers

Nowadays about 70 vendors in Femtocells ecosystem focusing on products and innovative services in the emerging marketplace. Currently 9 providers of End‐to‐End and System Integration worldwide and more

than 26 FAP providers covering most licensed spectrum types; their number is increasing quickly as network component manufacturers are introducing flexibility for femtocell access points.

For supporting side of femtocell services there are 19 equipment providers providing core network components.

All major infrastructure companies have joined femtocell forum.

Figure: Femtocell ecosystem of different group of players.