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The product of this project is a mobile application of game implemented in mobile devices (phones). It is a fighter games where a players fighter plane goes and shoots at enemy targets.

According to the survey by Centre for Telecoms Research (CTR), 600 Million mobile phone subscribers will be there in around world at the end of 2011, it is expected to reach 20 percent of the population in India, as it is currently the case in China. People like to play games for fun, if it's a mobile game they can play at any time any place. So, Mobile gaming is very hot and upcoming industry. Games are satisfying, fulfilling, smile-generating bundles of entertainment that make lives slightly brighter while they are being played. This game demands strategy from the player. Even if that strategy is arrived at by trial and error, it is still a fine way of learning for kids.

Mobile games are played to get relax and entertain in easy and quick means. But there are problems coming from the market which are affecting the mobile gaming industry. Given below are some of the problem areas:

Lack of proper instruction in Mobile Games:

There are many mobile games which don't provide proper instructions and guidance about how to play games to the novice users. All mobiles have their own interface which is different from one another so; mobile users are always confused about how to use them. There is no hard and fast rule for designing and developing mobile interfaces, all a developer can do is to strictly follow HCI&U principles and provide proper instructions and guidelines to a novice user.

Speed: There are many games which don't provide proper speed of game. Those games which are fast users does not able to perceive and make strategy to play game, in such condition user don't like to play. In some games, speed is too slow and user had to wait some time till Game go to next stapes.

Level of Difficulty: The level of difficulty affects the interest of users to continue using the system. Thus, a game, which is too easy, will cause boredom in playing; and a game, which is too difficult, may cause distress for the player.

Unavailability and high cost price: Players have to pay huge amount of money to download or buy mobile games. This could be shorted out by the application that the developer is developed.

Poor overall interface design or unattractive graphics: Poor use of colour combination or designing patterns which affects the player's interest. There are many systems which does not follow HCIU guidelines. Users does not want unattractive graphics.

Navigational problem: No proper use of navigational guidelines due to poor implementation of designing pattern follow.

Project Rationale

In order to solve the problems mentioned above, the need for a devised solution comes into picture. By means of the implementation of such a system tends to gain tangible benefits as well as intangible benefits:

Tangible Benefits:

Mobile vendor: It will increase sell of those mobile which have pre-installed game in mobile. This will attract more and more mobile user and finally revenue of mobile vender will increase.

Gaming Industry: It will attract more and more users who love fighting game, ultimately adding profits to the gaming industry.

Provide Ubiquitous Environment: Mobile game provides an environment through user can get benefit of it from anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

It will help those users who are physically challenged and they cannot play game in the playground, they will like to play game in mobile.

Fun: games are fun. They are satisfying, fulfilling, smile-generating bundles of entertainment that make lives slightly brighter while they are being played. So mobile game entertain user without spending extra money

Games help children who are ill or have injuries. Interest in a game distracts the mind from pain and discomfort. Many hospitals are cheering children and others undergoing painful treatments to play games.

There are many medical departments are using computer games as a form of physiotherapy. Games help people who are recovery from physical injuries gain motor skills and coordination too.

Intangible Benefits:

It will improve strategic thinking of child. This game will demand strategy from the player. Even if that strategy is arrived at by trial and error, it is still a fine way of learning.

It is one of the way of improve problem solving skills. When player will play game and during the game player will have to solve to shoot enemies. This way game will help in improvement of problem solving skills.

In during the game user will have to concentrate on game and they will have to coordinate eye for watch enemies and hand for shoot out. In this way, it will user to improve eye and hand coordination

In during the game user will have to take quick response and accurate move to protect himself from enemy. In this way game enhances users fast accurate decision making skills.

It will also enhance imagination, encourage adventure and encourage memorization.

Target Users:

Knowing target users is very vital for every project. These are the people who are going to finally use the system so we need to develop the system keeping our target audience in our mind. These are the target audience involved in the project.

Any mobile user, especially ranging from age 10 to 25 that uses mobile phones not only for communication, but also for playing game. Nowadays games are not limited to desktop computers but also expanding to mobile devices. There are many teenagers who buy mobile phone only for entertainment purpose which has lead to an increase in selling of mobile products the pre installed games will definitely increase the selling of mobiles. The game being developed is also suitable for those who love to play fighter games.

Nature of Challenges:

As mobile gaming is entirely new field lot of challenges are associated with this system. Many ideas and concepts related to game development need to be explored. The main challenges for this development of this game application of mobile devices are as follow.

Designing of fighter planes is itself a challenge. A player must have the ability to move in a direction, shooting bullets at enemies that too while moving and destroying when bullet touches the object.

Development on mobile devices is highly limited compared to desktop computers, which are as follow.

Smaller screen resolution (limited display space)

Lower processing power (slower response time)

Less storage space (limited disk space)

Minimal size of objects for optimal storage

Quality of game must be standard one. The speed of game must be moderate it should not be too slow or too fast.

The level of difficulty affects the interest of users to continue using the system. Thus, a game, which is too easy, will cause boredom in playing; and a game, which is too difficult, may cause distress for the player.

The options provided in game must be easily understandable as well as accessible by users like use of help menu or other controls e.g.: exit must convey its meaning and purpose to the users. Selection of metaphors used in the system, especially for menus.

Sound synthesis and synchronization: Proper sound synthesis and synchronization is very important aspect of a game. There should be proper synchronization of the sound when the player shoots enemies.

Mobile game requires lot good grasp over programming. In gaming each and every movement is done with the help of programming. The normal form of a game where computations can be carried out completely. This stems from the fact that even the simplest extensive form game has an enormous number of strategies, making preference lists are difficult to compute.

C. Brief description of project objectives.

(I.e. scope of proposal and deliverables)

Project Goal and Objectives:

The main goal of the system is to develop light air fighting game designed for mobiles. The game starts with a player fighter on the screen and the player's fighter has the ability to shoot enemy targets. The game simulates the player's plane to go forward with scrolling down the background, which is the battlefield. The player's plane also has the ability to move in four directions: up (forward), down (backward), left, and right across the screen. The enemy objects may be planes or even tanks that have the ability to target and shoot the players plane.

Given below are the objectives of the project:

To create a mobile game of air fighters to be implemented on mobile phones.

The game starts with a player fighter on the screen and the player's fighter has the ability to shoot enemy targets.

The game simulates the player's plane to go forward with scrolling down the background, which is the battlefield.

To ability to move player's plane in four directions: up (forward), down (backward), left, and right across the screen.

The enemy objects may be planes or even tanks that have the ability to target and shoot the players plane.

To make sure that the system is free of bugs and errors.

Effective use of different media as graphics, animations, sound, text in the system.

To apply the various Game Design and Human Computer Interaction Design Principles to the system design.

Project Scope and Deliverables

The scope of the project is that to provide such a mobile game so that they can entertain by play game in mobile. We know that children like games and they invested their more times to seat in front of computer or TV to play video games but by this application, children can play game any place and any time. As it provide ubiquitous environment so user can play game in bus, train or in free time for entertainment purpose.

At the end of this project, the main deliverables are:

Soft cover documentation of the system

Hard cover documentation of the system

A prototype of the system application on CD

Mobile Air Combatant will include a good variety usage of Multimedia elements in order to enhance the interaction between the user and the system, the main deliverables for the system's core functions are:

Development of single player mobile air fighting game. It will be based on time based scoring.

This game consists of four levels, in each level player have to fight with certain number of enemy fighter planes, force and tank which kills them and if in case the enemy's bullets touch the player then players life starts decreasing.

Enemy's objects destroyed when player's bullet touches them

For each destroyed plane, tank player gets points and these points will be used for moving to the next level.

Scrolling background that simulates the movement of the player's plane

The controls used for the game, one can use the specified key to fire bullets, directional keys to move left, right, up and down.

At the end of game, application will give result where user can see last five highest scorers.

Game Manual/Instruction-Game manual will be provided instructing users how to play game.

Enhanced Features:

Bonus point setting: After destroy plane by player there will come star if player take star then bonus point will be provided to player.

Synchronized sound effect- There would be proper synchronization of the sound when the player shoots enemies.

Health shield: After certain time, Health shield will come on the screen which will increase player health. User will have to take to increase health.

Provide help to player: With the proceeds further player need to know about how much time remains and points required to go further level.

Special Feature:

Rising complexity of level: With the proceeds further level the difficulty level of game will increased.

Bullet shield: After certain time, Bullet shield will come on the screen which will increase power of firing bullet. User will have to take to increase health, after that player's efficiency will increase.

Save Game: It will provide save facility to user to save game and play again on same stage.

Pause: It will also provide pause facility to player to pause game for some time.

Evidence of Limiting the Project Scope

These are the features which will be not implemented in the system:

Multiplayer: The game developed within the system will be only a single player. It cannot be used in a multiplayer environment.

Customization of objects: Customization of objects is not allowed in the system. For example users can't customize the plane according to their requirement.

Players cannot go to back or forward. There will be moving background that simulates the movement of the player's plane.

It will work on limited mobile because mobile interface depends upon the vendor

This is a mobile application and not a window application so it can't be used as windows based game.

Other learning objectives

Understand the concept of game programming.

Understanding the concept of Human Computer Interaction.

Gain knowledge to implement and integrate different media files to enhance the quality of the system.

To enhance our project management skills.

Gain knowledge in field of multimedia project development.

D. Brief description of the resources needed by the proposal.

(I.e. hardware, software, access to information / expertise, user involvement etc.)


The hardware needed for this project will be my personal computer, together with other accessories such as speakers, microphone, and printers. The specification of the PC is:

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 2.0GHz

Memory RAM: 1GB RAM

GPU: Nvidia GeForce 7300 SE/7200GS 256 MB

CD-ROM: 52X CD-Rewritable drive

DVD-ROM: 8X DVD drive

19"inch Monitor

2.1 Speaker and Sub woofer

Keyboard and Mouse


Pen Drive 2 GB - An external storage device which is handy for exporting and importing the project data to and from different places.

Nokia Mobile Phone - It will be used for testing purpose whether project is running properly or coming any error while deploying project on mobile.

Microphone - For recording voice inputs or other sound effects.

Laser Printer - Important documents may be printed out for further reference.


For the development of this project, many software are needed these include Microsoft Windows XP, which shall be the operating system for the project to be developed; Developer think Java is good language to develop but developer is going to research about Java and also Flash lite to decide which to use for my project.

There are following software which will use in case of JAVA.

Java Software Development Kit

Java 2 Micro Edition Platform and J2ME Wireless Toolkit

Netbeans IDE (Development Environment)



Windows XP

Microsoft Office Words

Microsoft Office Project

Microsoft Office Visio

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Flash

3D Max

Sound Forge.

The developer think J2ME is good for development of this project. All the new and advanced features of the game will explore and implemented as per requirement of the project. J2ME allows greater flexibility for mobile application but developer are going to research about JAVA and also Flash (Flash Lite with action script) to decide which is use to my project.

Access to Information and Expertise

Before development of the project all the sufficient and necessary information required in the project need to be gathered from different resources. In order to gather sufficient and necessary information prior to the project, some resources will be needed; these resources may be people from different backgrounds such as different age group of mobile users. Because of that, certain people to be interviewed are:

Younger or children: Since the system being developed for entertainment purpose and children like to play game in mobile so an interview with these children can give necessary information related to project.

Middle age: These people who are working. They play game for entertainment purpose when they are free. So interview with these people can provide much useful information to us.

House wife: Those women who are house wife will also provide some of the useful facts required before development of the project.

Other resources

Reference Books


Internet websites

Document Review

User involvements

These are the people who will be concerned during the development of the project. System will be developed keep their idea opinions and feedback on mind throughout the development process.


Mobile Game participant


Friends or Course mates


E. Academic research being carried out and other information, techniques being learnt.

(I.e. what are the names of books you are going to read / data sets you are going to use?)

Research is the important element in determining the successful of a project. It provides complete coverage of knowledge, better insights and understanding of the required area. Mainly, Primary research will be applied for this project such as questionnaire and interview. This project demands a good understanding of game, in order to develop a good mobile game, a lot of research on the concepts of game is essential. The research area will be:

Mobile: Basic knowledge of mobile to run game. Which mobile device should choose so game run on more and more mobile series.

Gaming Techniques: This includes the theory and concepts on how a game is performed

Air Fighting Styles: For the development of air fighting game it requires to study on real fighting styles because user like to play those game which look like real.

Psychology of players: A study on psychology of players to determine and provide better solution in design a game.

Latest trend in car racing games

Other academic research areas that need to be looked into are:

Human Computer Interaction - A study on HCI principle to determine and provide proper guidelines in designing the functionality of the system.

Multimedia Design Principles - A good multimedia system are developed by following the principles of a good multimedia design model, it is somewhat related to HCI design principle.

Programming Language - For the development of mobile games there are many different languages as J2ME and Flash Lite, according to the project needs, specific languages have to be chosen and learnt in order to produce the best result.

Software Methodology - Different types of methodology are to be reviewed and come up with comparisons between them, in the end the best methodology would be selected for the project.

Technical/Programming Research Areas

For develop successfully project, technical and programming skills both are important. It requires lot of research on the technology being used in the project. The academic research determines the design of the system, while the technical and programming research will determine the usability of the system.

Java: Java is a general-purpose, class-based, object-oriented language. To develop applications using Java technologies, developers are free to download the Software Development Kit at no cost at all.

J2ME: Java 2, Micro Edition (J2ME) is a set of technologies and specifications developed for small devices. It provides a robust framework for developers to create applications on mobile devices with limited resources compared to desktop computers. Today's most of mobile games developed in J2ME.

NetBeans: The NetBeans IDE provides development environment for java platform which are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris. The NetBeans project consists of an open-source IDE and an application platform that enable developers to rapidly create web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications using the Java platform.

Information and Resources

In order to carry out the researches listed above, information is to be gathered from different sources, such as:


The Complete Reference Java 2 by Herbert Shilldt

Begginging Programming with Java for Dummies by Barry Burd

Java 2 - A Beginner's Guide, 3nd Edition

J2ME: The Complete Reference by James Kcogh

J2ME Game Programming





Game Player




Real World Methods and Practices

In order to develop successfully project, Methods and practices used in the real world can be useful and effective in researches, these methods will be used:

Questionnaires - In order to retrieve feedbacks, opinions from majority users, questionnaires is an extremely useful method, it can be done on papers, or do it online through Email. In questionnaires, there are certain numbers of question related to system and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from respondents.

Fact-finding - Many people share their ideas and experiences through blogs in internet about mobile gaming and the related topics which could be helpful in gathering information. A lot of gamer spend quite some time on some specific forum, in which they use it to share information and prepare events, gathering so on.

Interview - This is generally face to face communication but sometimes it can be voice based on telephone or text based through chat windows. These methods will be applied based on the different desires or requirements by the interviewees.

Observation - Mobile game can play anywhere, anytime observing those will also be very helpful in my project research, to see how it is done in front of your eyes will mean much more than reading from some sources.

Current Application - Reviewing other current application of the same type can also assists in the development process, it will be beneficial to learn from others mistake or success.

Document Review-Document review of the already available project can be helpful in getting some useful information required for the project.

F. Brief description of the development plan for the proposed project. (I.e. which software methodology and why, the major areas of functions to be developed and the order in which developed)

Specification and Reason for Software Methodology

A good methodology is very important as it determines the successful development of a project, as it helps in providing a structural and systematic approach to the project. This project uses two models, one is the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Spiral model, and another one is the ADDIE.

SDLC Spiral Model

This model will be used for over all development of the whole project: it is a type of methodology where it provides an systematic approach for the development like the waterfall model and it also allows the project to be iterative and incremental, so it is also considered as a model which implements the combination of a waterfall model with risk analysis. Because this is not a very big project, risks are also minimal, that is why decisions have been made to replace the risk assessment phase with design and prototyping, so the overall phases for this project with the Spiral model are :

Project Definition and Planning

Design and Prototyping

Project Production and Implementation

Testing and Evaluation

The reasons that I chose this model are:

Iteration - It allows to developer to go back and reiterate earlier staged several times as the project progresses. With this approach, it will be easy to overcome the requirement changes from the user.

Better Estimation - In this SDLC methodology, easier to estimate both budget or schedule more realistically as work progresses, this is because the issues are discovered earlier with the help of prototyping.

A good methodology is very important as it determines the successful development of a project, as it helps in providing a structural and systematic approach to the project. In this project ADDIE (Multimedia Development methodology) is being used for development purpose.

The reasons I have chosen this method:

Flexibility: ADDIE allows flexibility to the development process. If needed it allows us for re-analysis or we can review the earlier phases of the project at any point of time.

User involvement: It allows lot of user involvement during the development which finally results in product which is accepted by the client.

Iteration-Since this project is based on the choice and taste of the clients we cannot use any inflexible methodology. ADDIE methodology allows the developer to go back to earlier stage while the project is in progress and make required changes according to the feedback of the user.


Since this project is basically related to multimedia so ADDIE technology is being followed. It provides step by step process which helps developer to do proper planning on gaming so as make it more effective and useful. Following are the five important phases of the ADDIE development methodology:

Analysis: Analysis will be done on the basis of requirement of the project; sufficient research will also be carried out for the project.

Design- In this phase design will be done along with the designing of object of game, battlefield and other elements related to the project.

Development: After completing the designing phase all the elements will be brought in a common platform. In this phase coding will be done to combine different elements.

Evaluation-In this phase every task will be evaluated for whether it is matching with the required parameters mentioned by the customers or not.

Implementation: When everything has been finalized, the system will be installed in the client system.

Development Plan

While the project follows the four major phases of the Spiral model, I have broken down the overall process to some more detailed tasks for the development plan; here is a breakdown list of the plan with its possible durations:

Start date: 26th July 2010

Duration: 31 Weeks

End date: 28th April

Project Definition

Duration: 2 week


Idea Generation

Project Title Selection

Draft Project Proposal

Project Planning

Duration: 2 weeks


Work Breakdown Structure

Schedule and Time Estimation

Gantt Chart

Project Proposal Form

Requirement Analysis

Duration: 6 weeks


Identify project specifications

Project Background

Resources required

Techniques to be learnt

Goals and Objectives

Determine System Functionalities

Identify scope of research

Project Specification Form

Investigation ad Research




Human Computer Interaction

Multimedia Design Principles

Current multimedia applications

User requirements


Feasibility study

User Modelling and Profiling

Domain analysis

System analysis

Risk analysis

System Design

Duration: 5 weeks


Navigational Design

Story Boarding

Data flow Diagram

Abstract Interface Design

Screen layout

Content Design

Interactivity Design

Functionality Design


Duration: 5 weeks


Mid point Interview

Creating Prototypes

Evaluate Prototype feedbacks

Production and Implementation

Duration: 3 weeks


Code generation

Media processing

Design Graphics

Module Integration

Testing and Evaluation

Duration: 5 weeks


Prototype Evaluation

Test Plans

Unit Testing

Integration Testing

System Testing

User acceptance testing

Project Ending

Duration: 3 weeks


Submission of the finished product


Major Functions to be developed

When the progress reaches the implementation phase, each and every module and functions of the system will be created and integrated. One of the most important functions to be concerned with one is fight in air. To fight in air is great challenge, where player fighting object will move and destroy enemy's object as well as enemy's object will target player's object. Enemy's object direction will change as per movement of player fighting plane. And player's fighting plane direction will change by the movement of arrow up, down, left and right. This function holds the biggest challenge and also serves as the highlight of the whole project, making it work and perform perfectly will certainly be one of the main concerns of the complete project. After the completion of battlefield next will battlefield, whereby a player will play game. To design battlefield is great challenge, the background of battlefield will be moving that simulates the movement of the player's plane and enemy's fighting object will target player plane, the next function will be timing, points and help, it will be placed at the final stages of the implementation phase.

The hardest tasks and its description

For development plan, the most challenging and hardest tasks will be:

Research and Analysis - Based on the nature of this project, Drifting is one of the major research area but it is also not an easy area to be researched on, due to its late appearance here in Malaysia, the resources are limited.

Graphics Design: - In the implementation phase, the hardest task will be the design graphics of the project; the major difficulty lies within the availability of the resources needed, for example, in this system, a fighter plane will be created. A good graphics always gives good impression to the user. So, developing an excellence graphics is one of the most challenging tasks in this project.

Programming: Programming for game always a tough task. It requires lot of concepts of programming along with the game development concepts. Such as moving background of battlefield as well as firing by the plane, movement of plane itself, defining boundary all need good level of programming skill.

Presentation -After submitting project, a presentation will be followed up. Presentation is one of the hardest tasks because it requires a high demand of careful planning of the presentation itself and its contents. For the presentation, a lot of practice will be required and confidence is essential.

G. Brief description of the evaluation and test plan for the proposed project.

(I.e. what is the success criteria and how will be evaluated & implementation will be tested, indicate the estimated size of the demonstration/test database)

Test plan and Strategies

During the development of this project, testing will be done from different stages and phases, starting from the early stage of the development, until the very end. And final testing will be done at the end.

The test plan strategies used in this project will be:

Black-box testing: It is generally used to take internal workings of the item being tested are not known by the tester. The test designer selects valid input to determine the correct output from the system. Tester has no knowledge of internal structure of test structure.

White-Box Testing: White box testing can be performed to validate whether code implementation follows planned design, to validate implemented security functionality, and to uncover exploitable vulnerabilities.

Unit Testing- The primary goal of the unit testing is to take the smallest piece of testable software and test whether it behaves accurately as expected by the client. Each unit is separated individually before it is integrated. It will be done by the developer itself.

Integration Testing -It is broader analysis of unit testing .Here two units which has been already tested will be combined into a single unit and then interface between them will be tested. It will be done by the developer itself.

To accomplish the mentioned testing strategies, these types of testing are to be applied:

Usability Testing - It tests the usability of the system, it considers the user interface design, learn ability, familiarity, user acceptance and recoverability of the system.

Tester: End user, supervisor.

Functionality Testing - Functions featured in the system will be tested thoroughly to ensure that it is working properly.

Tester: Developer, supervisor, end user.

User Acceptance testing -This testing is done when the system is integrated together.

Tester: End user, supervisor.

Evaluation on Success Criteria

Following are the some of the success criteria of the project.

Meeting user requirements -Project should meet each and every constraint of the client mention in the project specification form.

Level of Content -Content available in the system should be detailed and well presented.

Functionality -Project should be fully functional and each functionality properly evaluated by the developer.

Usability - Each and every element such as user acceptance, accessibility, familiarity and recoverability will be evaluated here.

Project Management -Come up with good project management skill which is supportive in the development of the project.

Research and Analysis - Come with good research and analysis for the success of the project.

Documentation -Proper and appropriate documentation of the system reflecting the system.

Some other benchmarks of the system

Effective controlling of the objects in the game.

Synchronized Sound effects

Proper and accurate scoring.

Graphics design and its quality.