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Microsoft SilverLight is a cross-browser and is a application framework for writing, running, building, creating, and delivering Rich Internet Application (RIA) for the web, and with the features and purpose similar as Adobe Flash, such as support multimedia, graphics, video, animation and so on. Besides that, SilverLight also give developers supports for Common Language Infrastucture (CLI) language and development tools. The run-time environment of the SilverLight is also available as a plug-in for all the web browser such as running under Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome and so on. Besides that, it is also able to create SilverLight application that run outside of the browser on desktop. Furthermore, SilverLight uses the Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) to remission the User Interface (UI) development, such as controls, animations, graphics, layouts, and so on while using managed code or dynamic language for application logic concept. SilverLight combines multiple programming technique into a single development platform and allow developers to select the right programming tools and the right programming language to develop an application. On the other hand, SilverLight also enable dynamically load Extensible Markup Language (XML) manipulated the content through the interface Document Object Model (DOM), a technique that consistent with common Ajax techniques.

SilverLight Functionalities

There are several functionalities of SilverLight :

IIS Smooth Streaming

IIS Smooth Streaming is IIS7 Media Services 3.0 extension, it is enable adaptive streaming of live and on demand via the standard HTTP protocals. Besides that, it is also provide a high-quality visual experience, such as provide the animation, play-back video and so on that scales on massive content-distribution networks. According to this function feature, it bringing a fantastic visual experience to all the viewer regardless of their connection as well as computer capabilities.


PivotViewer is a powerful, informative and fun ways to makes it much more easier to interact with the huge amounts of data information on the web. End users can see the trends and the patterns that would be hidden when looking for the materials at a time by visualizing thousands of related materials at once. Because of PivotViewer is using Deep Zoom, so it’s display full, and high-resolution content without a long loading time. Therefore, the natural transitions and the animation provide content and help the user to avoid the feeling confuse by huge quantities of data information.

Sketch Flow

Sketch Flow is a part of Expression Studio Ultimate (ESU), and revolutionizes the speed and efficiency with the end users that can demostrate a vision for an application. Besides that, Sketch Flow also provides an informal and a faster way to explore, iterate and prototyping the user interface (UI) scenarios to allowing developers to evolve developers concepts from a series of brief ideas into living breathing prototype that made as real as particular client or project demands.

Deep Zoom

SilverLight Deep Zoom is the most fast, smoothest, and zooming technology on the web, it bringing the highest resolution graphics and frame rates with the lowest loading times for the users. Besides that, Deep Zoom also giving designers and developers more new opportunities to create more innovative navigation paradigms for the both applications and the web by enable the display of thousands of items simultaneously.

Pixel Shader Effects

Pixel Shader Effect is the based effects that can applied into any graphics content and animated, such as blur effects, drop shadow effects and so on. Besides that, developers also can write the effects by themselve as they like.

New Controls

SilverLight is packed up with over sixty high-quality, fully skinnable and customized out-of-the-box controls, such as the charting and medias, the new layout containers, such as the dock and viewbox, and the controls, such as the autocomplete, datagrid and treeview. These controls source code is modifiable and utilizable as-is which is come with nine professional designed themes. Besides that, according to this functionality, it is allow for multiple selections in the listbox controls, file save dialog making it much more easier to write the files, and support for multiple page application with navigation.

Media Format Extensibility

SilverLight can much more easily to support wide variety of third-party codecs with the new Raw AV pipeline. Besides that, Video and Audio can be decoded rendered in SilverLight and outside the runtime, the extending format support beyond the native codecs.

Perspective 3D Graphics

SilverLight 3 allows the developers and designers to apply a content to a 3D plane. Besides that, the users also can scale or rotate the live content in any space without any additional coding.

Skinning and Styling

SilverLight makes it much more easy to create the graphics and use them to customize the controls, such as a scrollbar.SilverLight provides Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) based templates for every control and change the layout or search of every part of the control without rewriting any single code. Besides that, the parts also can be rearranged and it will change the apperance to fully customize the control as well.

The Advantages of SilverLight

There are several advantages of SilverLight :

By using SilverLight plug-in, users can get the video and the multimedia effects which are hard or impossible with pure HTML file and JavaScript. So, developers can target single, consistent runtime for browser based application to solve the limitations.

Besides that, it is also support multiple programming language has been part of .Net.

Furthermore, the SilverLight are use the isolated storage concept. According to this concept, the user can retrieve the data that are commonly used more faster by using a client-side cache location as data stores.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s IDE also is a mature and well-liked development tools for ASP .NET. Therefore, developers can use it for the server-side code, as well as the SilverLight client.

Lastly, SilverLight is able to shift the Visual Basic or C# code to cross-platform. Therefore, the client of browser-based SilverLight will increasingly useful.

The Disadvantages of SilverLight

There are several disadvantage of SilverLight :

The SilverLight application can not run under Linux machine and have to stick with Windows and Mac OS, because of the SilverLight is missing the support of Linux.

SilverLight is using the WMV video format. Because of this, it is makes the SilverLight useless for the majority of video website for example like YouTube, bcause it cannot play the .avi and .mov video files.

Besides that, SilverLight has no supports for binding to any data, model, or even to connecting the network resourse to gather the data information.

Furthermore, the audio may playing before the movie is showing on the screen. Besides that, sometimes the video still can continue to play when is it redirecting to another page.