Methods of Implementing Change for a Transport Ticket System

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1 Introduction

The rapid development of the Internet and technologies are leading the world to another stage. Most of the people own at least a smartphone and computer, signifying that the importance of technology and devices are in their life. From Texts to Emails to social websites, more and more applications are developed to ease our daily life. For example online applications to book movie tickets, purchase goods and etcetera. All these applications are gaining wide usage among all age groups, as the applications are built to lessen their burdens and make life easier.

In Malaysia such a big country, public transportation is very important, especially when citizens needed to travel around the country for different purposes. As the country is developing, the public transportations are also working their way out to ease people’s life. Up to today, there are buses, commuter (KTM), light rail transit (LRT), taxi, monorail and others which are currently in development. However, to have a long distance travel, citizens are left with only a few choices, where the most popular among all is long-distance travel buses. The buses are actually travelling at a frequent basis; most of the times are hourly basis, or even half-hourly basis. Usually citizens are travelling around Malaysia with purposes of vacation, travelling back to hometown from workplace and etcetera.

However, especially for working adults, it’s a hassle and much troubling to pay a visit to the bus ticket counter to purchase the desired ticket. Especially during festive seasons, spending half of your day queuing in front of the ticketing counter will not be something you wished to do. Not only that, finding out that the desired tickets were sold out after queuing for so long is heartbreaking too. For that, we proposed a Web Based Online Bus Ticketing System, which can save the hassle of visiting the ticketing counter and being able to check the tickets status of different schedules.

1.1 Problem Statement

After understanding both users and admins’ perspectives, we had discovered a few problems existing in the current system.

1.1.1 Admin Perspective

First of all, we discovered that on the admins’ perspectives, they are having some difficulties on generating reports according to their requirements. This was because different role needs different report details to carry out their tasks, for example the manager would need to review the monthly report every end of the month to make sure the operations are not facing any major problems or if any problems are discovered, they can discuss with the top management and work out a solution. The difficulty discovered mainly comes from the fact that the admins are unable to generate report as per trip, which brought them difficulties in validating passengers’ identity and seats information. Every time when the admin needs to check or validate a passenger’s information, s/he will need to go through certain modules, which is a hassle for them especially during peak seasons. Besides, they need all sorts of daily, monthly or even yearly report to conduct peer review and then improve them in the shortest possible time.

Thus, by developing OBTS, it could solve the problem as the system will contain a module with multiple report generators to serve different purpose and suit different admins’ needs.

1.1.2 User Perspective

On the other hand, the users also encountered various problems from the existing applications. One of it would be unable to enjoy the promotion or discount rates that were promoted by the bus operators. This was due to the lacking of promotion and discount modules in the existing system and in fact causing the passengers sometimes, to complain about the fairness because online customers are only allowed to purchase the normal price tickets. Not only that, users also wished to be able to compare rates and schedules between different bus operators in order to purchase tickets that suit them best. On the existing applications, users who wanted to compare tickets’ fares would need to surf through different bus operators’ websites respectively, and compare it themselves.

However, by providing a promotion and discount module, it would definitely solve the first problem encountered by the users. Secondly, implement a ticket comparison system to ease users when they are trying to compare and purchase the best suited tickets.

1.2 Project Objectives

To further improve the current WeBRATS system. By adding additional features and to promote usage of the web site while buying a ticket rather than manually buying a ticket at the ticket booth.

1.3 Project Scope

To further improve the existing application, several features will be added to the system.

The project scopes are discussed as following:

1.3.1 The development of the discount and promotion modules

One of the main functions to be implemented is the discount and promotion modules. This is an important module because online users of the existing applications are unable to view and enjoy any of the discount and promotions as they are only allowed to purchase with the normal fixed price displayed on the website. Although users have the choice of purchasing the ticket by visiting the counter itself, but due to the hassles and troubles, some of them still preferred to purchase online. Thus, the problem should be corrected to serves the purpose of fair policy.

1.3.2 The development of tickets comparison system

Prior to this module, the existing applications’ users are facing the problem of could not compare tickets among different bus operators efficiently. What they were doing all this while is visiting different bus operators’ websites respectively to compare the fares. This would actually consume some time which most of the users hoped that the module could be implemented in the system itself.

1.3.3 The development of report generators

This development is mainly focus on the admins’ perspectives as they are the one who needed different type of reports on their work. As discussed earlier in the problem statement, the main purpose of the report generators is to enable admins to print different report details according to their requirements. Not only their tasks are easier, their progress in dealing with anyone or anything would also be more effective such as verifying the identities of users before the departure.

2 Literature Review

Before developing the system, we had discovered some similar projects that serve the similar purpose. However, there is still lack of a friendly user interface and process of data flow. One of the research papers that we read through that is similar to our title was WeBRATS (Kevin O. Capaciete, 2012). In the paper,

3 Proposed Solutions

In order to improve the existing application, a series of proposed solutions have been discussed. To start, the software requirements have been illustrated in several drawings and diagrams, as below.

3.1 Use Case

A use case diagram is a representation of different users and their interaction with the system. In this project, there are admin and user, which each will interact with the system in various ways. As you can see, the users will be able to register and login to the system to perform further interactions. Among the functions that users can perform are check bus schedule, check seats availability, check promotion, view estimated time arrival (ETA), view bus driver information, pre book seats, purchase ticket and lastly access the online help chat system. On the other hand, admins are able to perform tasks such as update bus schedule, update promotion, update estimated time arrival (ETA), update bus driver information, manage user profile, query reports and access online help chat. However, admins are allowed to perform certain tasks depending on their level of authority.

3.2 Sequence Diagram

Conclusion & Suggestion

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- tours, discounts, refunds, fare discounts

- can generate reports by trip

- clients can create an account just like in airlines websites. With that, the system can record the modifications made

Other than what WeBRATs has to offer, here is a list of extra function we are attempting to instill in our <appname> web application.

1. Tours in a bus, helping in promoting our country and providing tourist with a limited budget to get the best experience of Malaysia.

2. Addition of a section where users are noted off promotional discounts.

3. If the customer canceled their ticket in a certain time interval. A full refund of the ticket will be given, but the credit goes straight to his or her <appname> profile. It can be used to purchase tickets in the future.

4. Admin’s improved bus system would be able to produce report per trip.

5. Clients are able to create a <appname> account where each users have access to their history of the Bus system.