Mashup Technologies In Various It Fields Computer Science Essay

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Mashup technologies are widely use in various IT field nowadays. The developer use this mashup technology term to develop a new application either in web based or mobile based .According to Bizweek(2005) , the term of mashup can be simplify easily as the mix, mash and mutate the data, videos, music or mapping from current application and external source in developing and enhancing a new application.

This portfolio will explain about the mashup technologies implementation and how it is applied to develop this prototype.

In this fast growing technologies, mashup concept can be seen several application such as listed below. Firstly mashup are most commonly used in digital field. This digital mashup can be defined as the creation of derivative work by recombining and modify the current digital works in digital media file. Examples of digital media file are audio, graphics, video, animation and text file.

Besides digital mashup, music and video mashup are widely done to make a video clips more attractive but editing some original video with some other video and recompose the original song by modifying the tune and beat of the song. For an example, according to ,the term "mashup" can be define in several meanings. Originally, it was used to describe a remix song which meshed two different type of music tune into one song . Besides music, a combination of different clips from multiple sources can be also defined as mashup. For an example such as Pit bull Bojangles Remix feat Lil Jon and Ying Yang Twins which is available in ( is the combination of music and videos.

Rather than digital, music and video mashup, a web application hybrid mashup is the most high demand mashup available nowadays in market. According to Duane Merrill (2006), a combination of multiple data and functionality from more than one source into a single application can be define as Web application mashup. Yahoo and Google have implemented its web mashup. In Google, Google Maps are mashup with web forum which allow the system to track the sending location. Besides, Yahoo using Yahoo! Pipes is a mashup application which able to aggregates the RSS feed in a single page for graphical interface navigation purpose.

Project Scope And Limitation

This project prototype are develop as a most interactive navigation system which comes in a combination of audio, animation, Google Map API and picture. The target of audience for this project will be the traveler with enable GPS and supported J2ME phone integrated with internet connection. The most accurate and clear picture and audio are used to develop this prototype in order to provide most effective navigation system. Moreover, Google Map API are chosen since Google map is the most common, well-known and updated map. Due to limited knowledge in Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME), I face some difficulty to develop the fully functional system. Not only that, this project scope is big and very complex. So, the final output would be only prototype without fully featured application with limited functionality in the final presentation. Besides this ,the limited time frame , lack of knowledge in J2ME is one of the implication why this project can be only implemented in fully function prototype only. The final presentation will be an interactive and effective navigation system to fit the aim of the mashup technologies and concept project prototype.

Chosen Media Tools

Since this project involve mashup concept, various multimedia tools are used to create the prototype of this project. Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) language is chosen to develop the interface in mobile using MIDlet. Adobe Flash is used to create animated landmarks s to embed it into it.. The Adobe Photoshop is used to edit the images capture from camera to give the clear picture for the user to determine the location. The Cool Edit Pro sound editing application is used to edit the audio file. The Text to speech converter is used to convert the text file to speech before editing it in Cool Editor and embedding in the prototype.

Current Application

Based on my research on current application in mashup navigation system, this application are presented in less attractive way where there is only a map with location information available. WISEPILOT by Sun developers is one of the mashup technology in mobile navigation which is available in( However the user find it is not interactive since no multimedia tools are embedded with it. They is no audio file which can be very effective in navigating the user in WISEPILOT.By using this multimedia tools with latest SDK technology, animated image of the landmark are able to pop up with a sound system navigation are able to be effective and interactive mashup navigation system.


As the conclusion,the purpose of mashup navigation system is to consolidate information with an easy-to-use interface. Because the combinations of digital multimedia applications are limitless, so are the possibilities of mashups. Therefore, as mashups continue to evolve. This make our life easier since we can always use new tools that help make information easier to find. We cant deny the mashup technologies provide better functionality and service compare to a single application. The digital mashup also are giving better profit to certain industry and get a good market demand. In future, creative mashup concept will be highly demanding and the developer will keep enhancing more efficient and interactive application to compete in market.