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ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line away of conectiing to the internet thought copper telephone line . it does by utilizing frequances that are not used by voice telephone. A dsl spilter filter's the two different frequance's tippcaly this is done over sort distance connecting to the exchange with in the two miles.

The advanterages of adsl ?

Independent services: Loss of high speed data does not mean you lose your telephone service. Imagine your telephone, television, and Internet access going out when a cable company amplifier/repeater dies.

Security: Unlike cable modems, each subscriber can be configured so that it will not be on the same network. In some cable modem networks, other computers on the cable modem network are left visibly vulnerable and are easily susceptible to break ins as well as data destruction.

Integration: DSL will easily interface with ATM, Nx64, and WAN technology. Telecommuting may get even easier.

High bandwidth getting good connection most of the time

Cheap line charges from the phone company.

Good for "bursty" traffic patterns (Refers to data that is transferred or transmitted in short, uneven spurts. LAN traffic is typically bursty. Contrast with streaming)

The disadvantages of adsl?

DSL efficiency is related to distance. The farther you are away from the provider, the more unreliable the service becomes.

People who need to upload large amounts of data such as corporate database, video, large audio files and images will not find DSL attractive though it is fast.

DSL is limited to a certain perimeter. People very far away from the provider may not be able to get the service. Service may be constrained to about 18,000 feet radius of the provider. Thus, availability is determined by distance from the providing source.

There is no standardization. Each company comes with its own equipment. So if you leave one city to go to the other, you may have to purchase a new set of equipment from the new company.

Additionally, DSL operates on traditional copper telephone lines, and is incompatible with fibber optic lines.

Downloads are faster than uploads; making it unsuitable for businesses and individuals who need to send heavy data of multimedia origin across the net. People who do constant upload of heavy files through email attachments or ftp transfers will experience difficulties with DSL.

If traffic on the phone line is heavy, you may experience stalling with your internet connectivity


Transfer to a fast, fixed-fee internet package rather than paying per minute for a 'narrowband' connection.

• You can fax, surf the web, take telephone calls - all at the same time; all using the same connection (this can lead to savings on multiple line rentals using traditional connections).

• Cut down on paperwork and the time it takes you to perform tasks on the web, such as planning business travel.

• Improve employee satisfaction and performance. Using broadband for data transfer and internet research is frustration-free; studies suggest that users respond by becoming more productive.

• Receive information (email, news and business bulletins, stock quotes and updates) direct to your desktop as it is sent.

• Use broadband to set up virtual private networks (VPNs) linking branch offices and off-site workers.

• Present your business in a positive light by using new technology to improve internal efficiency and custom


Coast . Cable tends to coast a lot more then dsl and dial up but there are ssome ISP that offer different levels of service that will suit how much you want to pay

Limted to certin area's . ISP can only connect certin area's if you are not in a area that's cable is available then the ISP will offer you dsl or adsl

Installion . When you get cable you have have a juntion box installed and a wired in to your home , this normally will come at a set coast from your IPS


Your download and uploadsx speed will be quick even at peck times

Fiber has a very low rate of bit error


Installation costs, while dropping, are still high - Despite the fact that fiber installation costs are dropping by as much as 60% a year, installing fiber optic cabling is still relatively costly. As installation costs decrease

Special test equipment is often required - The test equipment typically and traditionally used for conventional electron-based networking is of no use in a fiber optic network

Susceptibility to physical damage - Fiber is a small and compact cable, and it is highly susceptible to becoming cut or damaged during installation or construction activities


The Advantage that 3G tends to have when compared to all earlier forms of next generation mobile communications systems is an improvement in bit rate. The higher bit rate capabilities have brought about a move in service providers to indulge into producing many bandwidth intensive applications that would not have been conceived of otherwise. There are 2 forces bringing about the improvement of these 3G systems. The first being the need for higher data rate services, such as high-speed wireless Internet access. The second being more efficient use of the available radio frequency (RF) spectrum. The second is a consequence of the projected expansion in worldwide usage of wireless services


The main disadvantage of 3G mobile broadband is the coverage limitation of the mobile phone network that 3G broadband is accessed over. It is essential to check the 3G broadband provider you choose covers the areas you will be using your 3G broadband, in exactly the same way you would when choosing a mobile phone. The quality of Internet access using 3G broadband can also be affected by environmental issues, with anything from the walls of a building to weather conditions affecting the speeds you will get when using your 3G broadband

Select and set up an Internet connection using an appropriate combination of hardware and software



Wall socketSelect and set up an Internet connection using an appropriate combination of hardware and softwareThe connection methoed i have chosen to set wil be what we us at Achievement Training which is ADSL . The hardware that ill need is DSL Spliter a Modem and Ethernet cable and a phone cable

DSL SpliterEthernet cable

PhoneAdsl Line In

The software iused to install and adsl Connection .

.Click on the Start menu / Programs / Accessories / Communications / New Connection Wizard.

From Internet Explorer, click on tools / internet options/ connection window click on the setup button

Using the Run Tab, type: rundll32.exe netshell.dll,StartNCW and click on OK

Setting up your connection:

Choose the Connect to the internet option and click on next.

Choose the set up my connection manually option and click on next.

Choose the Cnnect using a broadband that requires a user name and password and click on next.

In the new window, in the ISP Name text field enter a name for the connection.

You should get all administrator rights and priority over the internet sessions; enter a username, a password and confirm.

Allow access to all the users

You must have administrator access to configure a new connection (default). This connection can be used for the current session or for all sessions. When in doubt, confirm the connection for all users.

Fill in the username and password (the latter to be confirmed), both provided by your ISP.

Check the first two options: so that all userscan connect with this connection by default.

If you use the Windows firewall, check "Enable firewall for this connection". Click Next.

Select "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop" to create the icon of Internet connection you will use.

Double-click the icon on the desktop to connect,

Right click on the same icon (or the one located next to the clock) to select the menu "Disconnect

If i did not want to set up a adsl connect my next option would be cabble broadband.

Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the port on the cable modem labeled, "Internet" or "Ethernet."

Insert the Ethernet cable to the network port on your computer. The port is located on the back of PC. If you are using a router, this end of the cable connects to the first port from the left on the wireless router. Verify that the green light on the other side of the router comes on.

Insert another Ethernet cable into the next available port on the router and connect the second end to a computer's network port. Repeat this step for each PC that needs an Internet connection.

Press the power button on the computer to boot Windows. Click "Start," and then click "Control Panel".

Type "Network" in the search box and then click "Network and Sharing Center.

Click "Set up a new connection or network" and then double-click "Connect to Internet." Windows will take a few seconds to connect your PC to the Internet.

Click "Start" and then click "Programs" and next click "Internet Explorer" to test the Internet connection. Type a URL in the address bar and press "Enter."

Recommend a connection method for Internet access to meet identified needs

Achievement Training would require a broandband that has a good download speed aswell as a a good uploads spead going on that bases i would recomend ADSL for the fact it good for sericty and uploading data as well as downloading and Cheap line charges from the phone company.Good for "bursty" traffic patterns (Refers to data that is transferred or transmitted in short, uneven spurts. LAN traffic is typically bursty. Contrast with streaming.

Diagnose and solve Internet connection problems

Diagnose and solve Internet connection problems with Adsl i would first run cmd( command Prompt) in windows and the type ping command this sends a packet of data to the destion web site that you have choose and times how long it takes to get there and back. Iif the ping rate was i i would thenn check the download and upload rate by using a online checker all this does in shows you what your download in M/b's is and shouws what you upload is in M/bs is.

If the the down load was only pulling a 1m/bs i would then check are netowrk to make sure no is download large files or that the network is no looping or being flooded .

If the upload as not very good i would to see if any one was upload large files to any online portfolio systems. If they were i would wait for them to finshes then rerun the ping to make that the ping time come back down. But if no was uploading i would then check our modem to make sure that it was connecting properly then send the modem for a restart. If then the problem had not resloved it self i would get incontact with our ISP and would getr them to test are line and to run diagnostic's and ask them if there was any maintance going on the area. Most the time this solve the problem is it turned out the the hardware was faulty then Achievement Training would have ti invest in a new modem and DSL filter.

Select and use browser tools to navigate webpages effectively

The web-browser i use to navgate around webpages effectivelly is favort's and recently viewed page this two tool's can save you time when your looking for usfull link's like Google,Ebbay,Webmail ect this also mean you have multiple tab's open