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Windows Server 2008 has received a facelift and changed the way it looks and feels. There will be some people who like the fresh look of Windows Server 2008 and there will be people who don't care for it. Either way, the long list of features will go a long way to encourage system administrators to trying out the new Server OS. Additionally, there are many new key security features that have made the server more secure. But will these features really make it more secure or just make the server harder to use? Will Windows 2008 be the most secure and advanced server that Microsoft has ever released? Only thorough testing by IT system administrators will show just how good Windows Server 2008 will be.


The first thing that new Server 2008 users will notice is the new look and feel of Windows Server 2008. If fact, if you have used Windows Vista you will notice how similar it is to Windows Server 2008 one of the first things noticeable is that the Run command was missing from the Start Menu. Now you just have to click on the Start Search area of the Start Menu and type in your command that you need. Mircosoft have keep in mind that there are so many other application included in the Windows Server 2008 OS. One of those is Internet Information Server. With Windows Server 2008.ISS has been upgrade to version 7.0 with this upgrade ISS 7.0 is easier to manage due to its improved interface. The interface offers the ability to perform common task faster, security enhancements, web server health information and delegation of administration.Virtualization is a new feature that allows you to virtualize any operating system onto one server.This featurewill also allow you consolidate msny servers into one server.This will allow you to easily create test and development environments without having to use too many resources.


The virtual machine you create after Vmware server is installed will require sufficient hardware. For this installation you will be creating a virtual machine and installing Windows Server 2008 in that virtual machine. You should have a minimum of 1GB of RAM to properly run this operating system. If your Windows 2003 Server needs 1GB of RAM to run then you will need an additional 1GB of RAM for Windows 2008.A virtual machine is the virtual operating system environment that runs on your Host operating system .The Host operating system is Windows Server 2003.Vmware virtual machines allow you to run more than one operating systems on the same physical computer. Each operating system excluding the Host system is run in its own virtual machine and each virtual machine is isolated from the Host system and other virtual machines. Installing Windows Server 2008 is done in the same way as you would on a stand alone computer. You insert the windows Server 2008 DVD in the DVD in the DVD drive on the Host computer and click on start virtual machine.

The Windows Server Backup feature provides a basic backup and recovery solution for computers running the Windows Server 2008 operating system. Windows Server Backup introduces new backup and recovery technology and replaces the pervious Windows Backup feature that was available with earlier versions of the Windows operating system.The Windows Server Backup feature in the Windows Server 2008 consists of a Microsoft Managemnet Console(MMC) snap-in and the command - line tools that provide a complete solution for your day - to - day backup and recovery needs. You can use the Windows Server Backup to back up a full server,selected volumes or the systems state.You can recover volumes, folders, files, certain application and the sysytem state. In case of disasters like hard dick failures you can perform a system recovery which will restore your complete system onto the new hard disk, by using a full server backup and the Windows Recovery Environment.Windows Server 2008 Backup uses volume Shadow Copy Service and block- level backup technology to back up and recover your operating system. You can configure Windows Server 2008 to automatically run incremental backup by saving only the data that has changed since the last backup. Even if you choose to always perform full backups, your backup will take less time thatn it did in earlier versions of Windows. It the best practice to have a good backup plans with a backup plan. Windows Server backup includes the wbadmin command and documentation which enable you to perform all of the same tasks at the command- line that you can perform by using the snap- in.

concerns, identify potential

legal exposures, and streamline compliance efforts. It can help

simplify support for a heterogeneous or legacy

center's ability to support key applications.

The new OS provides a solid foundation for workloads with

advanced technologies and features such as the Server Core

installation option, Windows® PowerShell, Windows Deployment

Services, and enhanced networking and clustering

Windows Server 2008 marks the biggest

upgrade in the Microsoft server OS in years. Despite

considerable planning challenges, there are compelling

reasons to make the switch. The revamped platform can help

enterprises address data security

It helps enterprises deliver rich Web-based experiences efficiently

and effectively through outstanding administration, diagnostic,

development, and application tools. The OS offers security innovations

including Network Access Protection, Fed

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