Management Information System

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Management Information System

Online office suites

Microsoft Office Live Workspace

From what we have seen, it's the most popular suite available online for collaboration, integration with popular desktop program that will allow us to go upload files easily to OfficeLivewith a capacitylimit of up to 5 GB. It faces a stiff competion from google docs however the MS Office Internet Live Workspace is a free online place to conveniently save, edit,access and share documents and files to increase productivity for busy proffessinals like you.Business professionals who regularly use Microsoft Office will benefit from Microsoft Office online Live Workspace. You can access documents when away from your desk -- whether at home, the airport or a coffee shop. Through Microsoft Office web Live Workspace, easily share documents, solicit feedback, post meeting presentations or minutes and even distribute to-do lists, budgets and project time line

Access Microsoft Office online Live Workspace from any location

Microsoft Office Live Workspace is easy to access from any computer with an internet connection and web browser. MS Office Live Workspace enables you to access documents whenever you are away from the office, which is especially convenient for business professionals who travel frequently. You can even utilize Microsoft Live Workspace on computers that do not have Microsoft Office software products installed.

Use MS Office online Live Workspace to share documents

With MS Office internet Live Workspace, share a single document or an entire workspace in just a few quick steps. Share documents or workspaces with up to 100 people; all you need is each person's email address. Readily collaborate on projects and even control whether recipients can edit documents or simply review them. .New sharing functionality includes an easier user interface and auto-completion of e-mail addresses People can now upload several files simultaneously by simply dragging and dropping from their desktop. Although Office Live Workspace allows for collaboration, it's not real-time, online collaboration

.Extend and synchronize your Microsoft Office online applications

The Microsoft Office web Live Workspace works with Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Use the Microsoft Office internet Live Workspace to open and save files directly from Microsoft Office and even export workspace files to Microsoft Office documents. Utilize MS Office web Live Workspace to synchronize contacts, tasks and lists w ith OutlookPeople can now bookmark their workspace or a workspace item via a unique URL in a browser window.

Live Meeting

Before the meeting, you can put up the agenda, attendee list, and documents you plan to discuss. During or after the meeting, use the workspace to publish the meeting results and track tasks. Send a meeting request to invite people to the meeting. In the meeting request, include a hyperlink that goes to the workspace where invitees can learn the meeting details and see the materials


Workspace users can select privacy controls for each document and get the heads up when another user is editing it. If they want to work on a shared document at the same time, Live Workspace also taps into Microsoft's SharedView to enable screen sharing and overwriting protection.