Management Information System In Auro University Computer Science Essay

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Auro University is offering courses like MBA, BBA, BBA LLB, BSCIT, so for maintain proper flow they are using good information management system. In University they are not using the entire department online. They have department like finance, admission, purchase, library, and IT. They have online software like LMS and NEMESIS; LMS is for faculty and program office and NEMESIS for student to view reports. Rest of the department use excel, register and tally software to maintain data of their department. For avoiding problems every organization have to maintain proper information management. Auro is using proper information management so they have smooth and proper flow is maintained. By using this type of system they are beneficial in many ways like, there is less delay in decision making, conflict between faculty and student will be avoided, there is full transparent system due to which there is less chances of partiality etc. They are using LMS for input software where they input the data of student like marks, announcement, attendance, calends etc.This software is mainly use by faculty and program office. In this software they enter data and there is another support system named NEMESIS, in NEMESIS the data enter by faculty in LMS is transformed into information. This NEMESIS software updates students. Finance department is using tally software for maintaining their data. Tally is the software there we can immediately generate report for making decision. Examination department is using register and excel software for maintaining of data. So this way they are maintaining their information management system in Auro University.


Online Application Filled BY Application

Application Checked By Admission Office

Application Selected For Admission

Student Details Entered in LMS System

(NEMESIS) Username And Password Generated For Student

Academic Session Starts

LMS Management System

NEMESIS Student Information System

Academic Calendar Entry

Announcement Posted

Student Attendance Entered

Exam Marks Entered

Grade Sheet Generated

Feedback Report Generated

Student View Of Academic Calendar

Announcement View

Attendance Show on NEMESIS

Exam Marks Reflected

Grade Sheet View

Feedback Filled By Student

Student Information System Flow

Auro University is using two types of MIS; LMS is for faculty and NEMESIS for student information system. Both are interconnected with each other. Before starting the system they have to first get conformation from admission office. This whole system is done online, this system start when applicant field the application online. This software connect two ways, first in one flow of online application and second is when student get admission from offline means from admission office. There are certain steps in this Admission and student information system flow.

Step 1: This system start when some of the applicant filled the application form online through Auro University web site. The student who is interested to take admission in Auro University they deposit Form fees online and fill the form online and from that point of time system get started working.

Step 2: Filled application is check by the admission office, if any changes find then they contact the applicant and make it change according to the requirement. Checking of application avoid the mistake and help to save time.

Step 3: From collected admission application, Admission office select best applicant from them. They call them for GDPI , and if they pass then they are allowed to pay fees and start college. They request candidate to pay fees, and after depositing the fees applicant convert into student of Auro University.

Step 4: After the students get conformed the admission office sends detail to the IT department. They enter all the required detail of student into LMS system. After entering the detail the LMS system starts and all other department get connected to the same.

Step 5: LMS is the input software, the reflection of that data shown in NEMESIS. NEMESIS is the student information system where they can able to see the information given by their faculty. So to access NEMESIS student require individual Username and Password, so in this step Username and Password is generated for student.

Step 6: Now after generating Username and Password University give that detail to the student who are going to use this software. NEMESIS is the software where student get information of their marks, attendance and also give feedback of that module. So from this step academic secession of the student starts and from next step both software works together. LMS is for faculty member to enter data of student and NEMESIS is for student to get information enter by the faculty to be seen.

Step 7: Any of the data like calendar, announcement for student is enter by the faculty in LMS. Student can get all of the information enter by the faculty through NEMESIS through out the academic.

Step 8: This step is done through out the academic of the student; here in this step attendance of the student enter each and every day of lecture. Auro University is having rule of attaining 80% lecture during particular block. So by this step student get day-to-day attendance and help to maintain 80 % of the attendance.

Step 9: Auro University have trend to have Internal exams and submission so for that faculty have to upload marks of the exams and submission of the student in LMS. Student gets their marks in NENESIS regularly, so through this they can get idea what to do and to improve performance.

Step 10: After final exams student want their result, which show the pass or fail result of student. Form which they get idea what to do and if some student fail then they get information through this and they start preparation for reseat exam of that particular subject. Grade sheet is generated according to the marks scored by the student in LMS software and that grade sheet is available in NEMESIS software for student.

Step 11: Auro University give opportunity to student for giving feedback of module and faculty, which helps management to take decision on that. Here the students give input through NEMESIS and faculty get outcome on their LMS software. After every module student have to fill feed back form.

Here in Auro University they use two software's one is for input and other is for output. The faculty member in LMS software does majority of the input part, where faculty has each and every rights of editing. NEMESIS is for student where student can see data entered by faculty. Students don't have rights of editing information provide by faculty members. This software help Auro University to save time of student and faculty members, this software helps University to keep transparency between student and help world by not using lots of paper which keep tree alive and to stop global warming.


In Auro University there is no such online information system for examination. They prefer manual work for organizing whole examination process. They have different committee who is working to gathered for making question paper, paper checker, moderator and the IT department for uploading marks on NEMESIS student information system. This whole process except uploading marks done on paper not online.

Mid Term Assessment:

Mid term assessment to be conducted by the faculty in the middle of the term.

Assessment pattern (case study, Multiple Choice Questions, Short answers) to be decided by the faculty and communicated to the Exam Cell.

Any resource requirement (Answer sheets, Printing, OMR sheets, requirements for online exams, rooms, invigilation) to be communicated to Exam Cell at least 4 days in advance.

Marks to be uploaded within one week of conduct of examination by the faculty, and the Controller informed of the same.

Corrected scripts with comments/ suggestions to be distributed to the students. The comments should be pro-active and suggest remedial actions.

Continuous Assessment:

Continuous Assessment carries a specific weightage of total marks. It can be conducted as a single project based evaluation or as a combination of several assessments, to be specified in the course manuals.

End Term Examination:

End term examination is conducted on completion of the terms.

Pre Examination Activity

Process of constitution of various panels and committees

• An Examination Committee is set up for conduct of the examination for an academic year. This consists of Controller of Examinations, Superintendent of Examinations and Deputy Superintendent of Examinations, Associate Deans (Programme) of respective campus.

• Unfair Means Committee to be set up and the rules to be communicated by the Controller.

Panel of Paper Setters, Moderators and Evaluators to be constituted for each course and all concerned to be informed of the same.

Process for Preparation and Announcement of Exam Schedule:

• Exam dates are already announced in the Academic Calendar which is communicated at the commencement of the programme.

• The Exam Schedule to be sent by email for students at least a month before scheduled examination by the Exam Cell.

Any change in schedule to be intimated through email, notices sent from the Exam Cell.

Activities During Examination:

During Examinations Activities Process for Conducting Examinations:

COE to constitute an exam supervisory committee to assist in smooth conduct of exam.

Exams to be conducted under the guidance of the Associate Deans

Sealed packets of question papers should be handed over to the invigilator by the Associate Dean.

Incase the seal is found tampered with, the Invigilator should inform the Associate Dean, who should inform the Controller.

Associate Dean to ensure that exams are conducted on schedule and in accordance with guidelines.

Attendance sheets are to signed by the students in the exam hall in the presence of the Invigilator and the attendance sheet is submitted to the examination office.

Daily record of stock of stationery consumed to be maintained by the Exam Office Staff helping the Exam Committee.

Invigilation record of all invigilators to be maintained as per the prescribed format.

Post Examination Activities

Distribution of Copies for correction to faculty

Submission of marks by faculty

Moderation of marks

Compilition of result

Uploading of result

Information of result to student

In Auro University they don't have online MIS for Examination. They mentain their data on papers and on Excel sheet, after finalitation they uplod marks through LMS and student get their marks sheet on NEMESIS. Above are the flow which shows the post examination process.

Stag 1: After examination gets over, the collected copies of answer sheet will be distributed to the respected faculty for correction. Examination department keept record on their registor, they take signiture of faculty on register, which proves that they have received answer sheet from examination department.

Stage 2: After correcting answer sheet they record marks on paper sheet and they submit to examination department. They have to give sheet as on given target by examination department. This process is fully confidencial.

Stage 3: moderation of marks is done after submitting of mark sheet done by the faculty. They have moderation committee who moderate the marks of the student and do final marking of the student. They maintain this data on excel sheet.

Stage 4: After moderation final result will be generated. This result is made on excel sheet and have data of each and every student. In Auro University they have mid term exams and project submission, they are graded so they have to make calculation according to the weighted of mid term and submission. So this way they prepare final result.

Stage 5: After making final result, Examination department upload that mark sheet on LMS. Examination department enters this data and this is considered as the final result.

Stage 6: The data enter by Examination department in LMS reflect information on NEMESIS. Student get marks sheet on NEMESIS, which is student information system. In Auro University the most of the Examination process done on paper sheet and excel only stage 5 and 6 is done online system.

Examination department is the department where they have to keep accurate and precise data, which will help University to run smoothly. By using LMS and NEMESIS for result it will help for the student and also for their parents, because students don't have right to edit the data. And parents can also get proper information about their student through this system.


"The MIS is an idea, which is associated with man, machine, marketing and methods for collecting data from the external and internal source and processing this data for the purpose of facilitating the process of decision making of the University. Because of liberalization and globalization, the universities are required to compete not only local but global, a manager has to take quick decision otherwise his business will be taken away by his competitors. The role of the MIS in organization can be compared to the role of heart in the body. Thus we can say that MIS in education sector acts as a tool for the quick look, So NEMESIS and LMS are a great support in AURO UNIVERSITY".