Main Components Of Net Framework Computer Science Essay

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.NET is one of the effective Distributed platforms which support more than two or more languages. There are various distributed platforms like oracle, SAP, JAVA. But the main feature of this .NET platform is Language Interoperability. Language interoperability refers to each language can easily share the code written in other languages. And also several other features are presented in .NET Framework. The disadvantages of .NET platforms are slow compiling of the programs because of the managed infrastructure.


.NET is a software framework which was developed and introduced by the Microsoft Company for the Windows-98 operating system, Windows XP operating system, etc.,. This can be also works in windows-7 and further Microsoft Company based operating systems. It has lot of features which supports language interoperability.

By using this .Net framework we can also create applications for the several handheld devices. Some of the handheld devices are related with windows mobiles. We can create several web based applications using different languages. .NET framework is very efficient tool for creating windows forms. The .NET framework has more number of libraries which can help the developers to create most efficient programs.


The Microsoft Company is the first company which introduced the .net framework. The Microsoft Company was started development of .net framework in the year of 1990's.

Originally Microsoft started the development of .NET frame work under the name of Next Generation of Windows services.

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Later in the year of 2000, Microsoft was introduced the first beta version of .NET1.1. And then within few years, Microsoft started releasing the next versions of .NET.



The .Net framework comes with several features such as windows form designers, in-place menu editor and many of automatic controls. It also comes with some other features like anchoring and docking which helps to design powerful windows based applications. The .NET framework is also designed for build an efficient web based applications. Web based application which are developed using the .NET features have achieved the high user interface.

The .NET framework helps the developer to develop largest number of applications in easy way. By using .net we can also develop more number of applications as very quickly.

It uses the integrated development environment, which allows automatic formatting of the code when we type the program.


Another important feature of the .NET framework is to using the tools of shared web form designer to design the effective web based applications. The .NET framework has one important feature which is named as drag and drop feature.


If you want to place a button or any other textbox to the windows forms, just we can click a default buttons and several GUI components which can be found in toolbox and then we can drop it in the windows form.


After drag and dropping the selected GUI components to the windows form we no need to write the code to respond to that event. We can just double click the event and it redirects us to the coding page.


ADO.Net is one of the main components of the .Net framework. The ADO.NET helps the developer to design the application to get easy access to the databases. By using the ADO.NET, application can get high speed access to the Ms SQL server. Applications which use the ADO.NET can also get easy and high speed access to oracle Database and Microsoft Access.


Intellisense is the Microsoft's way of implementation of Auto completion in coding areas. If we want to enter the symbol names or any other function names, we no need to enter the full words, instead it will automatically complete it by serving as documentation for repeating information in coding. So that we can code it as in easy way and very faster.


The architecture of .net Framework is based on fully object oriented constructs. We can use the reusable functions in this .net as other object oriented programming languages like C++, java languages.

As specified in the overview of .net framework, it consists of full implementation of oops concept like polymorphism, encapsulation. And it also supports another important concept which named as Inheritance.

The .net framework has the functionality of exception handling which can eliminates the errors in coding section and spaghetti code.


Spaghetti code refers to the code which includes more number of gotos and loops. It also used to refer the source code which has more number of exceptions and syntax errors.


The .NET framework is very useful tool for create mobile applications. The .NET framework has large libraries for creating effective mobile applications which uses low memory spaces and high performance.

It has the powerful libraries to create mobile application for more than two hundred hand held devices which consist of internet facility. We can create not only the simple mobile application but also mobile based web applications.