Machinery Hardware Parts That Works Together Computer Science Essay

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Its easy to think computers just machinery hardware parts that works together. But the specialty of computer comes from another thing that makes them unique. The difficulty with the computers is that most of us don't speak their language; we need a trancelater, something that understand our needs and put to computers to work for us. The trancelater is called software and it is makes computer useful.

Like a typewriter, computer without software it's just an unconscious device. By installing software programs the computer be converted into more alive and easy to use. The computers are made for following instructions and the software programs are basically a set of instructions that notify the computer accurately what to do. That the times you open a program the computer start, completing the instruction until the program is ready user to work.

If summaries the definition software is a computer programs, or introduction to perform specific task, determines what hardware is present, decides how hardware is configured and utilized, works with hardware to perform tasks.

Software function

A hierarchy determines how software interfaces so that high level software can depend on low level software to manage the hardware for it. For example application software depends on the operating system to interface with hardware. Operating system software instructs hardware directly, uses BIOS to provide the instruction and uses device drives which were included with every pieces of hardware.

Software also uses a memory addresses so that we can have many different types of applications running at the same time doesn't matter facts we can use application software, operating system software, BIOS and device driver software all at the same time because each has its own memory address. If focus on operating system software closer Operating system software is written to support specific hardware and software and it contains interfaces. There are many different types of interfaces,

Command Driven interfaces

Examples: - MS DOS

GUI - Graphical user interfaces (Menu Driven Interfaces / Icon Driven Interfaces)

GUI software contains graphics, Menus and icons. So it is very easy to use than Command Driven interfaces.

Examples: - MAC OS, Windows Vista / 7 / 8, Linux, Ubuntu

Processing terms regarding software


Multitasking can be accomplish in two different ways,

Cooperative multitasking (task switching)

We use with the earlier software and hardware, this type of multitasking the application actually controls the processor. This creates problems with earlier application because they could actually hold the processor making it look better and other programs not look at good.

Preemptive Multitasking

In Preemptive multitasking the operating system itself controls the processor.

Types of software

Most computers have 3 basic kinds of software


System software

Application software

If you ever used a computer you used system software. For Copy files, saving files, installing application software, or fixing problems the system software covers a basics. But the operating system is only one part of computer system. To make computer system personalize and most use full we can install software programs. For example for edit a photo you can install a software program that is build for that porpoise. For design a house you can install a program that builds for that porpoise. By installing (adding) or removing software programs you can make a computer go with precisely what you want to do.

The system software covers the basics and Application software programs make computers personalized. This combination makes computers most use full.


Firmware Contains computer's input/output functions. Typically this is the hard corded software not easily changed.

System soft ware

System software is the basic requirement of a computer system. It is a collection of one or more programs that are designed to control the operations of a computer system. Without system software, a computer will be like a car without fuel. The examples of system software are operating systems, compilers, interpreters, etc

Operating Systems

An operating system is a software program that allows the computer hardware to communicate and work with the computer software. Without a computer operating system, a computer would be worthless.

Examples: - MAC OS, Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8, Linux, Ubuntu

Application Software

Application software is a computer program designed to help the user in performing a certain type of work. Application software helps you to personalize your computer for your requirements. There are many different application software programs for certain uses of works. Application software uses the computer hardware through the operating system.

For Example:-

Word processing - MS office word, Open Word,

Presentation - MS office PowerPoint

Photo Editing - Adobe Photo Shop, Coral Photo Studio

Spread Sheet - MS office excel, Sage, Quick Book

Relationship between hardware and software

In order to produce useful output from the computer, the hardware and software must work together. Thus, there is a special relationship between the hardware and the software. Nothing useful can be done with the computer hardware on own. Similarly, the software cannot be utilized without the help of the hardware.