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Mobile commerce is totally different from the traditional e-commerce. With the growing popularity of mobile devices worldwide, mobile commerce is a portable mobile device which accesses the Internet features of applications and services which contain new technology, services and business models. The usage of wireless device enables the user easy to receive information and make interactions with others at any times as they want.


Mobile Banking

Banking through mobile allows the users to check their financial balances at any locations around the country. It allows them to easy and faster to check their bank account balances. Many banks and financial institutions are using the mobile commerce to allow customers to purchase stocks, transferring money through mobile phones. Many banks such as Maybank, CIMB bank and Public bank had been provided a free service that allows user to access online banking via wireless or GPRS on mobile phone without having to download additional software at any time and any place. Account holders receive SMS relating to transactions and upcoming financial obligations at the same time, you can make time-critical transmission almost anywhere and any times to avoid late payment and service charge. User can make transaction by receiving the TAC number through mobile phone and transfer the money to the third party rather than need to rush to a certain bank in order to make the transactions. Mobile banking brings lot of convenience and saves more times for all mobile users.

Mobile Ticketing

Mobile tickets reduce the costs and bring convenience to customers by providing new and simple ways for them to purchase tickets. This service is considered as mobile ticketing. Users can online checking or booking the cinema tickets by referring to the current programs, the prices and available tickets. He or she can then book a ticket for a theater/cinema as they wanted. When they go to the cinema, they just need to show their online ticket code that had been purchase. They just can take the tickets rather than need to go and line up early in the cinema in order to get the tickets. It helps to save a lot of times.

Departure and Arrival Times for Bus, Train, and Airport

Users can check the timetables for bus, train, and airport through mobile application. After the request, the list of nearby stations will be retrieve and send to the user. He then can get to know about the departure and arrival times of vehicles stopped at the particular stations. For example, Maybank2u offers an online ticketing for all maybank2u users. They can purchase and booked the cinema ticket, Air Asia airline tickets and Sunway Lagoon & Lost World of Tambun tickets. The localized and personalized combination will create a new channel or business to attract customers. Personalized custom information to meet user preferences, and then through the payment mechanism, so that personal information is stored per transaction without having to enter your credit card information.

Mobile Investment

A wide variety of information services are available for all mobile phone users. As the stock market changes too fast, the investors often use a mobile phone to make transactions and check the stock prices. This service is called mobile investment. Many smartphones contain a lot of applications to check inventory. Third-party software provides additional functionality. They allow the user to respond to the development of the market at any times at any locations. When it comes to the purchase or sale of shares, stock brokers are just need to make a phone call. His extensive report provides a detailed analysis of the focus on the current and future market. Mobile operators can discuss how to maximize their opportunities in this market. Normally, the investment banks are quite secretive about their mobile apps. However, since last year, some investment banks launched some smartphone or tablet PC applications in such a competitive market conditions in order to promote trade and capital market activities.

Mobile Dating

Relationship between peoples considered as important in our daily life. Nowadays the businessman is so intelligent and offers the mobile dating services. For example, the mobile dating service allows the user enters relevant personal information and the ideal type of the partner he or she is looking for. Then, a list of the people matching the given prole is displayed to the user and let them choose one of the matches. If the partner accepts, they will start a conversation. Online dating companies are now making use of SMS services to help people to meet and match online to start a relationship. A lot of people like to use this mobile dating device as it is an easy way to find partners due to lack of times. Using this mobile dating service, you can make interactions with many different types of people to know more about them. This phone dating service is very completely secular dating sites, because the impulse SMS is the most profitable services, this mobile communications website, you can see all there are a lot of girls and players advertising on the Internet. All of these configurations are often not a fake, just a means to allow people to use their own money.

Mobile Purchasing

Smart phones allow consumers to shop same as they would on a normal personal computer. This is called mobile purchase. Customers can purchase goods using mobile applications that online retailer accessible for download. Amazon launched a service called TextBuy that provides service for people to checkout using text messages in year 2008. IPhone users can pay for coffee using the Starbucks Card Mobile App at any Starbucks locations. Some of the online shop had provided the mobile application that easier for people to view their new products and purchase it without go to the real shop. It is so convenient for people who are busy of studies or jobs. Some of the online shops like to promote their products with promotion in order to attract people to buy it. Especially the young girl teenagers, they like to hold their mobile phones a whole day. They can easily view the online shop’s new products and share it with their friends in order to get more discounts. Customers can view and purchase the products while using a cheap and secure payment method. The retailers can send a list of products that the customers are interested rather than using paper catalogues directly to their mobile device. Customers can also visit a mobile version of a retailer’s ecommerce site. In addition, retailers will be able to keep track of customers at any time by informing the customers about the promotions or discounts in local shops that they will be interested in.

Buying Products from Billboards

As the user wants to buy a product which he sees on a billboard. He chooses the billboard service category, and receives, based on his location, a list of the products shown on the nearest billboards along with directions to the nearest retailers providing the products. This mobile purchase service can considered as an easy and faster way for people to buy the products as they wanted. Smart business owners view the billboard as a part of a balanced marketing strategy. Integrated marketing strategy which including print, broadcast media and billboards is the main key in order to attract and retain new customers.


The usage of m-commerce brings lots of benefits to us, especially the businessman need to survive in such a competitive business field. The usage of this wireless device enables the user to receive and transmitted information anywhere at any time. The emergence of the specific location of the application allows the user to receive the relevant information of the action. M-commerce allows users to access real-time information, such as stock quotes and take immediate action. A business can make wider connection of their target market and higher sales by maximizing the use of existing technologies such as mobile devices; the industry needs to establish a big step.