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Web accessibility is one of the key elements to the web sites that provide multi electronic services and ease the access for users on the web such as providing news, education and entertainment that can be an interesting target for users and might express their views for what service are the best that the web site provided. Any website should be available for all users anytime and anywhere and should not be stopped due to system break down or the increase of demand on the website and other related problems which could lead to inaccessibility for the website that the user wants to navigate through. Web accessibility should be available for all internet browsers in general, and should notify the user which web browser is best to be used to get full accessibility for the web site is been surfed. It is important to provide web site users with different services to meet their demands for example the site should take colour blinds, disabled, deaf and other issues in to consideration. Many blind colours and disabled people do not normally get the full accessibility for web sites and that should be taken as a serious matter. Many companies now days think of providing best solutions for the people who have special cases regarding health issues. The internet in the recent days has become one of the valuable sources for information which people can get by visiting websites which provide information required. Many websites do not have true reliability for information which could mislead internet users for false information and data. It is very essential for people who use the web to have their own basic knowledge about the website they are surfing, they can recognise whether the website is trustful and valuable for resources and information required which can handle. Web accessibility is all about people who use the web, web accessibility which could give the best chance for enabling people to get the resources they might need and the content of the web.

Web accessibility is all about enabling people who can get the best chance to use the internet and then enable to get the use of resources they need and look for and use the content of that website they are in. Accessibility is meant to make the content of the website accessible whatever their health conditions were whether they are disabled or not. For those who are disabled with colour blind, or have visual issues and hearing problems. Here is the accessibility comes to cover and meet all needs for internet users regardless their health conditions, ethnicity or wherever they come from. There are many ways to make the site accessible by all, one of these ways is that the easiness and reliability for the website. Making the site accessible means, giving a huge opportunity for people to get use and navigate through the site. When the text is displayed in a fit options means that the text fits all ages by making the text bigger for those who have visual issues and elderly people. Graphics, by giving graphics more options for zooming and text explanation, could help people easily understand the content of the graphic on that specific page of the site. People who cannot see the text nor have difficulty in reading should have an option which is text reader tool which would help them a lot to know where they are at. Java script should be taken in consideration for the reasons there are people who have very slow internet connection and limited speed, or they live in a remote area such as the country side and sometimes user from around the world. So the content of animation and unnecessary stuff should not be there which could affect users speed connection and make the site to be loaded slower than it should be. Some of websites have auto music or videos player, in such a case can be considered time consuming for users because they have to wait for the content to be loaded and played which might not be an interesting content for the users. Links on the website should be very clear and well organised with a font size which fits all users to get use of the links on the site.

Making the Web Accessible

Web sites nowadays become very vital element for providing information and services for the users all over the world who come across the World Wide Web seeking for some information, regardless this information was meant to be on the scientific or the entertainment aspect. Providing disabled people same access and opportunities as the normal people get it is one of the most important services that the web site should provide. Meeting people needs on different levels will give a huge impact “impression” for internet users to make them feel they found what they were looking for with such an easy way to surf the web site and navigate through its contents. Another important element for easy web site accessibility and making use of it which is HTML standards which can enable all users to see and use the contents available on the site such images, audio and videos. There are many ways to make the website more accessible by using additional styles, but many sites developers believe that by making the site accessible it will lead to investment by spending money and time on the site to be accessible. The new technology has reduces site costs, to make a website accessible for disabled people by making it a noisy and poorly lit to help people accessing it. Moreover, such sites become a favourite target form mobile users who on their devices very small screen can make the site accessible. They are also attractive for the users who have very limited or slow speed for internet access in this case such sites are the most favourite sites for people who use very basic connection kits such as modems. According to PC World survey shows that many organisations are not interested in making their sites accessible, but few of them they were interested. Some developers think making sites accessible can make it boring which is incorrect. They think the accessible sites do not have graphic or multimedia.

Why Web Accessibility is important

Web Accessibility is important to for the web sites to be accessible and to remove the barriers amongst internet users and give them equal access and opportunity for all people, also to ease the case disabled people to get their rights for navigating and surfing the web easily without facing any problems that make them unable to manage their needs and solve their problems. If the website becomes accessible for colour blind people and other disabled conditions will lead to a great result which is the web site has become a valuable source for disabled to find what they were looking for. Moreover, accessibility should take in consideration elderly people and the remote areas such as the country side and all over the world. Alternative Text for Images, text should be available as an alternative for images; the text should be in the mark up code area. Otherwise, if the alternative is inaccessible that means the image information will be inaccessible for people who have blind colour or blind and to the people who live in the rural areas who have stopped images to make their internet speed faster will face the same problem which is the inaccessible alternative text for images.

Making your website accessible to all

Web Access should be available for all people from different ages and specially be accessible for disabled people who have special needs such as hearing, speech, auditory and other disability problems. It is important to provide web users full access for the web and then be able to browse all the contents of the web. By removing all the barriers which could interrupt disabled people from accessing the web will be solved, many accessibility features could the developers and designers implement tools for. There are some sites that can offer services for elderly people

Accessibility in Law and Policy

World Wide Web consortium was founded in 1994 W3 has over 500 member organisations; W3C has published a project about” Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 1.0 ” . These have been widely accepted as the main guideline on how to create and design an accessible website. WAI has released new version of web accessibility which is so called WCAG 2.0 which has been recommended to be up to date of technology.


The technology of information and communications is on the most important tools which represents the best means for enabling disabled people for accessing the Web, but it is at the same time it can be a barrier for those people to be less active and do not have proper communications with their community unless all necessary communications tools and technology for disabled people should be provided which can enable those to get equal rights and opportunities to enrich their capabilities and build their abilities. Web accessibility is based on providing best services for people who can fully access the sites.

"In fact with the new technology of information that provide disabled people a huge opportunities to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities; They can compensate for visual disabilities using systems reading mechanism to screen content that transforms the content to the material heard or to typed text in Braille; may require a hearing disabilities for audio content benefit of sign language on websites; cases may require cognitive or neurological deficits to sites on the Internet does not include the contents of the need to focus attention and accurate follow-up; deficits may need special support motor uses the mouse and keyboard. This program identifies applications of information technology and communications, and implemented to enable persons with disabilities and marginalized minorities service, and serves as a centre specializing in the development of personal and practical skills, and job creation, education and lifelong learning, and community development. Methods will be adopted multiple force to meet the needs of local communities, such as centres of information and communication technology and social Internet shop."