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Web browser is a software program put to use in order to view HTML documents. It is a software application where it can obtain, retrieve and fetch various information from the Webpage or World Wide Web. Mobile web is done by using various mobiles such as cell phones, smart phones and PDA to use the web services such as i-mode (Japan), World Wide Web and WAP. Mobile web browser is the usage of mobiles, hand phones or hand sets such as PDA and smart mobiles to browse or surf the internet. The users can use wireless internet browse (WIB) to surf the internet. It is also called as micro browser. There are various ranges of smart phones available in the market such as Blackberry, iPhone 3G and 3Gs and HP smart phones.

Mobile web browser differs greatly in various features of the operating system. Mostly, best mobile web browser is where it can zoom in or out, open numerous webpage at a time or uses keyboard shortcuts, whereas normal mobile devices can only perform normal tasks or functions such as displaying the website only.


There are many limitations found when we are using mobiles to browse the web. Firstly, mobile has small screens. The users might find it very inconvenient as the small screens will cause them to have difficulties in viewing the whole webpage, or text and graphics that is found on the screen. It is much more difficult compared with the computers. Besides, smaller screens take longer time to open, close or even clicking a webpage.

Secondly, mobile web browser cannot view certain web pages, as it is not supported. There are lack of java script and cookies, causing the webpage to be jammed, hanged or, cannot be opened. For example, videos, Flash, plug-ins and PDF will cause the webpage not be able to open as there are lack of java script and cookies.

In addition, web browsing through mobiles will experience slow internet connection. People misuse mobiles to browse webpage and for entertaining purposes, instead of communication purposes.

Besides, battery life will be shorter as people use mobiles to browse web pages. As the mobile receives and sends out information, the battery life of the mobile will decrease rapidly. The more the user uses mobile web, the faster the battery life decreases.

Moreover, mobile web browsing is different compared to PCs being used at home. For example, Facebook browsing through mobiles and Facebook browsing through PCs. Through mobiles, Facebook are more likely to be in smaller screens. Besides, users cannot play games or any applications through mobiles. It is also very inconvenient for users to browse through mobiles. The information being posted in mobile is incomplete, compared to users browsing through the PCs. They have to scroll several times in order to view the whole page.

Another example of limitations is Youtube mobiles compared with PCs. The videos being viewed or uploaded in the mobiles are not as clear as compared to PCs. The graphics are not that good compared to the PCs. Besides, loading of Youtube video through mobiles takes longer time and it also causes it to lag. It takes longer time to search for the wanted video.

Next, the graphics are also one of the limitations. Graphics being posted or used in the mobile are more simplified. Mobiles use simple graphics, whereas PCs use more complicated graphics. The graphics in PCs are nicer and have clearer image.

Opera Browser

Opera was a sub-organization under Telenor, which is the biggest telecom company in Norway. After one year of operating, it branched out as an independent firm known as Opera Software ASA. Now, the company has develops Opera Web Browser that is popularly used among Operating Systems and embedded Internet products such as Mac, Personal Computers, PDA(Personal Digital Assistant), smart phones and also game consoles. There are two products for mobile web browser from Opera Software that are Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. Opera started to develop mobile browser in 1998. Opera Mini, the first browser that able to function on any phone with Java was established in 2005. Opera is a proprietary software which is with restrictions on copying and modifying it.



Has good support in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Sometimes lead to slow page rendering.

Preferable by people because it can opens numerous pages simultaneously.

Tedious procedures compared to other browser.

It is allowed to open up to 25links.

Not supported by all site such as Google Mail.

Opera browser is also most Operating System supportive among others.

Slow opening load up.

Skyfire Browser

Skyfire was a new company founded in 2006 by Nitin Bhandari and Erik Swenson, who are the Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer respectively. Windows Mobile 5 and 6, Symbian S60 v3 are the two main software supported by skyfire mobile web browser. Skyfire is officially launched only in the US, United Kingdom and Canada. Windows Mobile (smartphones and PPC) and Nokia N and E Series (Symbian S60, 3rd Edition) phones support the skyfire and act as a common platforms for skyfire to access. Skyfire is a type of freeware and could be downloaded via internet without any costs.



Simple to control and it is fully-featured.

Has less options to bookmark favorite page.

Pages will be shrunken to fit the display screen on phone from the SmartFit offered.

Updates takes a long time to be processed.

Offers landscape& portrait mode.

Do not support Slacker and Pandora.

Can edit and design the homepage.

Can stores cookies and bookmarks.

Safari Browser

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc in USA. On 7 January 2003, Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs announced the newly released web browser developed by Apple known as Safari. Safari is derived from KHTML rendering engine and it is the first and only web browser that built-in to the operating system. Safari is now the web browser for operating system of Apple's iPhone. After some complaints from KHTML developers in the year of 2005, Apple has moved the WebCore and JavaScriptCore to Safari is a type of proprietary software.



Built-in to the Operating System.

Search engine which is Google is fixed.

Easy to bookmark desired page.

Cannot customize most of the existing settings.

Can modify font using spell check tools.

Skin and other aesthetic tweaks exist in Mac but not Safari.

Its speed is twice of Internet Explorer and 1.6times than Firefox.

Some forms on website cannot being filled up via Safari.

Privacy and Security Features in Mobile Web Browser

There are many type of security to protect our privacy.

For example, we can use encryption, anti spam-security and so on to protect our mobile.



Anti spam-security


Is an activity we convert the data or information of our mobile to code to prevent hacking

Is to prevent the spamming of relevant or unsolicited emails to our mobile

Is a software system which protect the wireless communication network


The examples of Encryption:



Opera is a software that provide an automatic 256-bits encryption which has a higher security for any Web Browser that can prevent other to hack in our mobile.

Kapersky is a software that offer encryption. When we enter a password for our mobile and someone try to open it and know about our privacy like email, they will not success because the password has been encrypted.


The example of Anti spam-security:


Kapersky also provide anti spam-security service. Kapersky can block or function in blacklist mode to the unsolicited emails, phone, sms and others.


Firewall has the advanced of anti-virus protection to protect our smart phone from the wireless threat.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is performing a banking transaction most often via text messages or mobile internet. In these current years, mobile banking has been drastically increasing. Mobile banking has been improving due to side by side mobile devices and services offered around the whole world. Here are a few common services that is offered by many major banks:

Account alert, security alerts and reminders

Account balance, updates and history

Customer service via mobile

Branch or ATM location information

Bill payment

Funds transfer

Transaction verification

Mortgage alert

There are 3 ways of mobile banking, which is:

SMS banking

Mobile web banking

The mobile application banking

Types of mobile banking


SMS banking is not expensive and it is easy to use compared to other data devices from customer's point of viewing. This one of the reason why many banks start to emphasize on SMS banking.

Mobile web

in this current 3-5 years, many mobile phones includes a web browser that allows access to the internet. Internet mobile browsing have been improving a lot and the price is very affordable. Mobile phone screens have been improving and more comfortable to use. With these points, it improves user experience and making more customers use the mobile web banking.

Mobile client applications

this application provides more secure user friendly environment. This banking service is rapidly improving globally. It provides interfaces for basic telephony and messaging services. Data that is received is richer, faster and not necessarily connected user experiences. It offers different browsing for the mobile web such as JavaScript/AJAX. Mobile client application benefits user to access all bank functions, strong identification and ability for customization and branding. This way of banking offers powerful and secure application function to protect customers.

Pros and cons of mobile banking

For each types of mobile banking, there are pros and cons.

SMS banking

Mobile banking is easy to use and it is an everyday used tool among many customers. Mobile banking works for all mobile operators. Text messaging is affordable for everyone and even with some packages it may cost less than 5 cents. In order to use mobile banking no software is required to be installed in the mobile device. All information is based on real time update and customers can get the information almost immediately. All stored messages can all be re read when it is needed without any network connection.



Easy to use.(daily equipment)

SMS has a limit of characters.(140-160)

Works for all mobile operator.

SMS banking is not secure.

Affordable(up to 5 cents only)

No software is needed.

All stored info can be reread without any cost.

Mobile Web Banking



User will have the same experience as if it's using a computer web browser.

Only newer mobile device that can support web browsers.

Allow users to access corporate application.

Connection speed limitations.

It is more secure compare to SMS banking.

In order to use be able to connect to internet all the time, it is more expensive.

Cannot do anything offline.

Mobile Client Application



More organized.

Many different combinations for devices, OS and development environments to give support for all devices.

Able to work even without Wi-Fi.

Different mobile device function and performance made it inconsistent to download application.

Very secure.

May need to improve customer services and support because of the increasing users.

Able to remotely wipe out all personal information.

Support corporate or custom application.

Security of mobile banking

using text message is always consider not secured. SMS security is always important when a mobile phone is stolen or lost and a text message can be accessed without any password. In other hand, the mobile web banking is similar to PC -centric banking that's used at home or work. It limits storage risk and it is secure communication to eliminate risk eavesdropping and other risks. For mobile client applications, there are more secure because the combination of a client application allows strong authentication and encryption for important data such as private data, user IDs, passwords and transaction information.

Here is a demo of mobile banking client.

Demo of a SMS banking