Letter of Intent


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Letter of Intent

Problem Statement

To decrease fault-slip-through from system testing to customer acceptance testing.


A lot of research is carried out to determine early fault detection and various methods have been proposed such as Implementation of matrices [1], Fault slippage measurement [2], Early fault detection [3] etc but there main focus is to either measure fault slip through or decrease fault slip through at the early stage of product life cycle but no method is proposed to decrease fault slip through on each stage of product life cycle, I would like to modify methods proposed in [2], [3] and [6] and decrease fault slip through at every stage of product life cycle.


Implement Model based testing to decrease fault-slip-through from system testing to customer acceptance testing.


In the present market where time to market the product is of crucial importance the companies are focusing on improving the efficiency of the product. With the implementation of my research efficiency at every stage of the product will improve considerably apart from reduction in cost of the product. There are several other advantages at below:

* Early exposure of ambiguities in specification and design while developing the model.

* Shorter schedules, lower cost, and better quality.

* Enhanced communication between developers and testers in conjunction with developing the model.

* Capability to assess software quality.


Studies have suggested the regardless of whether the quality initiatives are technical or organizational, human factor should be considered [4]. With the implementation of Model based testing at every stage of product life cycle errors of fault-slip-through can be decreased considerably.

Model based testing is not just the matter of generating test cases and executing them to detect test cases. It involves several other activities such as creating of test model, analyzing the output, report defects and generating the output. However implementation of Model based testing is not an easy task as it involves training to human resource and also increases cost but studies have suggested that overall it decreases cost of the product [5] due to improvement in efficiency.

My approach is to apply both Model based testing and action research method [6] in conjucation with each other to every stage of product life cycle. Overall it will be a cyclic process each cycle will involve planning, acting, observing and reflecting. With the help of fault slippage method [2] we can check whether any fault is there in the system of not. So overall what I am trying to do is using already available tools in the better way so as to decrease fault-slip-through from system testing to customer acceptance testing.

This paper proposes how a combination of two existing techniques for fault analysis can be used to identify where in the test process improvements are needed, i.e. to pinpoint which activities in which phases that should be improved. This was achieved by classifying faults after which test activities that triggered them and which phase each fault should have been found in, i.e. through a combination of model based testing, action research and faults-slip-through measurement.


[1] Damm, L. and Lundberg, L. 2007. Company-Wide Implementation of Metrics for Early Software Fault Detection.

[2] Damm, L. and Lundberg, L. 2006. Using fault slippage measurement for monitoring software process quality during development.

[3] Boberg, J. 2008. Early fault detection with model-based testing.

[4] Lars-Ola Damm. Early and Cost-Effective Software Fault Detection- Measurement and Implementation in an Industrial Setting.

[5] Santos-Neto, P., Resende, R. F., and Pádua, C. 2008. An evaluation of a model-based testing method for information systems.

[6] Wesley Vernon. An introductory guide to putting action research into practice.

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