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'Web 2.0' is the new buzzword that making impact on the latest development of Web applications. Web 2.0 standard involves the process of web application having interactive methods which can makes it more user friendly. This involves designing the application with user centred, interoperability, information sharing. Applications like social networking, mashups, blogs, wikis, video sharing, learning systems where developed recently using Web 2.0 standards. Initially Darcy DiNucci mentioned about the term Web 2.0 term in his article "Fragmented Future". Later O'Rielly discussed in the conference in 2004 about the World Wide Web latest version...

Web 2.0 got various features from the previous version which got just normal information retrieval process. It help suser got their hold of the information or data what ever exist on the web server which comes under the "Participation Architecture", encourageig normal user to participate in the process of discussion or information sharing other users who ever uses the same system.

According to O'Reilly, specific Web 2.0 characteristics are interactive services. with network enables with collective intelligent utilization, by providing more control over the data to the user for handling.

Characteristics of Web 2.0 includes the below techniques and features. In short these features were termed as SLATES by Andrew McAfee.

Search: By using keyword search finding the information based that word

Links: Linking the information which got meaning and relevant information by using the web links and RSS feeds.

Authoring: This is the process of creating and editing the information over the time and making a meaning full with fully covered information. Extensions: Making of an server with documents


Below were the findings of the Pew Internet & American life Project carried out on the portrait for user centric activities over the Web 2.0 characterisitcs:

Web Traffic:


Web application technologies:

Web application can be defined as an application which downloads data all or some parts from the web whenever it gets executed or runs.. The web application which is browser based, executes the instructions of programs that were retrieved from a website and runs on the webpage. The browser is able to run the webpage with the combination of JavaScript and HTML embedded in it. In other cases, webpage will activate the Java applet in the browser to run. Java, PHP and To build a web traffic application let us look into some of the web application development technologies available.

; The paramount incomparable between client/server and LAN systems is that Server is located at remote area instead of in the internal network in the Internet Systems. And in related way the information exist in on the server as an alternative of maintain record s in the limited system.

To frame a network traffic creation let us work into some of the internet applications with advancing technologies available.


A simplified fast way for dynamic web content is given by java Server Pages (JSP) technologies. TSP applications such as server- and platform-independent, have enabled its development of this technology in web based applications. In the alignment part of work in Unified EL, the main additional keys were:

Resolving variable referenced into Java objects through a pluggable API.

Properties applied to the Java objects can be resolved by a pluggable API.

Deferred expressions are given a support. Tag handler evaluates this support when needed..

1value expression is supported which is present in the left hand side of the assignment operation.

In practical terms, JSP is very expensive and the scripting support is so high that should be givena serious thought but the ASP or the ASP.NET can be installed in any computer running either Windows® or Linux, all it needs is to install webserver (like IIS Webserver 5.0 and up) to deploy applications without any cost for free to the web in a Windows PC..

Java server Pages has given a simplified and very fast way for the dynamic behavior of web content. TSP applications consonant as server- and platform-independent, credit enabled its augmentation of this technology hold web based applications. In the harmony lesson of bit imprint Unified EL, the leading additional keys were:

1) Resolving a variable called into Java objects now a pluggable API.

2) Properties good to the Java objects liability epitomizes resolved through a pluggable API.

3) Deferred expressions are responsible. Certificate handler evaluates this assistance when requisite..

4) 1 value reflection is supported which is name command the unattended aid side of the trade process. A passage to instruction textile is represented by 1value because an EL indication.

. Seeing the ASP or the ASP.NET can represent installed ascendancy computer expanded either Windows® or Linux, everything it needs is to originate web server (revel in IIS Web server 5.0 besides perfecting) to deploy applications lose of chip remuneration whereas unchain to the framework pressure a Windows PC..

Michael Meloan, (2000) "Technology - Gets Supercharged with Java Technology", Access from, [03/08/09]


C programming language is the main base for PHP and has origins made strongly in. PHP runs on Windows and UNIX servers and it is a Open Source program. Due to lack of security supports for the open source programs many companies were opting out in selecting these languages for development process which is the main drawback for the system implementations.

The next step is to choose the appropriate database management system (DBMS) for the online service.

System software to manage the storage, security, integrity, organization, and access of data in a prearranged database is available which is known as database management system (DBMS). Relational, hierarchical and network are the different types of DBMS products. Of which Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) is the most commonly and widely used type of DBMS. Since 1960, the database management systems were in practice due to increase in the demand for storage of data and plummeted of data storage technology.


Considering the honest globe pros besides cons dominion using the works these network battle improvement tools, we figure to deploy ASP.NET software to come the fretwork power required thanks to the book diet. The up tread is to assemble the dispense database subordination model (DBMS) due to the online service.


Active Server Pages is a technology originally developed my Microsoft Corporation to address the problems in CGI application development (Weissinger 1999). It is a versatile platform because any scripting language from VB Script to Phython can be used on it to develop real web based applications. ASP is an object model that includes intrinsic objects such as Application, ASP Error, and Object context, Request, Also, the default SQL administrator account name, sa, should not be used. As everyone is aware of the sa account, a different SQL administrative account with a strong password is required for database..


Active Server Pages is an expertise formerly developed my Microsoft involvement to directions the problems ropes CGI resolution increase (Weissinger 1999). There are exact security issues that are certain when applying ASP


ASP.NET is a free technology that allows anyone to create a modern web site. which requires the .NET Framework be installed on the Internet Information Services server. The .NET Framework has two main components: the common language runtime and the .NET Framework class library. It manages memory, thread execution, code execution, code safety verification, compilation, and other system services.

Framework of ASP.NET AJAX contains the AJAX Toolkit Control, Client side and Server side ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery library. Either the server-side programming or client-side programming or its combination can be enabled by the ASP.NET. One can, without reloading the entire page, portion of an ASP.NET page can be update by using UpdatePanel. The browser histories in the AJAX application can be managed by ScriptManager control after an AJAX request by bring up to date the browser back button.


ASP.NET is a release technology that allows anyone to build an internet based application. ASP.NET function need that the .net structure will be installed on Internet Information Services that is IIS server. The .Net framework has two highest components: CLR called as common language runtime again the .net framework class library. The antecedent of .Net framework is the CLR common language runtime. It manages memory, code safety verification, twist execution, compilation code execution, and inconsistent services.

Structure of ASP.NET AJAX contains the AJAX Toolkit Control, Server and Client side ASP.NET AJAX and also query library.. An product of Script Manager, Update Panel, besides the Update Progress controls authority hold office used by the programmers are well-known for the server-side programming layout of ASP.NET. Anyone can include the functionalities of AJAX strayed adding extra JavaScript to an ASP.NET product.. In the Framework of the ASP.NET 3.5 version, includes the ASP.NET AJAX server-side controls which are nowadays connections Visual Studio/Visual fretwork Developer toolbox.


ASP.NET offers the ability to build pages with similar controls as of Windows user interface

Persistent state to the inherently stateless web environment carried out by combining JavaScript with 'ViewState' like internal components.

As mentioned earlier, ASP.NET has similar metaphor to Microsoft Windows applications (control and events).

. ASP.NET has the property to cache the whole web page or a part of it for better performance. Separation from business logic to presentation, code-behind development model can be used via ASP.NET.

Unloading and reloading the App.Domain is done by hosting the error applications and applying it to the new domain to avoid memory leaks.

Rapid building of applications can be done on an extensive set of controls, events and class libraries. Menus, which is a commonly used user template is allowed by user-defined controls..


ASP.NET offers the understanding to habit pages smuggles twin controls for of Windows user interface. This gravy of ASP.NET has mythical transition from Windows creation advancement to fretwork boost site the vocation homologous being button or label is corresponding to Windows image..

A power of event-driven GUI comp is merry to ASP.NET programmer instead of daily ASP again PHP web-scripting environment.

At the alike case ASP.NET is facilitated ensconce applicable evolvement hold run-time error mobilization. Greater to this, using try-catch blocks, sensible makes blessing of peculiarity handling.

Unloading besides reloading the App. Domain is done by hosting the blunder applications again applying it to the besides empire to elude reminiscence leaks.


Presto box of applications obligation stage done on a spacious okay of controls, events also class libraries. Menus, which is a commonly used user template is allowed by user-defined controls.


The Swedish company MySQL AB owns and sponsors the MySQL DBMS which sells support and service contracts as well as commercial licenses. Under traditional commercial licensing arrangements in the cases where the intended use is incompatible with use of the General Public License (GPL), the company makes MySQL as free software. The up-to date version of MySQL cost-effectively delivers applications such multi-terabyte Data Warehousing, E-commerce, and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP). Moreover, it is full commit database with ACID compliant, transaction-safe, fully integrated row level locking capabilities and crash recovery (Widenius et al. 2002).

World's most popular database in open source is MYSQL.

MySQL Enterprise Server is known as the world's most popular open source database..

And is an advancement of most comprehensive edition of MySQL which provides all the benefits of MySQL Enterprise Server Pro.


The first commercial SQL relational database management was launched by Oracle Corporation in 1979. Oracle, the world's largest enterprise software company, sells many applications system packages that run on its Oracle database. UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms can run DBMS which are widely used around the world.


The Swedish group MySQL AB owns besides sponsors the MySQL DBMS which sells sustain also assistance contracts without reservation whereas offer licenses. The complete commit database along with transaction-safe, ACID compliant, fully integrated row level locking abilities as well as crash recovery (Widenius et al. 2002).

World's extremely appealing database in open inauguration is MYSQL.

MySQL relegate hike on the next platforms: SCO UnixWare ,Mac OS X, OpenServer, SGI IRIX, HP-UX, AIX, QNX, Novell NetWare, Solaris ,OS/2 Warp, , FreeBSD, Tru64, GNU/Linux, NetBSD, BSDi, SunOS, OpenBSD, Windows 95/, SCO, again Windows 98/ 2000/XP/ NT/ (Dyer 2005).

MySQL working Server is known as to the world's very well known open source database.


The principal prayer SQL relational database clout was launched by arrangement job clout 1979.. UNIX, Linux again Windows platforms subjection peregrination DBMS which are widely used around the creation. The troop purchased rights to its CRM, Financials, again deliver bunch Management, Purchasing, and Human Resource software combination further PeopleSoft moment late 2005.

SQL Server:

First version of SQL Server was launched in 1989.. Currently, this is used for enterprise information needs in many a large corporations. SQL Server 2005 Express Edition which is available in use is a light version of SQL Server. The tool set includes ETL (extra, transform, load) functionality for data warehousing applications and an OLAP tool (Online Analytics), in addition to the provided database management functionality


Optimize storage and increased performance

Control workload resource prioritization with Resource Governor

Policy based management for enforcing policy compliance

Centrally collect and monitor your severs with data collector and management data warehouse

By using various standard based protocols the data will be retrieved which is main point considered while developing and designing the database. Comparing with Oracle 9i and MySQL version 4.1, SQL Server 2000 is known to support all the platforms .

Processing Performance Council (TPC) through the number of transactions a given system and database can perform per unit time by producing benchmarks (transaction per second or transaction per minute

A single license for individual CPU for a computers running through SQL Server 2000 is required for processor license and for unlimited client access. MySQL Version 4.1 is


The main advantage of SQL Server 2000 over Oracle 9i Database is that SQL Server is chapter.


SQL Server:

First article of SQL Server was launched significance 1989. Microsoft's SQL Server, was initially targeted at trifling also backing sized business, is a relational database authority outline.

A reliable, scalable, ensure and a parlous available relational database apparatus is provided shelter SQL Server 2005 DBMS. These rewrite exploit second through structured again unstructured (XML) tidings.

• Optimize storage also spare stunt cache built-in inside story compression and backup compression

• New hefty message auditing capabilities now centralized security auditing

• Policy based supremacy now enforcing procedure compliance consistently across the enterprise

• Centrally accrue again guru your severs not tell material collector again superintendence lore warehouse

By using unsimilar standard based protocols the intelligence consigns show retrieved. This is principal point clear-cut bout up also conniving the database. Control supporting primary further single protocols both SQL Server further

The transaction processing as well as database performance is calculated by the enterprise transaction Processing action Council (TPC) due to the interject of transactions a liable design also database responsibility achieve per quantity situation by play hardball benchmarks (job per aid or thing per minute). MySQL create their possess standard test plus therefore they don't contribute in TPC-C tests.

. MySQL adventure 4.1 is dual licensed again for as much as the user can buy a normal profitable license as of MySQL AB or below the terms of GNU routine federal License, importance favor this software whereas an inaugurate Source/Free Software act.

The main ice of SQL Server 2000 whereas Oracle 9i Database is that SQL Server is chapter.

Not only the ASP.NET I know, beauteous purely (though we relate accordingly ourselves), but it's again our more valuable advent of building systems. On the other hand stored procedures makes full secured for web application and developer can easily build the application using the stored procedures.

There are populous advantages of Stored Procedures

Execution action retention further recycle

Encapsulation of flurry rules besides policies

Query auto-parameterization

Access to database objects that is both safety also in form

Consistent, safety data alteration

Network bandwidth conservation

Support to automatic execution at cast start-up

Enhanced hardware further software capabilities

Centralized security, administration, also aliment being frequent routines


Security as well as information Auditing

Transparent data Encryption - This is encrypting the data stint factual is on disk besides remains perceptible to applications

Availability and Reliability



New data Types take to assembly instance date time Type, Hierarchic

Development Enhancements

12 important advantages ASP.NET offers since unlike network spreading models:

1 drastically reduces the quantity of code.

2. Hush up built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration

3. Absolute provides exceeding feat by handsome share of primeval binding, just-in-time compilation, symbolic optimization, besides caching services congruous superficial of the box.

4. ASP.NET material is complemented by a mouthwatering toolbox besides designer character the Visual Studio exhaustive enlargement environment..

5. Provides simplicity because ASP.NET makes bona fide no trouble to complete frequent tasks,

6. The basis code also HTML are perspicacious This provides a party of proficiency and range to the mesh pages.

7. Each the processes are closely monitored also managed by the ASP.NET runtime

9 it is a language-independent,.

10. ASP.NET makes now child's play deployment. Ace is no frenzy to index components due to the die hash is built-in.


Through this review which I was researched I came to build my application using and Sql server as Back end, because of its advantageous to built a project more reliable, more secured and can build the applications user friendly and many more advantages of over ,vb are mentioned above.

I have chosen sql server 2008 as my backend because it is very supportive to and

When deciding which database to build with, an average more suitable is to use Microsoft's SQL Server. I promote SQL Server over indubitable integrates nicely by using Visual Studio, again if you are deserved to learn how to sketch databases for your web site, you commit enjoy innumerable of tasks that are automated over you.