Job Description Of A Network Analyst Computer Science Essay

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According to Wikipedia, a NETWORK ANALYST is a modern professional responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware and software that comprises a computer network. This normally includes deploying, configuring, maintaining and monitoring active network equipment.

Network Analysts job require first of all knowledge of arithmetic which is normally acquired in high school; should have knowledge of his company network platform such as Windows NT and Novell which helps him to solve problem related to his company network; should be able to design and coordinate the installation of data network. Stabilised and troubleshoot computer network hardware, software and peripherals. Must be able to develop systems solution for operational problems, ability to learn and support new network components, determine computer problems and to coordinate hardware or software solutions.

Network analysts have many responsibilities in a company. They are people in charge to take care of the network maintenance; their primary duties are: check, evaluate all the needs the employees of company who are users then recommend designs, coast of analyses, created a project to fulfil those needs and then coordinate and manage tasks for installation of data network of the company.

They have to solve the entire problems related to networks establishment; test and implement workstation hardware and software, file server, mainframe and network; they should be able to provide some network documentation, training and guide for network programmers and users. Being able to solve emergencies network problems; troubleshoots and solve network production problems. Being able to research on new available network upgrades and new components compatible with new and current systems, try to find the more effective and quick way for users to work easily.

Recommend to users some network solutions for all the range of network projects.

Install, configure and maintain networks components; for the new hardware, they determine plan layout or modify the existing one. Concerning the directory structures, security, network printing, files services and user access, they have to install, upgrade and configure them. When it comes to security for networks, user environments, profiles and directories, they have to be established by network analysts. To ensure the compatibility and the connectivity between systems, they have to make a team work with others technical staff such as systems administrators; Being able to work in collaboration with sellers, to solve some complex network problems. Finally a network analyst must keep confidential all the information accessed, stored or being processed by the network.


All the companies or offices which use Internet network, intranet network or in general a network are absolutely in need of a network analyst; who will solve the entire problem related to that network. This means that there are no specific domains or areas in which a network analyst could work exactly; everywhere that exist a network, the presence of a network analyst could be necessary. For instance, in an institution like City University of Seattle where we need every day and every time an internet connection, sometimes they can face some problem like the internet connection's instability or overcrowded. Therefore a network analyst is crucial to re-establish the overloaded network by users and stabilised the connection.


Concerning the future of the network analyst's job, it is going to be a promising job. It could be justified due to the fact that in the nearest future, almost all the companies and offices in the world and precisely in the third world will be vowed at the usage of technology. For instance in Cameroon, until now some companies, shops or offices are not yet totally dependent on new technologies, it means that many of them don't use, as a priority work tools, internet for example. Nowadays, we can count the number of company which have a website in Cameroon for instance or which are using a network to exchange information between them via a central server. Those which are using the most, a network for sending and exchanging information are sectors as: banks such as Standard Chartered Bank; Atlantic bank; some multinational companies based there, such as ALCAN and government sometimes. but small and middle's companies are still basic in that domain, therefore we can admit that network analyst job is the future job because their helps will be more important when we will faced to some networks trouble.


To summarise, a network analyst definitely is specialised on the maintenance of all network components, network design and security especially on troubleshooting and debugging network-related problems. Provide technical support for data communications and group of networks. He is the one who is in charge to choose, evaluate and purchase the entire network equipment.

SOURCE:, retrieved Sept 15, 2010