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Recently, Information technology has been playing a key role in various parts of our lives. It has changed the way we work, study and communicate. Clearly, it has a deep impact on our daily personnel functions. Information technology is "the study, design, development, application, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware" [1]. This project is an example of software application design and implementation in the field of Hotel Management system.

Why this project.

With the development of the tourism industry and the expanding of hotel market globally, there has been a growing demand for a system which can manage hotels and handles the entire administrative and operative tasks of hotels. The idea of designing and implementing such a system came from this point which is the purpose of this project.

The main objective of the project is to perform the activities of a hotel's operator on computer systems instead of manual works which may lead to time wasting and the possibility of error occurrence.

The results of using our system are:

Speeding up performing the tasks

Decreasing the amount of paper work

Job can be accomplished more accurately

This software application is made in such way that a non-expert user can handle it without any difficulty.

Project Scope

Project Scope is "The work that needs to be accomplished to deliver a product, service, or result with the specified features and functions." [2]

System planning

In order to design an information system such as our case, an overall planning, through which the system will be constructed, must be identified. The following steps explain the system planning procedures that we took in our project:

Since the product is software application, the following tools and must be available in order to implement it:

Software programming tools:

Visual Basic 6.0

MS Access

The programming language Visual Basic 6.0 has been used because it contains some features which make it easy to use and easy to build similar systems. We can use the drag and drop property which allows the programmer to drop component he/she uses in the design time and by double click on the component he/she can write the code which will be executed in the selected event.

Also vb6 contain the feature to connect to any type of database management system like Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft Access.

We select Microsoft Access 2003 to build the tables in which we save the data in this system.

Microsoft Access 2003 has been used because it is easy to be portable with our system to any place and no need to special settings in the host computer.

Consequently, a combination of both Visual basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access were used to create the system. Visual basic 6.0 which is the front-end was used to write the different codes that forms the system while the database of the system was created using Microsoft Access which is the back-end of the system.

Hardware devices:

PC with required specifications

Color monitor

Documentations (Programming EBooks) used as references in case we needed it.

1.4 Estimating the overall duration of the work

Due to the complexity of software products, the proposed implementation period for such a project will take about 3 months

System Features

In hotel marketing, there are a lot of software products involved in hotel reservation and management system. They vary in their performance and features. Hotel Reservation System (VB.NET) [3] is an example of those products. Its basic features are:

Guest reservation 2. Billing System 3. Change room

Multiple account per room 5. Guest report 6. Other charges

Compared with our system, we recognize the following:

Multi level of system security doesn't exist in the product. This feature prevents unauthorized access to administrative tasks which must be confined only to authorized persons. This feature exists in our system.

In our project, all the reports can be exported to HTML or Text file format while the compared software doesn't have this feature.

In this project, the system will be design with the following in mind:

to attract users from other similar products,

to be efficient in its functions,

to be easy to use and can run on any new operating system.

Therefore the target was to implement a system which has the following features:

Assigning the room is related to customer's selection (standard, VIP or Family)

Easy check-in, check-out, and cancellation functions

Customer reservation feature.

System privacy: The system is password protected so that only authorized user can access the system whether to modify or to use the administrative functions, thus, preventing any unauthorized attempts to access the system.

Editing the customer details if there is any error or reason to modify.

Issuing reports of customers and bill calculating

This report will describe the work done to design and implement this system and is organized into several chapters. In the next chapter, I will describe the system design analysis in detail. Chapter 3 will explain the implementation process. Chapter 4 will be the conclusion and will include recommendations for future system improvements.